How To Track An Android Phone In 3 Easy Steps

How To Track An Android Phone In 3 Easy Steps

Smartphones allow us to keep track of our families and find our lost phones. While iPhone users have to Find My iPhone, Android users can various apps and services to locate their phones. We’ll show you all the ways to track an Android phone.

Android is a Google operating system, so you can use the Google Account Manager on any Android device. Others, like Samsung, have their own Android tracking capabilities using the manufacturer’s Cloud services. Alternatively, you can install third-party apps to track an Android. Follow the steps below to learn how to use all of them.

How to Track an Android Phone Using Android Device Manager

This tracking method is really more of an option for everyone. No matter your device’s manufacturer, you can track your Android using the Android Device Manager. If your lost phone is powered on, signed into your Google account, and the location permissions are enabled, you can easily track your lost Android.

Helpful hint: As you follow these steps, check the options to save your login information to the browser. That way, if you ever lose your Android phone again, you can easily pull up the tracking service.

Step 1: Go to the Android Device Manager Website

First, open a web browser and go to the Android Device Manager website. Then, sign into your Google account.

Log into your Google Account.


Helpful hint: Most of us have more than one Google account on our phones. If you can’t get into one, try another.

Step 2: Click Your Phone

You’ll see a list of any Android devices connected to your Google account in the left-hand menu. Click your Android phone to track it.

Navigate to your device on the map.


Step 3: Track your Android Phone

Finally, you can track your Android phone on the map.

Google My Device will show your phone’s location.


Helpful hint: You can play a sound to find your phone if it’s nearby. You can also lock it or erase it to protect your private information. However, Google does have an activation lock to prevent stolen devices from being used in the future. So, don’t delete the device if it’s stolen.

Check out this informative video guide that demonstrates step-by-step methods for tracking an Android device. Whether you’re ensuring the safety of a loved one or locating a lost phone, this video provides valuable insights into various tracking techniques. Watch now to become a pro at keeping tabs on Android phones!

How to Track an Android Phone Through the Manufacturer

While LG, Motorola, and Google phones use the methods above to help users locate their Android devices. But Samsung users (and possibly others, too), have a secondary option using the manufacturer’s Cloud services.

We’ll show you how to use a Samsung account to track your Android phone. But you can check with your manufacturer for specific instructions if this method is available to you.

Here’s how to track your Android phone with Samsung Cloud:

Step 1: Go to Samsung Find My Mobile

First, open a web browser and visit the Samsung Find My Mobile website. Then, sign into your Samsung account.

Go to SmartThings Find on your browser.


Step 2: Click on Your Android Phone

Similar to the method above, click on your Android phone in the left menu to track it.

Navigate to your device.


Step 3: Track Your Phone

Finally, you can see the phone on the map.

The phon


location is visible on the map.


Hopefully, it’s nearby, and you can easily reunite with your phone. If not, you can lock it, erase it, unlock it, play a sound, back it up, or extend the battery life.

How to Track an Android with Third-Party Apps

Lastly, for those of you who still have your Android phone and want an easy way to track it, you can install third-party applications to help. Third-party applications are developed by companies other than Google and often offer more functionality than native services.

This section is great for those who want to track family members. Everyone can install the third-party app on their phones and track each other. As mentioned previously, we’re using Life360 because it’s safe and secure (it’s also free to use). But if you find another one in the Google Play Store, feel free to install it.

Here’s how to track an Android phone with a third-party app:

Step 1: Install the Life360 App

Navigate to the Google Play Store and install the Life360 App. Do this for each device you want to track (including iOS devices).

Download and install Life360 app.


Step 2: Select the Android Phone

Now, log into your account so you can see everyone’s devices, and you can track yours. Then, tap on the Android phone you want to track.

Choose your Android device from the listed ones.


Note: You may need to create an account and invite family members. Input your phone number and create an invite link.

Step 3: Track the Android Phone

Finally, tap the user you want to track. Then, view the Android phone on the map.

Locate the Android device on the map.


How to Set Up Android Tracking on Your Phone

Unfortunately, if you have lost your phone and haven’t enabled the tracking feature, you may be unable to track it. However, it’s still possible one of the features below is already set up on your Android phone. If you’re here because your phone is lost, try one of those methods to track it.

Keep reading to learn how to track an Android phone. We’ll walk you through setup options.

Tracking an Android Phone Using Android Manager

Everything about your Android phone is compatible with Google services. Google’s native tracking service is the Android Device Manager. You can set this up in your Android settings and track it with a computer or another device.

You can set this up on your phone by tapping Settings>Security and privacy>Find My Mobile. Or, you can download the Google Find My Device app. Then, ensure you’re logged into a Gmail account that you can access on another device.

Note: If you have trouble finding the option to enable tracking following the path above, check with your device’s manufacturer for exact instructions.

Tracking an Android Phone Using Cloud Services

Some manufacturers offer device tracking using their proprietary Cloud services. Notably, with Samsung, you can create a Samsung account and track that. It’s highly likely you enabled this feature when you set up the phone, but if you haven’t, it’s easy to do.

Open the Settings on your Samsung phone and tap Accounts. Then, type Samsung Account in the search bar at the top. Create a Samsung account (or take note of the one you already have). Tap Find My Mobile, and ensure it’s activated.

Tracking an Android Phone Using Third-Party Apps

Finally, you can install third-party apps to track your Android phone. We’re using Life360 because we trust it, it’s user-friendly, and you can track your Android from an iOS or Android device.

You can choose any third-party app you like, but do keep in mind, you’re letting this app access a lot of information on your smartphone. Read the reviews and research the developer to ensure you aren’t compromising your safety or security.

Android Lost & Found

At one time, it was incredibly challenging to track an Android device. Before cloud services and third-party apps, tracking an Android phone was nearly impossible. Fortunately, it’s much easier now. Follow the steps above to find your lost Android device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Android phone get a notification that I'm tracking it?

The answer to this question depends on which method you use to track your Android phone. The Android Device Manager and Samsung Cloud will send an alert to your phone. Most third-party apps, like Life360, do not.

What can I do if I can't log into the Android Device Manager?

One problem you may surely run into is getting into your Android Device Manager. If this happens because you don’t know your password or you can’t get the 2FA code, it’s best to try another Gmail account. If you don’t have another Gmail account, choose the Try another method option and fill out the appropriate forms to get in.

Lastly, try another browser or change users on your current browser (upper right corner>select another user). Your Android Device Manager login information may be saved somewhere on your computer. It’s also possible the browser recognizes your login, and you won’t have to sign in using 2FA.

Can I track my phone if it's off?

No. Your phone must be powered on with internet access. However, you can see the last location using any of the methods above.

What's the best way to track a family member's phone?

If you’re trying to find a family member in an emergency, your best bet is Life360 (assuming everyone has it installed). But if it’s an emergency where they don’t have a third-party app, you can try using their computer or another device to track it using one of the first two methods.

They may have signed into their Gmail at some point, and you can pull up the Android Device Manager with no problem.

What can I do to save battery life while running location tracking software?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to save battery life while running the software above. Your only option is to turn off your location services. But this can cause problems if you ever lose your phone.

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