How to Unban Someone on Discord, In 5 Steps

How to Unban Someone on Discord

How to Unban Someone on Discord, In 5 Steps

Key Points

  • You can easily unban someone on Discord in five steps on desktop and six on the mobile app.
  • Once a ban is revoked, the user will have to rejoin your server.
  • Discord won’t send the user a notification that the ban has been lifted.
  • Discord doesn’t have a limit for the number of times you ban and unban a user.

Has anyone ever accidentally banned you on Discord? Perhaps you’re a moderator and you accidentally clicked Ban on the wrong server member. Don’t worry, though! We’re about to teach you how to unban someone on the platform. The process is simple and anyone can do it with the proper permission.

Whether you had to ban someone on your Discord server for misbehavior, or you miss that annoying member who spams the chat but occasionally makes you laugh, following the steps below will help you to unban them. So, let’s get started!

Step 1: Right-Click the Server

How to Unban Someone on Discord
Finding the correct server.


Locate the server where the member is banned on the left-hand side. Then, right-click on it.

Step 2: Hover Over Server Settings

How to Unban Someone on Discord
Locating server settings.


Hover your cursor over the Settings option. A new menu will pop up.

Step 3: Click Bans

How to Unban Someone on Discord
Selecting “Bans.”


Click Bans in the new pop-up menu.

Step 4: Click the User

How to Unban Someone on Discord
Selecting the user.


A new screen will appear and you’ll see a list of all the members banned on that server. Click the one you want to unban.

Step 5: Revoke Ban

How to Unban Someone on Discord
Selecting “Revoke Ban.”


Now, another new pop-up window will appear. Click Revoke Ban in the window and confirm you want to unban the user.

After you’ve unbanned the user, they can join your server again, and you can either enjoy their company or ban them again if you realize this was a mistake.

How to Unban Someone on the Discord Mobile App

Are you on the go and can’t access your computer right now? Cool, there isn’t anything to worry about because you can unban someone on Discord using the mobile app, too!

Open the Discord app and follow these steps:

Step 1: Tap the Server

How to Unban Someone on Discord
Locating the server.


Start by tapping on the server. If you don’t see it, tap the three lines in the top left corner and it’ll be there.

Step 2: Tap the Three Dots

How to Unban Someone on Discord
Choosing the three dots.


A pop-up window will open with three dots in the top right corner. Select those three dots.

Step 3: Tap the Settings Icon

How to Unban Someone on Discord
Tapping the Settings icon.


When the new pop-up window appears, tap the Settings icon.

Step 4: Tap Bans

How to Unban Someone on Discord
Scrolling down to “Bans.”


You’ll now see the Bans option. Tap it to keep going.

Step 5: Tap the Three Dots

How to Unban Someone on Discord
Choosing the three dots again.


Everyone banned on the server will appear in a list. Tap the three dots next to the person you want to unban on Discord.

Step 6: Tap Unban

How to Unban Someone on Discord
Selecting “Unban” at the bottom of the screen.


Finally, tap Unban to let the person rejoin your server.

Confirm that you want to unban the person, and you’re all set. The user can join your server again, and you can go about your business.

Unban Someone on Discord: Things You Must Know

You made it through our tutorial, congratulations. However, we don’t want to leave you with so much power and so little knowledge. We’ve included the following sections to teach you a few things about Discord bans (and unbans).

If you’re happy with your knowledge thus far, feel free to continue with your server moderation responsibilities. But if you’d like to know more, keep reading.

Permission to Unban Someone on Discord

Discord servers have a hierarchical system where you have owners and administrators (or moderators). If you can’t follow the step above because the option doesn’t appear, it’s time to get an upgrade on your administrative permissions.

The way to get those permissions, however, is a bit trickier. If you’re a server member, you’ll need an administrator to assign them to you. If you’re an administrator, you’ll need an owner or someone with the ability to grant permissions to help out.

Either way, when you find someone willing to do it, have them select your username in the Members’ list (right side of the server) and click the + sign to give you a role with the ability to unban people. We also have an article outlining these steps here.

What Happens When You Unban Someone

When you revoke a ban, the user can join your server again. But they will have to go through the process of joining it all over again (Discord won’t automatically add them back). They can join the server on the account you initially banned, or any other Discord accounts they may have (this also removes the IP ban).

They won’t receive a notification letting them know they can come back, though. So, if you really want this person back, it’s best to send them a DM. Ultimately, everything goes back to normal; you just have a familiar member coming back to join the conversation.

What to Do If You Regret Unbanning Someone on Discord

If you had a change of heart only to find the member still isn’t being respectful, Discord doesn’t limit the number of times you ban a member.

Right-click their name in the Members list to the right then, select Ban @DiscordUsername. Confirm that you don’t want that person to access your server anymore, and they’ll disappear.

Of course, if you’re a bit indecisive, you can always mute the person, as well. Follow the same steps to ban a user, but click the Mute @DiscordUsername instead. Then, they can stay on the server, but you won’t have to hear from them.

Unban Someone on Discord: Wrap Up

Banning people on Discord is a necessary function to protect the integrity of servers and your peace of mind. But, sometimes, mistakes are made and the wrong person gets the boot.

Fortunately, unbanning someone on Discord is a quick and easy process. You can even do it on the go with the Discord mobile app or from your computer on the website or desktop app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the user's messages come back after I unban them?

It depends on the selection made during the banning process. Discord prompts you to select whether you want to delete the user’s messages or not. If you selected the option to keep all of them, the chats remain on the server. However, if you chose to delete some, they will not reappear.

Will the person have to rejoin the server after I unban them?

Yes. You may need to send an invite or DM to get the person back into your server.

Will Discord automatically unban an account after some time?

No. Server bans won’t be lifted until a moderator or owner unbans the member. If a member enters the server, and you didn’t let them back in, check with another moderator. Because they should be removed from your server indefinitely.

Should I reach out to an admin if I was wrongfully banned?

The answer to this question depends. If your DM could be seen as harassment, you could put your entire account in jeopardy by reaching out to a moderator because they could report you. However, if you feel confident that won’t be the case, you can DM a moderator and ask to get unbanned.

It isn’t unheard of that a member gets banned on accident (the chat scrolls and mistakes were made, we swear). In these cases, yes. Please reach out to a moderator so they can get their well-behaved member back and remove the offender.

Is my bot banning people on my server?

If you notice your ban list getting longer, but you aren’t initiating the bans, one of your bots may have become a little overzealous with protecting your server and started banning people.

Although rare, it is possible. And yes, some bots like Dyno can ban people. But you typically have to set that up.

Open your bot’s dashboard and check the settings to correct the issue. Or, ban the bot. That works too.

Can I ban a bot?

Yes! Bots are immensely helpful, but if your little AI friend goes haywire, you can ban it. Follow the same steps above to ban server members and bots.

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