How To Transfer Spotify Playlists To Apple Music Easily

Apple Music vs Spotify

How To Transfer Spotify Playlists To Apple Music Easily

Key Points

  • Spotify and Apple Music are both popular music streaming services.
  • In order to transfer your playlist from Spotify to Apple, you can use an app called Free Your Music.
  • Follow the prompts in the Free Your Music app to select your playlist from one service and transfer it to another.

Spotify is among the best music streaming services in the world. Apple Music is up there too. Both platforms have over 10 million paid subscribers between them. If you’d like to switch from Spotify to Apple Music, along with your playlists, you can do so. Using Free Your Music, you can easily transfer your playlist from Spotify to Apple Music or vice versa.

Free Your Music does not limit you to Apple Music or Spotify. You can switch from any other music service to your preferred platform. For example, from Tidal to Amazon Music or from Pandora to Deezer. Some apps can do this, but from our experience, Free Your Music delivers the best results. With the free version of Free Your Music, you can transfer 100 songs and one playlist. The premium version costs $9.89 and lets you transfer an unlimited number of playlists and songs. If you’re testing the waters, the free version is a perfect trial, but if you want to move your whole library over, we highly recommend the premium version.

1. Download the app

Navigate to the app store on your mobile devices or Free Your Music’s website to download the app to your Android, iOS, Mac OS, Linux, or Windows device(s).

2. Open the app

After you have the app open, follow the walkthrough steps and allow it to access to your Spotify account

3. Select Destination

Once you allow the app access to your Spotify account, it will ask for the destination to send the playlists. For this tutorial, select Apple Music. But there are more options on the app, like Pandora, Amazon Music, and most major music streaming options.

4. Select Your Playlist

With your account linked, you will see a list of your Spotify playlists. Find the one you want to transfer and select Begin Transfer.

Check out this informative video tutorial that walks you through the seamless process of transferring your favorite Spotify playlists to Apple Music hassle-free. Say goodbye to the playlist rebuilding woes and hello to uninterrupted music enjoyment across platforms!


If you have made it this far, congratulations! You have transferred a Spotify playlist over to Apple Music and can now make an effortless switch. If you want to switch from Spotify or another app, which music streaming app are you looking to switch to?


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Apple Music worth it if you have Spotify?

Apple Music’s significant advantage over Spotify is lossless audio for all the audiophiles out there. Lossless audio avoids much of the data loss that happens when songs are compressed from their source, giving you CD-quality sound from a digital file.

Can you play Spotify and Apple Music at the same time?

You cannot do that if you want to stream both Spotify and Apple Music on the same device simultaneously. But you can simultaneously listen to either of these apps on two different devices.

Can I play Apple Music offline?

Just like Spotify, after you add music to your library, you can download it to your device to listen to offline.

What is Spotify's monthly fee?

The standard subscription is $9.99 a month, but there are also students and family plans for $4.99 and $14.99, respectively.

How much is Apple Music Monthly?

Individual subscription is $2.99 a month, while the Apple Music Voice Plan costs $4.99.

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