How to Stream Disney Plus on Discord in 3 Steps


How to Stream Disney Plus on Discord in 3 Steps

Key Points

  • Streaming Disney+ on Discord is easy and only takes 3 steps and a few minutes to set up.
  • To stream Disney+ on Discord, you need to have a Discord app and an account.
  • You can use the Disney+ app for a smoother stream, but streaming in the browser is also possible.
  • To set up your stream on Discord, join a server, find a room, and select the screen or app you want to stream.
  • You can choose the resolution and frame rate for your stream, but higher settings require a Discord Nitro account.

Discord has a great streaming integration so you can stream your desktop, apps, or browser, and you can use this to stream Disney+.

Streaming Disney+ isn’t difficult and it only takes 3 steps and a couple of minutes to set things up. If you’re using Discord for streaming for the first time, you might need a bit more time to set your stream up and learn how to use the feature, but that’s why we’re bringing you these easy steps to follow.

If you’re trying to learn how to stream Disney Plus on Discord, let’s break it down into simple steps!

Step 1: Open Discord and Log into Your Account

To use Discord’s streaming feature, you’ll need to have a Discord app and an account.

While the Discord app isn’t necessary since you can also use the browser version, you’ll need an account to use Discord’s features. When you have your Discord and account ready, head to the next step to select your Disney+ content.

How to Stream Disney Plus on Discord in 3 Steps
Log into Discord.

Step 2: Set Up Disney+

Disney+ can be watched in the browser, but it can also be downloaded as an app that you can use without the need for a browser. It’d be ideal if you use the app version for the smoothest stream since browsers tend to use way more resources for video playing than the app.

However, if you don’t have the Disney+ app, it’s not a problem because you can make most of Disney+ in your browser too. Find content you’d like to watch, get the video player ready, and then pause it so you can set your stream before you go live.

How to Stream Disney Plus on Discord in 3 Steps
Boot up Disney+ and find what you want to watch.

Step 3: Set Your Stream and Go Live

The final step is all about setting your Discord stream up so you can successfully go live. By now, you should have your Discord open and be logged into your account. From there, you need to find and join a server.

If you don’t have a server, you can join any public server to find a spot for you and your potential viewers. You’ll also need to find a room in the server to use Discord’s integrated streaming feature.

When you’re in a server and in a room on that specific server, at the bottom of the server list, you will find action buttons. The second action button is the Share Your Screen button, which is Discord’s streaming functionality. By clicking on the button, you’ll open a new pop-up menu where you can choose a screen or an app you’d like to stream.

If you’re using the Disney+ app, find it under the apps tab, but if you’re using your browser to watch Disney+, select your browser.

Keep in mind that some Discord versions will allow users to select and stream a specific tab, which is ideal since you will get to use your browser in the background without interrupting your stream. When you make the selection, the last and final step includes your stream’s settings. In there, you can choose a resolution and a frame rate for your stream. The higher these two settings are, the better the stream quality will be.

However, there’s a catch to it. To use the highest possible settings, you will need a Discord Nitro account.

Regardless, you’ll still have a decent stream by opting for one of two available stream quality settings: smoother video quality or better text readability. We highly recommend going for the smoother video quality. Of course, keep in mind that you also need a decent internet connection to handle the stream.

When you choose your settings, you’re one small step away from your stream being live and that’s what’s the Go Live button for. Click it, and you’re done!

How to Stream Disney Plus on Discord in 3 Steps
Set up your stream, set your settings, share it with your friends, and hit Go Live!

Wrapping Up

Streaming on Discord is convenient since most people already use Discord to communicate with friends, catch up with family, study together, even have meetings, or use it as an audio channel for gaming.

By streaming Disney+, you can open doors to a lot more fun by watching content with your friends in real-time while being remote.

With a maximum capacity of 100 members and no streaming limit, you can stay live as long as you wish with tons of friends watching with you. However, for the highest stream quality, it’s worth thinking of upgrading to the Nitro account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can you stream on Discord?

You can stream for as long as you wish for as there are no limits on Discord.

What's needed to stream Disney+ on Discord?

You will need a Discord account, a Disney+ account, and a decent internet connection.

Can you stream Disney+ on any Discord server?

Yes, you can stream Disney+ on any Discord server, and you can even make your own server. Keep in mind that only the participants in your server room can watch your stream.

How many people can watch your Disney+ stream on Discord?

Discord room can handle up to 100 participants at the same time so your stream can watch up to 100 Discord users inside of the room you’re streaming in.

Is Discord Nitro worth getting?

Yes, it’s worth the price tag if you’re interested in the Discord Nitro account type. It’s not necessary to stream, but it can make your stream quality better.

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