How to Turn Off Voice on Samsung TV in 3 Easy Steps (With Photos)

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How to Turn Off Voice on Samsung TV in 3 Easy Steps (With Photos)

The voice function is a very useful feature on Samsung TV for visually impaired users. This feature can guide you through reading aloud actions, information on the screen, and actions such as buttons that you can press.

However, since this feature isn’t necessary for every user, you can simply turn off the speech output. While this feature is useful for some, it can be annoying for others. So, if you want to know how to disable voice output on Samsung TV, read on to learn the necessary steps.

How to Turn Off Voice on Samsung TV in 3 Easy Steps

The voice feature is often disabled unless you enabled it when you first set up the TV. However, if your voice feature is enabled and you want to turn it off, here’s what you need to do.

#1 – Turn On the TV and Open the Menu

Turn on the Samsung TV using the remote control or a physical button and open the menu by pressing the menu button on a remote control. The menu button is either a button with a home icon on the remote or three lines, depending on which remote model your TV has.

Also, it’s worth noting that you can turn off voice control by navigating the menu with the physical buttons. These buttons are “hidden” under the Samsung logo in the center of the screen. When you use the physical buttons, the center button is a menu button.

When you open the menu, go to the next step to learn where to find the voice function.

Turn off voice Samsung
Press the menu button on the remote control to open the menu on your TV.


#2 – Head Into the Accessibility Menu Tab

First, you have to scroll to the fourth option on the left side of the menu, the General settings menu. You can also recognize it by the wrench icon. In the General settings, look for the “Accessibility” tab.

Press the Accessibility tab once and the new menu will open the Accessibility menu with more options to choose from. The first option is the “Voice Guidance” setting, which you need to disable the voice function.

Turn off voice Samsung TV
Select the Accessibility tab under General settings.


#3 – Turn Off the Voice Guide Feature

The Voice Guidance setting is the first line in the Accessibility menu. Next to it, you’ll see ON or OFF, indicating the current setting. To disable voice guidance, press OK in the voice guidance settings. A pop-up window will appear where you can choose between the buttons ON /OFF.

Select the OFF button and press the OK button again. This will turn off the voice function on a Samsung TV. You can exit the menu from there.

However, you should keep in mind that accessibility shortcuts will remain enabled even if you disable the speech feature on your Samsung TV. Accessibility Shortcuts is a package of features that includes TalkBack, similar to the voice feature. If you want your TV to always remain silent and never announce or speak anything, you need to turn off the TalkBack feature.

Turn off voice Samsung TV
To disable voice guidance, press “ok” in the voice guidance settings, then press “off” in the pop-up menu.


Will Your Voice Assistant Work if You Turn Off Voice Features?

Yes, Voice Assistant is a separate feature of Samsung TV and works even if you turn off the voice feature that is related to destination guidance. By default, Voice Assistant talks to you to ask questions, give instructions, or confirm actions. However, if you disable the TalkBack feature, the voice assistant is muted. Still, you can use the voice assistant by reading the instructions on the screen.

If you want to disable TalkBack so that your Samsung TV always stays silent, scroll down the “Accessibility” menu tab to find the TalkBack feature and simply set the setting to OFF.

The following 50-second video from YouTuber Tech Tips demonstrates how easy it is to turn off the voice guide.


The language setting feature is good even if you’re not visually impaired, as it can make navigation a lot easier. This is especially useful if you’re a little farther away from your TV. If you want to turn the feature off, it can be difficult to find the corresponding setting in the settings menu. Luckily you can follow our guide with photos so you can find it in seconds.

If you plan to always keep your TV silent, don’t forget to turn off the TalkBack feature, which is very similar to the voice feature, but is used for other functions of the TV. To turn these features on and off, you don’t have to restart your TV and it only takes a few seconds, so you can do it anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need the Voice feature enabled?

If you’re not visually impaired, you might not necessarily need the Voice feature. However, some people prefer it and like to keep it ON.

Is Voice feature and TalkBack the same feature?

No, TalkBack is a voice feature for a voice assistant that helps simplify communication with you by voicing out requirements and commands.

Do you need to restart your TV to enable the function?

No, you won’t have to restart your Samsung TV for the change to apply.

Is there a dedicated remote button to quickly enable/disable the voice feature?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a dedicated button yet you will have to make a change from the menu.

Does Voice feature come enabled by default on Samsung TVs?

Voice feature mostly doesn’t come enabled by default. However, on some models you’re asked if you’d like to enable it during the initial setup.

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