How To Unblock Someone on Cash App in 4 Steps, With Photos

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How To Unblock Someone on Cash App in 4 Steps, With Photos

Have you suddenly stopped seeing your friend’s profile on your Cash App’s contact list? Well, you may have accidentally blocked them. You can also intentionally block someone from making payments to you, especially when you suspect they’re a scammer. Regardless of the reason, Cash App will stop both the sender and the recipient from interacting when either party blocks the other. So, can you unblock someone on Cash App? The good news is that you can, and we explain how to unblock someone on Cash App.

You just have to open Cash App and navigate the Activity tab to unblock someone. We will go over the steps in a moment. Keep in mind Cash App doesn’t inform users they have been blocked. It just automatically prevents them from requesting or sending payments to them. So, if you want to receive or pay any blocked user, unblock them first to avoid things getting awkward. Here is how to do that:

How to Unblock Someone on Cash App

Step 1: Launch Cash App on Your Device

Open the Cash App and sign into your account.

Start by opening the Cash App on your smartphone. If you haven’t downloaded the app, install it right away from the App Store on your iPhone and Google Play Store on your Android phone. It has a green icon and a big, white “$” sign. Once downloaded, log in to your Cash App account.

Step 2: Open the Activity Tab

Navigate to the activity tab on the bottom right of your screen.

On the homepage, look for a “clock-like” icon on the bottom menu present on the extreme right side of the screen. It’s the “Activity Tab.” Tap on it.

Step 3: Select the Blocked User’s Profile

Select the person you want to unblock.

The next screen will display all the users you’ve interacted with. Find the blocked person’s $Cashtag or profile and tap on it to see their transaction history. 

Step 4: Choose Unblock

Tap Unblock This Person to start sending or receiving money between both of you.

Cash App will now open the blocked user’s profile. Scroll to the bottom to find the “Unblock” button. Tap on it to unblock that person, and you’re done! You can now start sending and receiving payments from them again. 

However, remember that you won’t be automatically following that user on Cash App after unblocking them. Instead, you’d have to add or follow them for future transactions manually.

To see the process of unblocking someone on Cash App in action check out the video below.

How To Add a Friend on Cash App Again?

Once you unblock someone on Cash App, you must add them to your contact list again. That’s the only way you can begin transacting with them. Whether you want to add someone who already uses Cash App or a new person, you must use your referral code to invite them. 

Here is how to add a friend on Cash App:

  1. Launch the Cash App on your smartphone and log in to your account.
  2. Then, tap the “Account” icon on the upper-right corner of the homepage.
  3. The next screen will display your name and username ($Cashtag). You will see an “Invite Friends, Get $5” button underneath it. Tap it to proceed. 
  4. Now, Cash App will ask for basic information, including the name, email ID, or phone number of the friend you want to invite. Alternatively, you can allow Cash App to access your contacts, so you can easily find and add them. 
  5. Once you find your friend, tap on their contact and choose the “Invite” button on the upper-right side. If that person is already a Cash App user, you’ll see “Uses Cash App” written next to their name.
  6. Cash App will send you a message with your unique referral code. Make any changes to the text and tap “Send” to add your friend on Cash App again. 

How To Block Someone on Cash App

By now, you know how to unblock someone on Cash App. But let’s suppose you accidentally blocked your friend without knowing how you did it. If that’s exactly what happened to you, you must learn how blocking works on Cash App. That’s because many scammers on Cash App manipulate people into sending them money.

Blocking all suspicious users on Cash App is the easiest way to keep your funds and account safe. Here is how you can block someone on Cash App:

  1. Open Cash App on your phone.
  2. Navigate the “Activity” tab or the “clock-like” icon present on the right of the bottom menu.
  3. Select the person’s profile you want to block to view their transaction history.
  4. Scroll down till you see the “Block” button. Tap on it to complete the action.

As you see, blocking a user is the same as unblocking someone on Cash App. 

What Happens When You Block and Unblock Someone on Cash App

Blocking a Cash App user helps keep your account steer clear of scammers and unwanted persons. But you must consider the consequences of this feature to use it properly. Once you hit the “Block” button on your friend’s profile, Cash App makes a few changes in the way you’ll send and receive money in the future. 

Here is what happens when you block a user on Cash App:

  • You won’t be able to pay the blocked person or receive any notification from them.
  • The blocked user will no longer transfer money or send you messages on Cash App.
  • The person won’t be able to view your transaction history.
  • Cash App will cancel the transaction and send an error message to the blocked user if they ever try to send you money. If they’re wise, they can sense that you’ve blocked them.

Your transactions remain in your account whether you block or unblock someone on Cash App. That means you can access your payment history with that person even after blocking them. This makes it easier to unblock the user later on. 

Once you unblock the user, the above changes reverse. Both parties can now send and receive money, view transaction history, and send messages to each other. Just make sure to add that person to your contact list again!

Does Cash App Notify the Blocked User?

No, Cash App doesn’t notify users that someone has blocked them. But it’s not hard to know whether the other person has blocked you. If someone can’t send a message or payment to the other user, it means they’re blocked. Cash App shows an error prompt saying that the transaction or message didn’t deliver.

You should know that blocking a person doesn’t delete their profile from Cash App. They will still be using the app for other transactions; it’s just you, to whom they can’t transfer money. 

Why Do People Block Other Users on Cash App?

Cash App introduced the blocking feature to ensure the integrity of the users’ accounts, allowing them to send and receive money with peace of mind. But, like other financial platforms, you may face some security threats from scammers. 

Some might trick you into believing they are calling from official Venmo customer service. Others can ask for money by catfishing you for “love.” Scammers use many other ways to manipulate people into losing their money. These scams are the main reason people block others on Cash App. 

However, many also block annoying users on Cash App to keep them away. Here are some common reasons people block others:

  1. Privacy Protection. As discussed, user security is the primary reason Cash App introduced the “blocking” feature. It lets you block inappropriate and repeated transactions or messages from unknown users.
  2. Fraud Prevention. With more than 50 million users, Cash App is attractive to scammers or fraudsters. These people try several methods to lure you into sending them money. You can block suspicious users and stay safe using a PIN.
  3. Payment Management. You can optimize your transactions list by blocking the annoying, unnecessary, or suspicious people from your Cash App account. It will make your transaction history look more organized. 

Blocking and unblocking someone on Cash App is a fantastic feature that helps you manage your transactions with other users. But it’s not the only solution. If you don’t have a problem with any user but still want to manage your interactions on the app, contact Cash App Support for further guidance. 

3 Reasons You Can’t Unblock Someone on Cash App

While blocking and unblocking someone on Cash App is easy, you may find it challenging for various reasons. Some of these factors include the following:

  1. Technical Problems. Online servers are vulnerable to technical issues. Since Cash App relies on one of these servers, you likely experience these problems when unblocking someone. Try doing it some other time and see how it goes.
  2. Account Restrictions and Permissions. Cash App can restrict any user’s account for verification or other reasons. If your account is banned, you may be unable to unblock other users on Cash App. Wait till your account is restored and try again. 
  3. Old Software Version. You may be unable to unblock someone on Cash App if your app isn’t updated to the latest version. 

If you still can’t block or unblock someone on Cash App, your last resort should be to contact Cash App’s customer support. Fortunately, their representatives are pretty responsive and professional in their job. They will assess your issue and suggest solutions accordingly. 


You can block or unblock someone on Cash App to easily manage your interactions in the app. Just head to the “Activity” tab in the app, click on the person’s profile, and tap the “Block” or “Unblock” button. This feature allows you only to receive messages and payments from your preferred users and people you trust.

Blocking and unblocking users also lets you stay clear of scammers and use the app without worrying about privacy. However, you must understand the changes that Cash App makes when you block or unblock someone. Hopefully, this guide helped you understand them clearly!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unblock someone on Cash App?

You can unblock someone on Cash App through the “Activity Tab” in the app. It’s the “clock-like” icon in the app’s bottom menu. Tap on it, choose the user you want to unblock, and select “Unblock” on the next screen to complete the process. However, they won’t be added to your contact list automatically. Instead, you will have to invite them again with your referral code.

How do I block someone on Cash App?

You can block someone on Cash App from the “Activity Tab” in the app. Open the clock icon from the left side of the bottom menu, choose the profile you want to block, and hit the “Block” button. You’re done!

How can you tell if someone blocked you on Cash App?

You can know if someone has blocked you by trying to send them a message or payment. If it fails, they may have blocked you. Moreover, you won’t be able to comment on their answers and won’t find them on Cash App even after searching.

What happens when I block someone on Cash App?

When you block someone on Cash App, you won’t send or receive money from them. Both parties won’t be able to find the other’s profile on Cash App or exchange messages.

What is a security lock on Cash App?

You can activate the “Security Lock” on your Cash App account to ensure your security. This means you’ll have to prove your identity when sending money to anyone through Touch ID, Face ID, or passwords. Cash App will also notify you via email or text about every payment made from your account.

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