How to Turn Up the Volume on a Roku TV Without a Remote

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How to Turn Up the Volume on a Roku TV Without a Remote

Key Points

  • Knowing how to turn up the volume on a Roku TV without a remote is a good idea.
  • Roku TVs have physical buttons that can be used to adjust the volume.
  • The Roku app for Android and iOS allows you to control your smart TV without a remote.
  • External devices like gaming consoles and soundbars can also be used to adjust the volume on a Roku TV.
  • Universal remote controls are a convenient option for controlling a Roku TV without the original remote.

Whether you’ve lost your remote or need an alternative, knowing how to turn up the volume on a Roku TV without a remote is a good idea. No technological wizardry is required to accomplish this tech trick. You may need a bit of help from an external device, however, if you don’t have panel buttons.

Turn Up the Volume on a Roku TV Without a Remote

It’s safe to say we rely on remote controls for entertainment. Voice control and the assistants from Amazon, Google, and Apple have changed things to a degree, but many gadgets rely on a remote. Unfortunately, they are easy to replace and prone to failure over time. 

Most modern TVs have physical buttons, although how useful they are varies considerably. They are the best way to turn up the volume on a Roku TV without a remote, but only if you have specific models. 

Hisense Roku TV powering on.
Roku TVs have the Roku OS built-in.

Panel Buttons

Take a look at your TV and locate the buttons. If it’s a newer or premium model from Roku, there’s a strong chance it has a volume button. The company refers to the controls on their TVs as panel buttons. While all their TVs have a panel button, not every model has a volume button. 

A good example is the Roku TVs that have a single-button panel. While a short press can bring up your input list, you can’t adjust the volume. If you have a Roku TV with this type of control panel, skip ahead to our next section. Does your TV have a joystick?

If so, you can move the joystick to turn up the volume on a Roku TV without a remote. Four and five-button control panels have dedicated volume buttons. Most five-button models have a mute button as well. 

With three-button panels, you turn the volume up with the right button and down with the left. Premium smart TVs with seven buttons along the side also have dedicated volume buttons along with a mute button for the TV. 

The Roku App

The Roku app for Android and iOS lets you control your smart TV without a remote. This is your best option when your TV doesn’t have a physical volume button. The app is easy to use from any smartphone or slate, and the requirements are minimal.

As long as your device is on the same network as your TV, the app lets you adjust the volume in seconds. It also gives you the ability to stream content from the Roku app. With that in mind, dozens of unofficial apps serve a similar purpose. We recommend using the official versions.

You can get the Roku app for the iPhone and iPad at the App Store. If you’re using an Android device, head over to Google Play for the official app. 

Download the Roku App for Android or iOS.

External Devices

If you have external components hooked up to your Roku TV, you may be able to turn up the volume without a remote. It depends on the device, but gaming consoles, cable boxes, and soundbars usually have this feature. 

You can turn up the volume on a Roku TV without a remote using an Xbox controller or the remote for a Firestick. You can connect streaming sticks to your TV and use their remote controls, but apps also provide a quick workaround.

Streaming apps like Hulu and Amazon Prime let you adjust the volume on your TV while streaming. You can generally use the volume buttons on your smartphone or tablet to turn the volume up or down. 

Universal Remote Controls

Universal remotes have always been a fantastic way to control a number of gadgets, including smart TVs. It’s also the easiest way to turn up the volume on a Roku TV when you don’t have the original remote and don’t like the app.

Mobile apps can be fickle, especially ones that need to stay connected to the internet. A universal remote solves that problem and gives you more control over your TV. If you already have one, you can sync it to your smart TV using the manual for the remote or an online guide. 

RC901 Universal remote
Universal remotes can control the volume on Roku TVs.

The Wrap-Up

Misplacing your remote may be an inconvenience, but there are plenty of ways to turn up the volume on a Roku TV without a remote. The methods in our guide are the easiest and should help get your volume levels where you need them within a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all Roku TVs have volume buttons?

Many TVs from Roku have panel buttons, but the buttons are only tied to volume control on certain models.

Is there an official Roku remote control app?

The official Roku app has a built-in remote control feature.

Do universal remotes work with Roku TVs?

Most, but not all, universal remotes should work with a Roku TV.

Is the Roku remote app free?

The Roku app for Android and iOS is free to download and use.

Can you buy a new Roku remote?

You can purchase a new remote from Roku or through a number of retailers.

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