How to Update Samsung Smart TV in 4 Easy Steps, With Photos

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How to Update Samsung Smart TV in 4 Easy Steps, With Photos

Samsung frequently releases firmware updates for Samsung Smart TVs. Updating your Samsung TV may result in more features, bug fixes, better responsiveness, and improved versatility.

If you’ve never updated a Samsung TV before, it may sound like something scary or risky. However, it’s very simple and can be done in a few minutes. Below we’ll show you how to do it in just 4 steps with photos so you know exactly what to do.

How to Update Samsung Smart TV in 4 Easy Steps

Anyone can update their Samsung Smart TV, so have your remote ready and follow these 4 steps. The Samsung Smart TV update will ensure that your TV is running the latest firmware, has no glitches or bugs, works smoothly, and offers more options in options and settings.

#1 – Turn on the TV

To update your Samsung TV, you’ll need your Samsung remote. However, if you’ve lost it or don’t have access to it, you can do so using the physical buttons “hidden” under the center Samsung logo on TV.

When using the physical buttons to turn on the Samsung TV, long press the center button to turn it on. Once the TV is turned on, go to the next step where you’ll learn where the Samsung updates are located.

update Samsung smart TV
Use your Samsung remote to turn on the TV.


#2 – Enter the Menu

In the next step, you need to enter the menu. You can do this with the remote control, by pressing the button with the three lines on the top of the remote control. If you do this without the remote and use the physical buttons on the Samsung TV instead, you need to press the middle button once to enter the menu.

Enter the Menu
Enter the Menu section by pressing the three horizontal lines on the remote.


#3 – Locate Settings and Support Section

In the menu, you should find the Settings tab and click on it. Once you have accessed the settings, you’ll find the Support section in the side menu.

Click on the Support section to open the Support tab where the update is located.

Locate Settings and Support Section
Locate and enter the Support section.


#4 – Select Update Now in the Software Update Section

When you have completed the previous step, you’ll see the Software Update section. When you click on this section, you need to click on the “Update Now” button. This will check if an update is available for your Samsung TV.

Just below the “Update Now” button is the ‘Update Automatically” button, which is best set to ON. This way, you won’t have to manually check for updates. Instead, the TV will occasionally check for an update and notify you when one is available for installation. From there, you can set the TV to update when it’s convenient for you, or postpone it until the next time.

Select Update Now in the Software Update Section
Choose the Update Now function.


See? Updating your Samsung Smart TV is actually pretty easy. The following video from Juan Camacho provides an excellent demonstration of the update process.

How Long Will a Samsung Update Take and What are the Requirements?

You don’t have to worry about the requirements, because Samsung takes care of that for you. On average, Samsung offers support for smart TVs for about two years after release. This includes major updates with new features and add-ons. However, Samsung TVs still get updates that are minor bug fixes even after the first two years. This way, you only have to make sure that the update is installed on your TV.

When your Samsung TV receives an update, the update itself only takes a few minutes. Of course, this also depends on the speed of your internet, as the TV downloads the update from the internet. However, the average internet speed is sufficient to install the update quickly.

But there is one important thing you should keep in mind. When the update is running, you shouldn’t turn off the TV. If the TV is turned off during the update process, there may be problems with the installation and you may have to reset the TV.

For automatic updates, you can set a specific time when you want the update to be installed, or the update can be installed the next time you turn off the TV. The TV won’t turn off, but it’ll turn itself off once the update is complete.


Updating a Samsung smart TV can be done in just a few steps and takes no more than a few minutes. You can perform the update manually or set the automatic update to ON so that you can decide when to install the update.

We believe it’s best to have Samsung TV install the update when you turn off the TV. Also, it’s important that you don’t skip the updates because they can improve the use of TV by adding new smart features or bug fixes. Whatever you do, there is one thing you should never do: turn off the TV during the update process, as this can lead to complications and problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is updating your Samsung TV safe?

Yes, updating your Samsung smart TV is safe and it can lead to more benefits in the long run.

When is the best time to update your Samsung TV?

The best time would be whenever you’re not planning to use it and when it can stay turned on without losing the electricity.

Can you update your TV without using a Samsung remote?

Yes, you can still update your TV by using the hidden buttons underneath the Samsung center logo on the TV.

How much time will you need to do an update?

It usually takes a couple of minutes since updates aren’t big. However, we recommend doing it when you have plenty of free time, in case the update is a big one.

How often should you update your Samsung TV?

You should update it whenever Samsung releases an update. We also recommend setting the automatic updates to ON.

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