How To Update HBO Max On Samsung TV In 3 Easy Steps, With Photos


How To Update HBO Max On Samsung TV In 3 Easy Steps, With Photos

HBO Max is one of the most used apps on a Samsung TV since it opens the world to streaming more content and bringing entertainment to another level. But just like any other app, HBO Max requires an update whenever the company introduces a new version. So how to update HBO Max on Samsung TV? It’s fairly simple when you know what you’re looking for. That’s exactly what you’ll find down below, so keep on reading!

How to Update HBO Max on Samsung TV in 3 Easy Steps

Often, HBO Max will update itself automatically by default. However, if you set any other settings on your Samsung TV or if you’re sure that there’s a new HBO Max update but you didn’t receive it yet, you can check if there’s any update available using the steps below.

Step 1: Turn on the TV and Open the App Menu

Turn the TV on by using the remote or physical buttons on the TV. You will need to open the app menu by pressing the menu button on your remote. Depending on your model, the menu button is either a button with a home icon on it or a button with a three lines icon.The menu will display the available options and a list of apps on the Smart Hub. You should see the HBO Max app at this step.

HBO Max on Samsung, app menu
Scroll through the apps until you find the HBO Max App.


Step 2: Search for the HBO Max App and Highlight It

When you find the HBO Max app among all the other apps you have installed on your Samsung TV, highlight it by using the remote’s buttons to navigate to the app. Once you’ve highlighted the app, select it by pressing the middle button on the remote (the OK button). Then, from the new pop-up menu, select the “Update” function.

HBO Max on Samsung, app menu
Select the HBO Max app by pressing the OK button on the remote.


Step 3: Updating the HBO Max App

Using the “Update” function you previously found, you will start the update process of the HBO Max app on your Samsung TV. We should mention that you might find the “Update” function as “Reinstall” if there isn’t any available update for the HBO Max app. However, if there is an update available, click on the “Update” button to follow the process to update your app. 

Updating the app will first download the updated version and then install it automatically. It could take at least a couple of minutes, depending on your internet connection and Samsung TV model. From there, you can follow the on-screen updating process that will notify you when the process is complete or if you need to do anything else on your end.

HBO Max on Samsung, app
If no update appears, you can try reinstalling the HBO Max app (only if you know that an update is available).


After the HBO Max app is updated, you can use the app as you usually would and see if you notice any new features inside the app. Keep in mind that some updates will only fix bugs and glitches, so you might not notice any difference.

This quick video tutorial will guide you through the simple steps to update HBO Max on your Samsung TV. Don’t miss out on the latest features and content – watch now and keep your streaming experience seamless.

How to Check Your HBO Max App Version

If you know the latest HBO Max app version, you can check the version you have installed on your Samsung TV to see if that matches the latest available version.

To do this, you need to launch the HBO Max app, navigate to HBO Max’s in-app settings, and look for a section called “About Version”, “System”, or “Info”. The version will be indicated by numbers with dots in between. You can research the latest version available using Google or try to browse the official HBO Max website.

How to Set HBO Max to Update Automatically

If you would like to remove the manual work you have to do to update HBO Max, and if you would like to be among the first people to get the latest HBO Max update, set the automatic updates to ON. This will help your HBO Max update automatically and you’ll only get the notification when the app has successfully updated.

To do this, press the home button on a Samsung remote to enter the menu, and in the apps menu, head to “Settings. In the settings, head to “Auto Update” and set the “Auto Updates” to “ON”. Also, it’s wise to check if your Samsung TV has a software update available. You can do this by heading to “Settings”, clicking on the “Support” tab, heading to “Software Update”, and clicking on the “Update Now” button. This will check if your Samsung TV has the latest software version, and if not, it’ll offer a software update.


HBO Max should automatically update on the latest Samsung TVs. However, it’s always worth double-checking if you have the latest HBO Max version. This will help the app run smoothly, eliminate bugs and glitches, and introduce the latest and newest features within the app.

It takes only minutes to check your HBO Max app version and to update it if there’s an available update by following these instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to update the HBO Max app manually on a Samsung TV?

On the newer Samsung TVs, automatic updates come enabled by default. However, on some older Samsung TVs, you might need to check for the latest app version manually.

Why can't I update my HBO Max app?

There might be a couple of reasons, but the main reason is that there isn’t a newer version available.

Do you need to update all your Samsung TV apps manually?

Depending on your TV model and year, you might not need to do this manually and it’ll be done automatically instead. However, you might want to recheck the settings and see if automatic updates are enabled for your TV.

Where can you download the latest HBO Max version for your Samsung TV?

You can do this using the integrated Samsung app store. It’ll always download the latest version of an app.

Can reinstalling the app update it to the newer version?

If you believe there’s a newer version of HBO Max and yet your Samsung TV doesn’t have it ready for an update just yet, maybe reinstalling the app will pull the latest app from the app store so it’s worth giving it a try.

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