How To Track Etsy Order In 3 Steps, With Photos

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How To Track Etsy Order In 3 Steps, With Photos

When you order from an Etsy shop, you have to wait for the delivery to arrive. Wait times could range from one to a few days, depending on your location. Either way, it’s easy to track an Etsy order.

You’ll receive an email when you purchase something from Etsy, along with order details. As a buyer, you can also find out where your much-anticipated new swag is and the expected delivery date. Follow the simple steps below to track your order to quell the anticipation.

How to Track Etsy Orders on the Mobile App

We’ll start with the Etsy mobile app because that’s what most of us have readily available. Launch the Etsy app and sign into your account. Then, follow these steps to track your order:

Step 1: Tap You at the Bottom

Sign in into your Etsy account (otherwise, you won’t see the order) and tap the You icon at the bottom of the page.

Scroll down and Tap You, next to the Cart.
Scroll down and Tap You, next to the Cart.

Step 2: Tap Purchases

You’ll see a list of options on this page. Tap Purchases to view all your purchases.

Tap Purchases.
Navigate to Profile under your Profile.

Step 3: Tap Track Package

If your item has already shipped from the Etsy shop, you will see an option to Track Package. Tap that option to track your Etsy order.

Tap Track Package.
Tap Track Package in your account.

Note: Your purchases will appear immediately, but you may not see the Track Package option until the order ships.

How to Track Etsy Orders on a Web Browser

If you prefer to use a web browser, you can track your Etsy orders there too. Launch the Etsy website and log into your account. Then, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click Your Profile Icon

Locate your profile icon in the top right corner. Then, click it.

Click on profile icon.
Your profile icon is at the top right next to the cart


Step 2: Click Purchases and Reviews

A small dropdown menu will appear. Click Purchases and Reviews.

Click purchases and reviews.
Go to Purchases and reviews under your profile.

Step 3: Click Track Package

Click Track Package to the left of the Etsy order you’d like to track.

Click track packages.
Find and click Track Package.

Note: If the Track Package option doesn’t appear or it’s greyed out, it’s because your order hasn’t shipped yet. You can wait for it to ship or contact the seller.

Here is a step-by-step video for further reference:

How Does Tracking Work for Etsy Sellers?

So, how do you track Etsy orders if you’re a seller? Well, fortunately, the process is quite simple. It’s important to keep up with any Etsy orders you’ve shipped. Customer satisfaction is a big part of your success, so this section is especially important to anyone running an Etsy shop.

You can purchase a shipping label from Etsy or create your own. If you use a shipping label from Etsy, the tracking number gets uploaded to Etsy automatically, but if you create your own, you’ll have to upload it.

Then, you can track the order for your buyers and ensure the items reach them in a timely fashion (hello, Star Seller icon!). To find your orders as a seller, you’ll need to go to the Etsy seller site and log into your account. Then, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click Orders & Shipping

After launching the Etsy Sellers dashboard, click Orders & Shipping in the menu to the left.

Click Orders & Shipping
Open Orders & Shipping.

Step 2: Click the Order

Now, a list of orders will appear. Click the one you’d like to review. You can see the tracking number and verify that the items are on their way to your buyers.

Click the order.
Open the order to see more details.

Track Etsy Orders – Things to Know

While tracking an order on Etsy is quite easy, it’s crucial to know a few things. We hope your package is on its way to your doorstep, but if not, hang out in this section for a bit to discover what’s happening and how to fix it!

Tracking Details for Etsy Order is Missing

If you made a purchase and you can’t see any tracking information, it may be because the item hasn’t shipped yet. If that’s the case, wait a couple of days, and it should appear.

However, if tracking information is missing yet it should be there, you may have a bigger (but not impossible) problem. First, Etsy requires all sellers to provide tracking information inside the US. If the seller is overseas, or you’re overseas, there may not be any. If that’s the case, you can contact the seller to ask for more information.

If the seller is based in the US, they’re supposed to upload the tracking number for you. Send them a message about the same. Most Etsy sellers have phenomenal customer service skills. Maybe they forgot to upload it, or your order had an error. Either way, contacting them should correct it rather quickly.

Update Your Tracking Notifications on Etsy

Another option you have that lets you keep an eye on your orders is the ability to update your tracking notifications on the Etsy mobile app. You can enable notifications by going to Settings on your iOS or Android device. Tap Notifications and enable the switch next to Etsy. When your items ship, you will receive an alert. As long as the seller added tracking information, you can track your Etsy order here.

You’ll also receive tracking information in your email. You could track your order here even if you checked out as a guest.

There’s a Problem with Your Etsy Order

Finally, you can easily investigate and rectify the situation if there’s an issue with your Etsy order. Perhaps several days have gone by, and your order didn’t ship. Maybe it was sent to the wrong address, or the wrong item is on its way. No matter the problem, don’t get down just yet.

First, when you notice an issue with your order, contact the seller. While they can’t work miracles, they may be able to help. For example, if you realize an item is on its way to the wrong address but need it for an upcoming event, ask your seller if they can expedite a new one to the correct address, then return the old one.

Next, if your seller isn’t cooperating with you, you may need to go above them. Navigate to the Etsy Support page and initiate a live chat with a representative. The company takes its seller’s behaviors seriously and will likely resolve the issue quickly.

Wrapping Up

Etsy has a lot of fun, interesting, and unique items. However, tracking orders isn’t as cut and dry as it could be. Some sellers aren’t required to provide that information, and others may fail to do so. If you run into trouble tracking an Etsy order, reach out to the seller. They’re usually happy to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if a gift won't make it in time?

Etsy is one of the best places to find gifts for your friends and loved ones. If a gift is delayed or won’t reach its destination in time, Etsy has a solution. You can use this link to print a card and let your friend (or buyer) know it’s on the way.

Is the tracking information accurate?

Because Etsy and sellers use standard shipping companies (like USPS, Fed Ex, etc.), the tracking information you see is provided by that company. While it’s typically correct, sometimes things get lost, delivered to the wrong address, or delayed.

Why is my Etsy package further away now?

If you’re tracking your package regularly (like your dear author does), you may notice that it’s going out of its way to get to you. Don’t be alarmed if this happens. Carriers transport packages to hubs before sending them to distribution centers.

It should be on its way to you in no time.

Can I stop an Etsy item from coming after it's shipped?

Unfortunately, no. If an item has already shipped, you must return it. However, if it hasn’t shipped yet, you can cancel your seller to cancel the order.

Where can I see my order's shipping address?

If you want to verify that your order is coming to the right place, you can follow the steps above to see the shipping address.

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