How to Turn Off Discord Overlay in 3 Steps

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How to Turn Off Discord Overlay in 3 Steps

Discord overlay is a useful feature that allows you to keep track of your messages, friend requests, servers, and other options even when you are in a full-screen game. Players who don’t use this feature may accidentally turn on the overlay and not know the function to close it in time during the game.

If this has ever happened to you, this post is for you. Below, we’ll show you how to turn off the Discord overlay so you’ll never have problems with it again. Let’s break it down!

How to Turn Off Discord Overlay in 3 Steps: Step-by-Step

Turning off the Discord overlay can take some time and effort, but once you disable it, you won’t have to worry about accidentally turning on the overlay in-game.

Step 1: Open Discord

The first thing you should do is open Discord and log into your account.

It is important to know that the Game Overlay feature is not visible in the menu when you use Discord in your browser because this feature refers to games that Discord can detect.

For each game, you can have an in-game overlay, but if you don’t want to enable this feature, go to the next step when you are logged into your Discord account.

How to Turn Off Discord Overlay in 3 Steps
First, open Discord.

Step 2: Open User Settings

The User Settings menu is where users can choose their settings related to Discord, but also how Discord works when you play.

The User Settings button is located at the bottom of Discord next to your Discord username and is a gear icon. Press it once and a new menu will open.

When you see the settings menu, go to the next step where you will find the Game Overlay and disable it once and for all.

How to Turn Off Discord Overlay in 3 Steps
Find the User Settings icon, which is a gear, and click on it.

Step 3: Disable Game Overlay

When you are in the settings menu, scroll down to find the Game Overlay tab located under the Activity Settings section.

Clicking on Game Overlay will open a new submenu on the right side of the Discord screen. The first function is Enable In-Game Overlay and right next to it is a toggle switch. Click on the toggle switch to disable the function, and you’ve turned off Game Overlay.

Now, to test it, you can launch your favorite game and see if you can open Discord in-game. If you have disabled the game overlay correctly, you should not be able to open Discord Overlay in the game.

How to Turn Off Discord Overlay in 3 Steps
Toggle off Enable in-game overlay.

How to Prevent Game Overlay From Accidentally Opening During Gaming

Game Overlay is a useful feature, and no matter how many times you accidentally open it, it can be useful at times since you won’t have to minimize your game. That’s why it’s best if you edit the key combination that toggles the Game Overlay function.

You can set this key combination to be sure that you don’t accidentally press it during the game, and it’s best if you put the key combination that you don’t use during the game. This will prevent accidentally opening the Game Overlay. You can also set how and what you want to see from the Game Overlay if you decide to use it.

In the same settings menu as in the third step, you can set the size of the avatar, the display names, how you’d like to display, and the position of the notifications. This way, you can make the most of Game Overlay as you won’t be able to accidentally open it in the middle of the game.

How to Turn Off Discord Overlay: Steps Summarized

  • Step 1: Open Discord.
  • Step 2: Open User Settings.
  • Step 3: Disable Game Overlay.

Wrapping Up

Discord Overlay can be a very useful feature, but if you accidentally open it during your gaming sessions, you may remember it as one of the most inconvenient features.

While disabling it may be ideal for gamers who have never used the feature, it may not be the best solution for people who like to use it. The function itself is very useful.

The best way to go about it is to change the key combination to open the Discord Overlay to minimize the chances of it being an inconvenience during your gaming sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Discord overlay useful for?

Discord overlay helps you keep an eye on Discord settings, servers, messages, and invites from other Discord users while you’re in a game without having to minimize or exit the game to do so.

Why is overlay annoying some players?

Overlay can get in the way if the keys to enable it are similar to the keys used in a certain game. This way, players accidentally open the overlay in the game and it’s often at the most inconvenient time.

Should you turn off overlay?

Turning off the overlay is a good idea if you don’t use it, but if you still like the functionality, it’s best to switch the keys used to open the overly in-game to prevent accidentally opening it mid-game. Set something that you usually don’t press while gaming and you most likely won’t have issues opening the overlay by accident. Also, a two-key function to open the overlay is also a smart idea to prevent accidentally opening of the overlay.

Is overlay available in all games?

Yes, Discord has a good method of recognizing games so it’s available as soon as you open a game. It’s even available in certain apps. This way, yo still won’t have to leave full-screen apps to make certain actions on Discord.

Do you need Discord overlay?

If you haven’t been using overlay much, you might not need it. Some users rarely use it and some really depend on it, so it’s a matter of personal preference. If you don’t like the function and you often find yourself opening it by accident, it might be best to fully disable it.

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