How to Spoiler on Discord, in Easy Steps

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How to Spoiler on Discord, in Easy Steps

Key Points

  • Spoiler tags are used to hide information such as spoilers for TV shows that others may not want to know yet.
  • Spoiler tags can easily be added to text using one of several simple methods.
  • Spoiler tags first need to be enabled in your settings.

Spoilers are key plot points in a game or movie/TV show that others may not be prepared to know. If you’ve ever accidentally mentioned something about the ending of The Last of Us before a friend was ready, you know how much discord you can cause. Fortunately, you can add spoiler tags to Discord, and avoid, well, discord.

We’re about to show you how to add spoiler tags on Discord, but we’ll also teach you some other helpful tips along the way. So, hang out with us for a bit while we walk you through the process.

How to Enable Spoiler Tags on Discord

Spoiler tags only appear if you enable them in your Discord settings. Your dear author is incredibly impatient and loves spoilers. But not everyone feels the same way. Fortunately, you can enable spoiler tags in your account settings. Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Click Settings

Discord Desktop App Home
The Settings “gear” icon is located at the bottom left of the page.


Open Discord and click on the settings cog next to your username in the lower left corner.

Step 2: Click Text & Images

Discord Desktop App Settings
Scroll through the Settings menu until you find “Text & Images” under “APP SETTINGS”


Scroll down the settings page a bit and click on Text & Images.

Step 3: Check On Click

Discord Desktop app Text and Images Settings
Choose “On Click” to have spoilers normally covered and have them reveal themselves to you when you click or tap on them.


Finally, select one of the options at the bottom of the page under Show Spoiler Content.

If you don’t want to risk seeing any spoilers, select On Click.

How to Add a Spoiler Tag on Discord — Desktop App Keyboard Method

Most of us love to use Discord on our desktops. It’s great because it doesn’t tax our RAM while we’re playing online with friends. If you prefer the desktop app, follow these steps:

Note: Some Discord servers have strict rules about including spoiler tags, so beware before posting.

Step 1: Type Two Pipes and a Space

Discord Desktop App typing
Type “||” to tell Discord’s app that you’d like the following text tagged as a spoiler.


This is the faster method for those of us with remarkable keyboard skills (we use “remarkable” subjectively, of course). Type two pipes (“||”) into your Discord chat.

Note: If you aren’t familiar with typing pipes (also known as vertical bars), hold the Shift Key and the backslash key.

Step 2: Type Your Text

Discord Desktop app typing
Make the spoiler you type in juicy and interesting.


Now, type the spoiler you want to share.

Step 3: Type Two More Pipes

Discord desktop app typing
Type “||” to indicate the end of the spoiler to Discord.


Finally, type two more pipes and hit enter to submit your chat. However, before submitting, ensure the background of your spoiler turns gray, otherwise you might accidentally share the spoiler directly.

Note: Be sure to add spaces between each set of pipes and your text.

How to Add a Spoiler Tag on Discord — Desktop Highlight Method

Some users prefer the highlight and mark method. This one’s a little more foolproof than the one above because if you mistype a pipe, you could potentially submit a spoiler that isn’t covered. Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Type Your Text

Discord desktop app
Don’t hit enter on that juicy spoiler without doing these steps first.


Go ahead and type your spoiler in the Discord chat, but don’t submit it just yet.

Step 2: Highlight Your Text

Discord desktop app typing area
Select the spoiler text you just typed.


Double-click the text, or click at the end and drag your cursor over it to highlight.

Step 3: Mark as a Spoiler

Discord desktop app typing options
While the text is selected, click on the plus (+) icon to the left, then click on the rightmost eye icon on the pop-up menu.


Now, click the eye icon to mark it as a spoiler. The background will turn gray and you can tap Enter on your keyboard to send it.

How to Add a Spoiler Tag on Discord — Mobile App

You can add spoiler tags on the Discord mobile app too! The process is simple, and it works on both iOS and Android devices. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Type Your Text

Discord App typing
Don’t post the spoiler you just typed in just yet.


Open a Discord chat and type your text in the chat bar at the bottom.

Note: Don’t submit the message until you follow the remaining steps.

Step 2: Long-Press the Text

Discord app typing
Select your spoiler’s text.


Now, long-press the text until you see a portion of it highlighted. You can choose the “select all” option or drag the cursors to highlight the text.

Step 3: Tap Mark as Spoiler

Discord app typing menu
Scroll through the pop-up menu right above your keypad until you find “Mark as spoiler”.


A new menu will appear. Scroll to the right a bit and select the Mark as spoiler option.

The background of the text will turn gray and you can hit the send icon to submit it to the group.

When to Use Spoiler Tags on Discord

If you’re new to spoilers tags, you may not fully understand when they’re appropriate and when they aren’t. For example, if you’re talking about GTA V gameplay and you want to include something important about Franklin’s questline, you probably don’t need to add spoiler tags. The game has been out for over a decade now, and most people know how it all ends.

However, you may be in a channel where people are still new to GTA V. If so, it’s better to err on the side of caution and include a spoiler tag. Of course, it also goes without saying that any new gaming or entertainment information should be covered by spoiler tags.

Some servers have spoiler requirements in their rules. Browse through a server’s rules before commenting about any potential spoilers (even the smallest thing can ruin a game).

Discord Spoilers — Wrap Up

If you don’t want a swift kick out of a Discord server, it’s imperative to learn how to use spoiler tags. Aside from being troll shamed, you certainly don’t want to ruin anyone’s day by telling them critical plot points. Follow the steps in this article to keep perfect harmony on Discord, and to see spoiler tags in action then check out the video below which walks you through using then to hide both text and images.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete a Discord message before anyone sees it?

If you neglect to properly add a spoiler tag before submitting your message, you’ll want to quickly delete it and try again. Hover over the message and click the red trashcan icon.

How do I unhide a Discord Spoiler?

What do you do if you want to see it, but you aren’t sure how? Fortunately, you can easily unhide a spoiler on Discord by clicking or tapping on it. Assuming, of course, you followed the steps above to enable the On Click option.

Why do I keep seeing spoilers?

If you keep seeing spoilers without the tag, it’s likely because of your Discord settings. Follow the steps in the first section of this article to ensure On Click is checked. Then, check the server where you’re seeing spoilers without tags. The server admins may have a rule banning spoiler tags (which we don’t recommend, but hey, to each their own).

Can I make an image have a spoiler tag?

Absolutely! If you want to hide an image (think Glen’s final episode in The Walking Dead), then you can add a spoiler tag. Upload the image as you usually would, then hover over it and click or tap the eye icon. The image will be hidden just like any text you add.

Members who are ready to view the image can click it to reveal what you posted.

Can I disable other people's spoiler tags?

No. Discord does have its limitations and you can only disable spoiler tags for yourself.

What can I do if I accidentally revealed a spoiler?

While you can’t unsee a spoiler, you can hide it behind a tag again. Simply click it again in the chat and the spoiler tag will return.

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