How to Transfer Money From PayPal to Your Bank in 3 Steps (with Photos)

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How to Transfer Money From PayPal to Your Bank in 3 Steps (with Photos)

PayPal is one of the world’s largest payment processors, making sending and receiving money in over 200 countries easy.

If you received a payment to your PayPal account, you might be wondering how to transfer money from PayPal to a bank. The process is relatively easy but there are a few pointers to remember.

We’ll dive into the simple steps but, first, let’s break down what you need to know.

It’s important to confirm your bank account with PayPal because it allows you to withdraw funds to your bank while also removing limitations on your account. Linking a bank account will verify your PayPal account.

While you can use PayPal without linking a bank account or card, your PayPal account will be extremely limited. For instance, you won’t be able to send money or spend it at any of the many online marketplaces that support PayPal.

The process of transferring money from PayPal to your bank will vary slightly depending on your region and the bank you use.

Now, without further ado, let’s jump right into the steps you need to follow.

How to Transfer Money from PayPal to Your Bank

Step 1: Verify Your Bank Account

To start, you need to link and verify your bank account with PayPal. With some banks, you can quickly connect PayPal to your bank with your online banking details.

Meanwhile, other banks require you to manually fill in your bank account information and wait for two deposits that contain confirmation codes.

Instantly Verify Your Bank with PayPal

This is the easiest and fastest way to verify your bank account is through PayPal’s online portal for partnered banks. To start, log in to your PayPal account, and in the top menu click on Wallet. Your total PayPal balance, banks, and cards will be listed here.

Next, click on Link a Bank, and a list of banks that support online verification will be shown. Type in the name of your bank and select it from the list. From here, you need to sign in using your bank’s online banking details.

When your details are confirmed, PayPal will automatically link to your bank and your account will be verified. It should be instant.

In the case where your bank is not on the list of supported banks, you may need to manually enter your bank account details.

transfer paypal to bank
Select your bank from the list that PayPal provides.

Manually Verify Bank Account

When you type the name of your bank in the search bar and it returns no results, a message will appear asking if you want to enter your bank account details. Click on the button and you’ll be redirected to a page where you can enter your bank account information.

You will need the following information:

  • Account type
  • Routing number
  • Account number.

(The exact information will vary depending on your region and its regulations with PayPal).

Once the information has been confirmed, two small deposits will be sent to your bank account. It might take a few days for the deposits to arrive. You will need to check your bank statement for the exact deposit amounts.

When the deposits arrive, sign in to PayPal, click on Wallet, click on the bank account you added, and type in the amount of the two deposits. The deposits are usually a few cents each. If the amounts are correct, your bank on PayPal will be verified and you can use it to withdraw or deposit funds.

For more information, take a look at PayPal’s support page here on verifying bank accounts.

Important: Make sure the name on your PayPal account exactly matches the name on your bank account.

transfer paypal to bank
If your bank isn’t listed, PayPal gives you the option to manually add your bank details.

Step 2: Make Sure PayPal Currency Matches Your Bank’s

One point to keep in mind when transferring money from PayPal to a bank is that the currency of the bank needs to match the transfer currency. In other words, if a client pays you with PayPal in USD, your bank needs to be in USD too.

There are some banks that will automatically convert incoming foreign currencies into local currency but those are not that common. To avoid potential issues, it’s best to make sure the transfer currency is the same as your bank.

If your bank is not in USD, you need to first convert the PayPal funds to the local currency with PayPal’s currency exchange rate. Unfortunately, PayPal’s currency exchange rate is not the best. Once your PayPal balance has been converted to the currency of your bank, you can go ahead and start a transfer.

Note that some banks allow you to hold foreign currencies. If you have a bank that supports foreign currencies, then you will need to use the details of the foreign currency you wish to transfer.

For example, if you live in Japan but want to receive USD, you would link your USD foreign currency account to PayPal and then withdraw USD from PayPal to that account. Alternatively, you could convert the PayPal USD to JPY (Japanese Yen) and then withdraw it to your JPY account.

How to Convert Currency in PayPal

  1. Login to PayPal.
  2. Select Wallet.
  3. Click on Add a Currency.
  4. Select your local currency.
  5. Click on Currency Calculator.
  6. Enter the amount and desired currency.
  7. Click Done.

On the subject of currency, if you’re sending money on PayPal, it’s better to send it in your receiver’s local currency.

transfer paypal to bank
Add your currency and follow the prompts.

Step 3: Start a Transfer from PayPal to Bank

The next step is to start a transfer. You can only start a transfer if you have a PayPal balance. PayPal does not charge a fee to send funds to a bank account.

The minimum to start a transfer depends on your region. For the USA, there’s no minimum. In Canada, the minimum to withdraw from PayPal to a bank account is $15 CAD. In other countries, the equivalent is in their local currency. Sign in to PayPal and click on the button under your PayPal balance that says Transfer Money.

Select Transfer to your bank, choose the amount you want to transfer, and click Send. You will see a notice reminding you that the transfer has been confirmed at will take between 3 and 5 days to arrive.

transfer paypal to bank
Click on Transfer to your bank and follow the prompts.

To see a visual representation of the steps we’ve outlined check out the video below which walks you through the process.

How Long Does It Take for PayPal Cash to Arrive?

There are many factors that affect the time it takes for PayPal cash to reach your bank. In some regions, such as the United States and Canada, it can arrive within 24 hours.

It also depends on which bank you use. The banks on PayPal’s online verification list will usually process the transfer faster than other banks. In most cases, it takes about 3 days for the transfer to arrive. The first transfer on a new PayPal account might take longer because it has to go through more security checks. After the initial transfer, transfers almost always arrive on schedule.

For international transfers, it can take up to 5 days to receive the transfer. Bear in mind, this applies to business days, not holidays or weekends.

Instantly Transfer Money from PayPal to a Debit Card

Another option for accessing your PayPal cash is to transfer money from PayPal to a debit card. Transferring money from PayPal to a debit card is only available if the linked debit card supports the function, and it’s only available for Visa or Mastercard.

For Visa cards, the feature is called Visa Direct, and it’s faster than sending money to a bank account but there are fees. There’s a $1 minimum for Instant Transfers.

Follow these simple steps.

  1. Login to PayPal.
  2. Click on Wallet.
  3. Select Link a Card.
  4. Fill in your debit card details.
  5. Click on Transfer Money.
  6. Enter the Transfer Amount.
  7. Select the Instant Transfer to Card Option.
  8. Review the fees and details.
  9. Start the transfer. The money should arrive in 30 minutes or so.

Transfer Money from PayPal to a Check

In some regions, you can request to withdraw your PayPal money in a check that will be mailed to your home. There’s a $1.50 processing fee for each check. The option will be found under the Transfer Money tab in PayPal’s dashboard.

For more information on PayPal’s transfer process, visit their official support page here or read our guide here on how to contact PayPal.


  • To local bank account: no fees
  • Instant, to debit card: 1.75%
  • Mailed check: $1.50 USD

Wrapping Up

Transferring money from PayPal to a bank is a very straightforward process. You only need to complete the bank verification process and then start a transfer.

If you transferred money and your money hasn’t arrived after 5 workdays, consider contacting PayPal support here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you withdraw money from PayPal to someone else's bank account?

No. The name of your PayPal account must match the name of the linked bank account.

Can you withdraw PayPal money from an ATM?

ATMS that support Paydiant may allow cardless withdrawals from PayPal. You can also withdraw PayPal money from an ATM if you have a PayPal Debit Card. These features and PayPal-supported ATMS are only in the USA at the moment.

Can I withdraw PayPal money at Walmart?

Certain Walmarts that have Money Centers allow you to withdraw cash using PayPal.

Why can't I link my bank account to PayPal?

There are many possible reasons. The most common is the name on your PayPal account and bank do not match. Another possibility could be the bank account is already linked to another PayPal account. A bank account can only be linked to one PayPal account at a time.

Can you transfer PayPal money to GCash?

Yes. You can transfer money from PayPal to GCash. To link accounts, login to GCash and select Link PayPal Account and enter your PayPal account details to authorize the connection.

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