How to Stop Discord From Opening on Startup in 3 Steps

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How to Stop Discord From Opening on Startup in 3 Steps

Key Points

  • Disabling Discord’s auto-start feature can improve boot times for slower PCs
  • Discord can be accessed through a web portal or mobile app without causing lag
  • To stop Discord from opening on startup, toggle off the setting in the Windows Settings menu
  • Task Manager can also be used to disable Discord’s startup process

Are you new to Discord or just firing up the PC app for the first time? If so, you’re probably wondering how to stop Discord from opening on startup. It’s something that drives users insane and can bring slower PCs to an absolute crawl. The good news is disabling this feature only takes a few minutes. We’ll show you how to stop the programming from bogging down your system using three easy steps.

Discord and Boot Times

If you live on Discord, there’s a good chance you never turn it off. Whenever your PC finally rests, it makes sense you want to have the app ready to roll when your system returns to life. That’s where the auto start feature comes in handy but can wreak havoc on lower-powered systems and those who are unprepared.

One reason it sneaks up on people is the fact you can use Discord through a web portal or mobile app. The PC app provides access to all the features, but the other versions aren’t too far behind. There’s no lag to deal with when you open Discord on a smartphone or slate, and it shouldn’t bog down a web browser either.

Any programs that are set to start running automatically when you turn on your PC can slow it down. It depends on how many system resources they require. Lag can also happen when cached data become corrupted as programs search for it when they start up. Discord isn’t necessarily a memory-sucking program but has caused issues for years for users with slower PCs.

If you’re struggling to get your system going and want to see if stopping Discord will do the trick, follow the steps below.

How to Stop Discord From Opening on Startup

This process will work for the official Discord app regardless of your OS. With that in mind, we’re using Windows, so our screenshots and steps may vary from Linux or Apple’s operating system. However, before we dive into the step-by-step guide you may want to check out the video below which will also show the process in action.

1. Open Discord Settings

With Discord open, click on the gear icon next to your user name at the bottom of the screen to open up the settings menu.

Stop discord on Startup
Open Discord’s settings through the gear icon.


2. Windows Settings Menu

Discord has a lot of options for users to tweak and you have access to all of them from here. Scroll down until you see the App Settings section and click on Windows Settings.

Stop discord on Startup
Scroll down the list and click on the Windows Settings menu.


3. Turn off the Toggle

Now you should see a screen with several toggles, one of which is enabled to open Discord on startup. To stop Discord from opening on startup, set the toggle to off.

Stop discord on Startup
Turn off the Open Discord toggle under System Startup Behavior.


Stop Discord From Opening on Startup Through Task Manager

Another way you can stop Discord from slowing down your PC on startup is through Task Manager. It’s a great tool to stop errant programs in their tracks and provides access to startup processes as well.

 1. Open Task Manager

Windows loves to give users several ways to access programs, and Task Manager is no different. You can use the key combo and hit Control/Alt/Delete at the same time to bring up the program. Alternatively, if you type Task Manager into the search bar, it’s just a few clicks away.

Stop discord on Startup
Open the Task Manager on Windows.


2. Choose Startup

When you have Task Manager open, you’ll see a list of tabs across the top for Processes, Performance, App History, Startup, Users, Details, and Services. Choose Startup to proceed.

Stop discord on Startup
Go to the Startup section in Task Manager.


3. Disable Discord

If Discord is set to automatically turn on when your PC boots up, you’ll see it listed here. Find Discord in the list and click to bring up a list of options. Choose Disable to stop Discord from opening on startup. 

Stop discord on Startup
Find Discord on the list and click on Disable in the menu.


The Wrap-Up

While other programs can bring PCs to a halt on startup quicker than Discord, the popular app comes under scrutiny because of its massive user base. Gamers with potatoes PCs use it alongside people with high-end rigs. If you’re Discord trouble comes from having an unruly server, we have a solution for that as well! If you’re ready to stop Discord from opening on startup, here is a quick recap of both methods:

Stop Discord From Opening on Startup via Discord

  1. Open Discord and click on the gear to access settings.
  2. Scroll down the list of options and select “Windows Settings”
  3. Toggle the switch off to stop Discord from opening on startup.

Stop Discord From Opening on Startup via Windows Task Manager

  1. Open Windows Task Manager.
  2. Choose the Startup tab.
  3. Scroll down the list to Discord, then click Disable from the options menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a lite or lightweight version of Discord?

No, only the full-featured PC app and mobile app. If you want an experience that isn’t as taxing on your PC, try using Discord from the web.

How much RAM does Discord use?

That varies but you can expect the program to take up between 50 to more than 600MB depending on your activity.

Why does my PC show Discord using a lot of system resources?

While the program isn’t that bad on startup for most, it can take up a significant amount of system resources when during video calls and other activities.

Will clearing out the Discord cache speed up my PC on startup?

It may help and is a good idea for routine maintenance, but can’t make an outdated PC considerably faster.

Why does Discord hard to boot up on some PCs?

Outside of a computer’s specifications, it’s largely due to the way Discord works with voice chat and the number of features it provides as a connected app.

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