How to Transfer PS4 Data to PS5

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How to Transfer PS4 Data to PS5

Key Points

  • You may need to learn how to transfer data from a PS4 to a PS5 if you switch consoles.
  • First, click settings and then system software.
  • Follow the instructions below to transfer your data from PS4 to PS5 easily and quickly.

Some time ago, Sony announced a new console called the PlayStation 5. Since then, it has been discussed endlessly on the internet about just how to transfer data from your PS4 to your PS5.

This is especially interesting when considering that there is no official response from Sony yet with regard to the process of doing this. Most of what has been found on the internet are just theories and not definite information or steps for how this could be done.

This guide is for all those who want to know more about the possibility of how to transfer data from your PS4 to your brand new PS5.

Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to be able to transfer data from your PS4 to your PS5.

Step 1: Turn on Your PS5

The first step is to turn on your PlayStation 5 and navigate to the Settings menu. From here, you will select System Software.

Once on the System Software page, you will need to scroll down until you find Data Transfer and click on it.

PS4 data to PS5
Navigate to Settings, then System Software, then click on Data Transfer.


Step 2: Read the Warnings

You will be asked to read and acknowledge a few warnings. The first one reads, “This service is intended for use with the current PlayStation system only. Using or downloading this service with any other system or device may cause errors, malfunctions, or damaged data. Continued use of this service is at your own risk.”

Choose Continue to move on.

Read the warnings, then click Continue.


Step 3: Turn on Your PS4

You will need to turn on your PS4 and sign into the same profile that you used prior to transferring data from your PS4.

Once signed in, you need to download the latest system update. Once the updating process was finished, select PlayStation Network and then Connect to PSN.

Step 4: Your PS5 Will Start Looking for Your PS4

After selecting PlayStation Network, your PS5 will automatically search for your PS4. If it cannot be found, ensure that the two consoles are connected to the same network. Alternatively, you can restart your PS4.

If you are still having issues with your PS5 and are not able to locate your PS4, make sure to disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on both devices for 15 minutes, then turn them back on.

PS4 data to PS5
Be sure your PS4 is turned on and your PS4 and PS5 are connected to the same network.


Step 5: Press the PS4’s Power Button for 1 Second Until it Beeps

When the PS4 is located, a message will appear on the PS5 asking you to press and hold both of the buttons on the back of your PS4.

The amount of time you have to do this will be 15 minutes. After 10 minutes, the PS5 will automatically reset, and you will start over.

PS4 data to PS5
A message will pop up asking you to press the power button on your PS4 for one second until it beeps.


Step 6: After the PS4 Resumes, the PS5 Should Show Its Saved Files

After your PS4 restarts, it will automatically search for your PS5. Once located, you will then be asked to choose which save data you want to transfer. Remember that you only have an hour to complete this.

Select the saved data you want to transfer



Step 7: Click Next to Transfer Games or Applications

When your PS4 is located on the PS5, you can select any games or applications that you want to transfer. You do not have unlimited time to transfer data, so make sure only to choose the most important data (apps and games).

Select Next.


Step 8: Click Start Transfer

You will now be prompted with a screen showing the estimated amount of time it will take for the data to transfer. You will also receive an alert on the PS5’s LCD screen that the transfer is complete.

PS4 data to PS5
Click Start Transfer.


Step 9: The Transfer is Finished!

After the PS5 asks you to choose which data you want to transfer, it will display an estimated amount of time it will take for the transfer to finish. Once the transfer is complete, your PS4 will automatically restart, and you will notice a notification stating that the transfer is complete.

Once the transfer has been completed, you will be able to sign into your PS4 account. You will not be able to access any saved data from your PS4, however; you will only have access to the saved data on your PS5.

Here is a brief, step-by-step video for further reference:

Why is it Important to Know How to Transfer Data from PS4 to PS5?

What if you have amassed a large collection of games and saved data on your PS4 only to find out that all the data will be lost when you change your console? This is where it will be important to know how this process works so that you can make sure that it goes according to your needs.

Here are the reasons why you should know how to transfer data from PS4 to PS5:

Avoid Losing Your Data

In case you decide to change your PS4 for a PS5, you will be able to keep your data for as long as you want. In fact, if the Xbox One can do it, then there is no reason why the PlayStation 5 should not do it as well.

You Will Not Have to Start Over

Transferring PS4 data to PS5 will allow you to continue with your progress in all of your games.

Imagine if you are playing your retro game collection that spans almost every era. You have amassed a lot of games over a long period of time. However, you have been playing the same handful of games for quite some time now. This is where it will be important to know how to transfer data from PS4 to PS5 so that you can start new games once again.

It Will Be As if You Never Left

You will be able to remain consistent with your gaming experience. It is not uncommon for players to want to move from one console to another without losing their progress. This can be quite difficult if you choose not to secure your data beforehand.

Easier to Transfer Games

If you have many games, you might want to transfer them from PS4 to PS5. This will be quite simple for you because you get the system. You can transfer them all at once or one at a time as you choose.

Easier to Download New Content

When it comes to downloading content from the internet, this process will be much easier for you than it would have been on your previous console.

It is Time for an Upgrade

You may have felt that you had outgrown your current console and that it was time for you to move on to the next one. However, this does not mean that the time has come for you to lose all of the progress that you have made on your previous console.

You Have a Lot of Games

It isn’t uncommon for players to want to play games from a variety of platforms and genres. In fact, most people like having a large collection of video games. This is why it will be important for you to consider how to transfer data from PS4 to PS5 because you could have a lot of games.

The Xbox One is Already Doing It

The Xbox One has officially embraced the PS4 data transfer process, which means that the PlayStation 5 will easily follow suit if they implement this feature.

More Possibilities on the Horizon

Right now, this process seems more like a rumor than something that can be considered official by Sony. However, it is still only a matter of time before it will be available to all PS4 users with the PS5.

Your Xbox Friends Will Not Be Disappointed

If you plan on transferring your data from PS4 to PS5, you will not leave behind your friends who are on Xbox One. They will be able to continue interacting with you as soon as you change consoles.

What is the Fastest Way to Transfer Data from PS4 to PS5?

There is no official word yet on how to transfer PS4 data to a brand new PS5 console. However, there are rumors that Sony has considered the possibility of a cloud-based system for data transferring.

The possibility of the transfer of data from the PS4 to the PS5 through a cloud-based system has been considered by both Sony and Microsoft. The idea is not only being explored by both companies but also by other companies like Google.

The PS5 will have a new system that will make it possible to transfer data automatically from the old PS4 console to the new PS5 without any action required by the user. Based on what we’ve read so far, there is no official word if that is really the case or not. However, this is pure speculation, and there is no proof of this information yet.

Is Data Transfer from PS4 to PS5 Necessary?

Yes, not only is it necessary, but it is also possible. With the new PS5 console, Sony has stated that it will be possible to transfer data from one PS4 console to another. That being said, there are different options on how Sony can transfer data between the two consoles.

The most likely option would be via a cloud-based system. This would not be the first time that Sony has used a cloud-based transfer system. They have actually been using it for a while now to allow users to transfer data between other Sony devices like the PS Vita and some Xperia smartphones.

However, just because a cloud-based system will be used to transfer data between two PS4 consoles does not mean that it has to be done automatically by the console. It is possible that the user can also do it manually if they so choose. This would be done by connecting the two consoles through a wired USB connection.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long should it take to transfer PS4 to PS5?

Several hours. It all depends on the amount of data that you have stored on your PS4.

Will I need to download my data again?

No, you will not have to download your data again. The transfer system will automatically replicate all the data that you have previously saved on your PS4 console. This includes saved games, game progress, and graphical settings.

Can I do this transfer over the PSN?

It is widely known that Sony has not officially said anything about the possibility of this being possible. However, it would be safe to assume that it could be done through the PSN.

What are the advantages of transferring data from PS4 to PS5?

You will have access to all the same content that you had on your previous console. This includes saved games, game progress, and graphics settings.

If I transfer data from PS4 to PS5, will it also get transferred to my PC?

No, only the data saved in your PS4 will get transferred. The PS4 is a gaming console and not a PC.

Can I transfer PS4 data to PS5 without a wired connection?

If you have a PC, you can transfer data from your PC to your PS5 console. This could be done easily via a wired USB connection.

What will happen to data stored on the PS4 after a system transfer?

This is another area in which the data you have saved on your PC for your PS4 will be transferred to your PS5. This includes saved games, game progress, and graphics settings.

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