How to Turn Off Your Location in Life360 (Without Anyone Knowing)

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How to Turn Off Your Location in Life360 (Without Anyone Knowing)

Key Points

  • Children may feel compelled to hide their whereabouts from their parents using location-tracking apps like Life360.
  • One method to turn off your location in Life360 is by activating airplane mode on your device.
  • Another method is by using a GPS spoofing app to fake your location.
  • Using a burner phone connected to Wi-Fi can also show a different location on Life360.

In an era where pretty much all of our digital activity is being tracked and monitored, it’s understandable that many of us want to hold on to as much privacy in our personal lives as we possibly can. This isn’t just limited to adults, though. Children may feel even more compelled to hide their whereabouts from prying eyes since it makes them feel like they’re not trusted or are doing something wrong. But the situation gets trickier when those “prying eyes” belong to their parents, who are simply concerned and trying to protect their children from the dangers of the world. While there can definitely be parents who overstep the mark in terms of monitoring their children, it’s a natural and necessary instinct to want to shield those we love from potential harm. One way to do this is by using a location-tracking app, such as Life360.

This technology is a convenient way to know somebody’s whereabouts and is often used by families to make sure their kids aren’t up to no good. However, it is possible to disable or turn off your location in Life 360, even without anyone knowing you’ve done so. We can’t say that this is always a good idea, particularly if your parents are using this app to keep an eye on you. Of course, it’s best to have an open and honest conversation about boundaries, rules, and expectations, rather than being dishonest or going behind anyone’s back. In this article, we’re going to explore the different methods for turning off your location in Life360 without anyone knowing, so that you know how this can be done. After all, knowledge is power. Let’s begin.

How to Turn Off Your Location in Life360 by Using Airplane Mode

The first method for turning off your location in Life360 is by activating airplane mode on your device. This is a very easy method, but keep in mind that if you’re still connected to Wi-Fi, then Life360 will still track you. Follow the steps below to do this. For illustration purposes, we’re using an Android device.

Step 1: Go to Your Settings

First, go to the “Settings” app on your device. If you’re using an iPhone, “Airplane Mode” will be visible at the top. Simply toggle the switch to activate it. But if you’re on Android, read on.

android settings menu
You can turn on airplane mode on an Android from the settings menu.


Step 2: Go to Connections and Turn on Flight Mode

Next, open the “Connections” tab by tapping it, and then toggle the switch next to “Flight mode” to turn it on. This will mean that your location won’t be updated anymore, and no one will be notified.

android connections menu
Simply toggle the switch to activate airplane mode.


Step 3: Activate Airplane Mode From the Pull-Down Menu

Alternatively, an easier way to activate airplane mode is simply to swipe down (or up, depending on your device) on the home screen and tap the “Airplane mode” or “Flight mode” button to activate.

airplane mode android to turn off Life360's tracking
Airplane mode can also be activated directly from the home menu.


How to Turn Off Your Location in Life360 by Faking Your Location

This strategy is a little more involved, but can be very effective. Basically, by using a third-party app, known as a GPS spoofer, you can change the location of your phone, so that whoever is monitoring you thinks you’re somewhere else that you’re not. You can use something like Tenorshare iAnyGo for an iPhone, which will require you to connect your device to a computer to allow a virtual location to be set. For Android, you can use an app like Fake GPS Location. Read on to find out how to do this.

Step 1: Download the GPS Spoofing App

First, you’ll need to go to the App Store or Play Store and download an appropriate app.

GPS spoofing app to turn off Life360's tracking
Third-party apps can be used to fake your GPS location.


Step 2: Enable Developer Options

Secondly, you’ll have to activate the developer options on your phone to be able to use the app properly. To do this, go into your settings, and tap “About phone” at the bottom. After this, tap “Software information”. The next bit is a little strange – tap “Build number” seven times to enable developer options. This will now be added to your main settings menu at the bottom.

About phone settings on android
“About phone” can be located at the bottom of the settings menu.


Software information on android
Go to “Software information” to activate developer options.


Activating developer options
You can activate developer options by tapping “Build number” seven times.


Step 3: Set the Mock Location App

The next step is to select the app you downloaded as a mock location app. To do this, tap the “Developer options” tab, scroll down until you see the “Location” section, and tap “Select mock location app” to proceed. Finally, tap the app you downloaded here to select it.

Developer options location android
GPS spoofing apps can be selected from the “Developer options” menu.


Mock location app selection on android
The option to select a GPS spoofing app is found in the “Locations” tab.


Selecting a GPS spoofing app on android to turn off Life360's tracking
Choose your GPS spoofing app to enable it.


Step 4: Fake Your Location

To finish, open your GPS spoofing app, and then adjust the map until you find the location you want. Simply press the play button to begin spoofing your location.

Spoofing GPS location to turn off Life360
You can choose any location in the world to fool Life360’s geotracking software.


How to Turn Off Your Location in Life360 by Using a Burner Phone

The last method is pretty useful and simple, but does require some financial investment. If you can manage to purchase a second phone, you can download and log in to Life360 on this device. Then, connect this device to the Wi-Fi of the location you want to be found at. Finally, delete the Life360 app from your main device. Then, leave it running on your burner phone to show this as your location.

Wrapping Up

All in all, we can’t recommend you fake your GPS location as a first port of call. This is especially true if your parents are using it to make sure you’re safe. Ideally, you’ll talk to your parents about your concerns about being monitored, and reach a compromise over how they can have peace of mind about your activities and how you can feel appreciated and respected in return.

However, there are a few methods for turning off your location in Life360 without anyone knowing. The simplest is using airplane mode, but this limits your connectivity, and you can still be tracked by Wi-Fi. You can also try using a burner phone, although this will cost money. Another effective method is by using a GPS spoofing app. You can use these to set an alternate location so your actual whereabouts will remain unknown.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Life360?

Life360 is a location-sharing app that you can use to track people’s locations, usually members of your family. Real-time locations can be seen, and boundaries can be set, so if somebody leaves this area, a notification will be sent. Alerts are also sent if somebody turns off their location sharing or otherwise disables the app. However, there are some methods for turning off your location discreetly.

Does airplane mode hide my location?

Yes, but Life360 can still communicate your location using Wi-Fi.

What are the best methods for turning off my location secretly?

The most effective methods are to use a burner phone to track a different location from where you are or by using a GPS spoofing app to set a fake location.

Can't I just turn off location sharing in the Life360 app?

You can, but this generally will send a notification out that you have done this, so everyone will know.

What about turning off cellular data?

This will turn off your location, but an alert will still be sent so that people will know you’ve switched off your data.

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