How to Unsuspend a Twitter Account in 3 Steps

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How to Unsuspend a Twitter Account in 3 Steps

Social networking sites like Twitter keep us entertained and informed. They also enable us to share information. However, these sites have rules and regulations that you must follow. Twitter account suspensions typically result from violations of the site’s Terms of Service. So, how do you unsuspend your Twitter account?

Twitter shows why your account is under suspension when you log into your account. Reviewing Twitter policies is advisable if you don’t understand the account suspension’s rationale. Familiarizing yourself with the regulations gives you a better idea of how to respond to the suspension or what to do to avoid one.

Another reason Twitter can suspend your account is when they suspect the account has been hacked or compromised. This guards against account abuse. 

Fortunately, Twitter has a mechanism for filing an appeal to have your account reopened after a suspension. The process of unsuspending an account is straightforward. This article will share three easy steps for unsuspending your Twitter account. Follow these steps to have your account unsuspended if the reason for the suspension is violating rules.

Step#1: Log in to your Account

Open your web browser and search for Twitter. After that, enter your credentials to access the account.

Unsuspend Twitter account
You can either sign in with Apple or with your Twitter credentials and password.

Step #2: Appeal Suspension

If Twitter suspends your account, a message will appear when you try to log in.

Unsuspend Twitter account
If your account has been suspended, you will see this notice when you attempt to log in.

Click DISMISS to get access to your account and begin the appeal process. After logging into your suspended account, navigate to the Help center and fill out the form. Briefly explain your problem. Also, mention where you’re experiencing this problem — web browser or mobile app.

Unsuspend Twitter account
Visit the Twitter Help Center to submit a ticket to appeal your account suspension.

Fill out the second part of this form with your information.

Unsuspend Twitter acount
Enter your personal information, then click the blue Continue button at the bottom of your screen to proceed.

Step#3: Wait for the Response

After submitting your appeal, you’ll get a message indicating that your request has been submitted to Twitter. The message also shows how long it will take the Twitter team to respond to your request.

Unsuspend Twitter account
You will receive a confirmation message when your appeal ticket has been submitted successfully.

Keep checking your inbox for an email from Twitter support, and act according to the instructions provided.

The email you receive should look like this:

Unsuspend Twitter account
You will receive an email from Twitter support when a decision has been made.

Check out this informative video tutorial on how to unsuspend a Twitter account quickly and effectively. Learn the step-by-step process to regain access and get back to tweeting in no time. Watch now to resolve the suspension hassle!

How to Restore Your Twitter Account Independently

Depending on the reason for your Twitter account suspension, you can unsuspend it on your own. If Twitter notices unusual activity in your account and suspends it, try the following way.

Try to Log in to Twitter

Try to log in and look for prompts requiring email or phone verification. 

You will receive a notification with the verification code, which you should enter to unlock the account. This procedure should have your suspension lifted if the issue is unusual activity. Ensure you use a phone number you can easily access, as Twitter sends the verification code to that number. 

You will need to enter the verification to go to the next screen. It’s a straightforward procedure that you can do in ten minutes. Twitter then verifies your identity and reopens your account.  

If you get a notification that your account has been locked for a specific period for certain violations, you’ll have to be patient for that period to elapse. Twitter typically specifies the reason for limiting your account and the period it will remain limited.

Unsuspend Twitter account
Enter a phone number you use frequently, then click “verify phone number” to receive a verification code for that number.

How Long Suspensions Last

Twitter’s suspension period depends on the type of violation committed. The longest Twitter suspension period is typically seven days, while the shortest is 12 hours. 

Twitter temporarily suspends an account in the event of a minor breach of its policies for about 48 hours. During this period, Twitter verifies your email or phone number and any other information you have provided. 

Twitter can permanently ban you if they deem you were involved in a serious breach of their rules. You cannot appeal against this type of suspension.

Unsuspend Twitter account
Click on the link in the message to see which policy your account appears to have violated.

Why Your Twitter Account Can Be Suspended

The following are some reasons that can lead to the suspension of your account.

Abusive Language

Any abusive activity, including abuse, hate speech, impersonation, and threats, can lead to account suspension when reported by Twitter users. Offensive language can lead to temporary or permanent suspension, depending on the severity of the violation.


Most Twitter accounts get suspended because they pose security issues for Twitter and all Twitter users by being spammy or just outright fraudulent. Such accounts violate Twitter rules. Spamming is the main reason most accounts get suspended.

Potential Risk

Another primary reason for account suspension is unusual activity on your account. If Twitter suspects your account has been compromised or hacked, they suspend it. This move helps to prevent malicious activity. 

How to Avoid Suspension

Apart from the common rules like avoiding abusive language and spamming, ensure you also follow the other rules and community guidelines from Twitter to avoid suspension. These rules include the following;

  • Avoid disclosing people’s information without their consent. 
  • Don’t post material or information you’ve manipulated to mislead others.
  • Avoid posting copyrighted material without consent from the owners.
  • Don’t pose as someone else to trick other users purposefully. 


Having your Twitter account suspended can be upsetting, especially if you’ve used it for a long time. On rare occasions, Twitter can suspend your account by mistake. The good thing is that the Twitter Support team works with the user to ensure the account is unsuspended in such instances. 

Ensure you don’t violate Twitter’s Terms of Service by distancing yourself from Tweets or content that goes against them. It’s worth noting that Twitter reviews its policies occasionally, so check in once in a while to stay updated. Feel free to contact the Twitter Help center if you have any issues concerning your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I deactivate a suspended Twitter account?

No, you can’t. You must first file an appeal before deactivating your account. If you have challenged your suspension and need to have your account deactivated, visit the Twitter Help center and submit your request. 

How long do suspensions last?

A suspension can last from 12 hours to 7 days. It depends upon the severity of the violation. Twitter can put your account on Read-only mode, for example, if you and another user get into a heated dispute and things escalate. During this period, you can log into Twitter and browse, but you can’t reply, post, or like a comment.

Which violations can lead to permanent account suspension?

Violating Twitter rules repeatedly can lead to permanent account suspension. Also, breaking specific rules even once can result in permanent suspension. For example, posting illegal or inappropriate content is a sure ticket to immediate suspension.

How long does the suspension appeal take?

Twitter does not have a set timeframe for reviewing appeals or restoring accounts. After filing an appeal, the best course of action is to wait and be ready for the outcome.

What happens if Twitter rejects my appeal?

Unfortunately, if Twitter turns down your appeal, the suspension stands. A permanent suspension means you won’t be able to open other accounts on Twitter. However, if it’s temporary, wait it out. You will regain access after the suspension is over.

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