How to Turn Off iPhone 13 (With Photos)

Resetting your iPhone

How to Turn Off iPhone 13 (With Photos)

Apple didn’t make it easy to turn off an iPhone after the home button went away. Rather than a simple off button, we have to push a series of buttons or go to the iPhone’s Settings to power cycle our iPhone 13.

Perhaps your iPhone is acting up; maybe it’s time for a restart. If you’re having a technical issue, a simple restart often resolves the problem quickly. Although, sometimes, we just need to turn off our iPhones and unplug for a bit. No matter the reason, you need to know how to turn off your iPhone 13.

We’ll show you a few methods to power down your iPhone 13, including how to turn it off if it’s frozen or the buttons are broken.

Without further ado, let’s turn off the iPhone 13!

How to Turn Off iPhone 13 – Power Buttons

The most common way to turn off your iPhone 13 is by using the buttons on the side of the phone to initiate a shutdown. Unfortunately, it takes a few more steps than holding a power button today. But once you get it down, turning off your iPhone 13 gets much easier.

Step 1: Hold Volume Up

Start by holding the Volume Up button.

If you’re looking at your iPhone 13’s screen, the volume up button is the top button on the left side.

How to Turn Off iPhone 13
Hold Volume Up


Step 2: Hold the Siri Button

Apple got rid of the power button on all iPhone models with no home button, and the iPhone 13 is no different.

We now have a Siri Button (the button on the right of the phone if you’re looking at the screen).

While holding your Volume Up or Volume Down button, hold the Siri button too. It’s the only button on the right side of your iPhone 13’s screen.

Helpful Hint: When you press the buttons correctly, your phone will vibrate, letting you know it’s ready to turn off.

How to Turn Off iPhone 13
Hold the Siri Button


Step 3: Slide the Power Off

Now, the screen will show a power-off slider. Grab the slider from the left and drag it to the right.

Your screen will go black, and the iPhone will power off.

How to Turn Off iPhone 13
Slide the Power Off


How to Turn Off iPhone 13 – Settings

One lesser-known method for turning off an iPhone 13 is in the Settings. When we think about it, it isn’t that surprising because the Settings app on your iPhone offers so many controls, but nonetheless, if you can’t use the buttons (as explained above), you can go to Settings.

Step 1: Open the Settings

Open the Settings app on your iPhone 13.

If you don’t see your Settings app swipe to the right until you see your App Library and click on the Settings app.

How to Turn Off iPhone 13
Open the Settings


Step 2: Tap General

Now, tap General.

The General section in your iPhone’s settings lets you look up your Storage and Software information, but it’s also where you can find the options to reset and power off your iPhone.

How to Turn Off iPhone 13
Tap General


Step 3: Tap Shut Down

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Shut Down.

How to Turn Off iPhone 13
Tap Shut Down


Step 4: Slide the Power Off

Now you’ll see the power off slider. Use your finger to drag it from left to right.

Your screen will go black, and the phone will turn off.

How to Turn Off iPhone 13
Slide the Power Off


Knowing how to turn your iPhone 13 on and off is vital for any iPhone user. Luckily, the steps are quite similar for nearly everyone iPhone model. We’ve carefully crafted the above images and steps to help you master this vital function, but if you prefer a tutorial, we found this incredibly helpful video on YouTube.

How to Force Restart an iPhone 13

So, what can you do if your phone will not turn off? Perhaps it’s frozen, or you can’t close an app. When this happens, you need to force restart your iPhone. Fortunately, the process is pretty simple, and we’ll use the physical buttons, so you don’t have to wait for your screen to respond.

To perform a force restart on your iPhone 13, we need to press a series of buttons. But we don’t want to hold the buttons. You need to feather them, press one, release it, and then immediately press the next one.

Helpful Hint: In our experience, this works best when your iPhone is plugged into its charger. If you fail the first time, plug your phone in and try again.

Step 1: Press the Volume Up Button

Tap the Volume Up button and let go of it immediately.

How to Turn Off iPhone 13
Press the Volume Up Button


Step 2: Press the Volume Down Button

Right after releasing the Volume Up key, press the Volume Down key and release it.

How to Turn Off iPhone 13
Press the Volume Down Button


Step 3: Hold the Siri Button

Now, hold the Siri button until your iPhone restarts. The screen will go black, and the Apple logo will appear after a few seconds. You’ll know your force restart is successful when you see the logo.

Helpful Hint: Think of the force restart as feathering the buttons like a manual car. You want to press one, then roll into the next one with your hand.

How to Turn Off iPhone 13
Hold the Siri Button


Sweet Dreams iPhone 13

While you don’t have to turn off your iPhone every evening (unless you really want to), you do need to turn it off every once in a while. Sometimes, turning off your iPhone 13 will fix bugs and glitches. Other times you just want to prevent distractions.

Unfortunately, as you can see, Apple forfeited the traditional power button for more features and functionality (the introduction of the Siri button). However, turning your iPhone 13 off becomes second nature once you get the hang of it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my iPhone won't turn on after I turn it off?

If your iPhone won’t turn on after you shut it down, plug it into its charger and follow these steps above for a force restart.

Assuming the battery isn’t dead and your iPhone isn’t damaged, it’s easy to start up your iPhone.

Helpful Hint: If you have an iPad charging block, use it instead of the standard iPhone charging block.

How often should I turn my iPhone off?

You don’t need to turn off your iPhone every day. But you should restart it once a week to prevent any future glitches and clear the cache.

What do I do if my iPhone is frozen and won't power down?

As long as there isn’t any damage to your iPhone, follow the force restart method above to turn off an iPhone that won’t respond.

If your iPhone doesn’t force restart, it’s best to try again. The force restart method is a little finicky, and if you don’t do it exactly right, it won’t work.

If the buttons are damaged and you can’t perform the key reset, contact Apple for help.

What do I do if a force restart doesn't work?

If you tried force restarting your iPhone a few times and it didn’t work you can restore it using iTunes.

Beware you will lose any unsaved information on your iPhone.

When you’re ready plug your iPhone into a computer with iTunes. Tap on your iPhone in the device list and click the Restore iPhone option. Then, follow the prompts on the screen.

What do I do if my iPhone's buttons are broken?

If your buttons are damaged you can use the steps outlined in our tutorial above to restart your iPhone in the Settings. But, if the Siri button is broken you can’t turn on your phone! So, it’s best to check with Apple to see your warranty coverage. Perhaps you purchased Apple Care and the repair is cheap.

Or, you can call Apple to get an appointment at a certified repair store and get your power button fixed.

How long should it take for my iPhone 13 to turn off?

According to Apple, it can take as much as 30 seconds to power off your iPhone 13 fully. If it takes longer than that you may want to try one of the other methods listed above.

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