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Much of what makes an iPhone or an iPad great is the way it integrates all your data from device to device using your Apple ID and iCloud. With that being said, sometimes, there is a need to remove all that data from your device. Perhaps, say, you’re handing it over to someone new. Or maybe, you’re trying to sign into a new Apple ID in the old one’s place. Whatever the reason ultimately may be, it helps to know how to sign out of the App Store. This step-by-step guide — complete with photos — will help make the process simple and easy.

Why Sign Out Of The App Store?

As we alluded to above, there are a number of reasons why a person might want to sign out of the App Store. They range from handing the phone over to someone else to simply loving back in with a new Apple ID and numerous other reasons in between. While there doesn’t need to be an official reason to know how to sign out of the App Store, it nevertheless helps to understand some instances where you might need to log out yourself. A few of the most common reasons are as follows.

You Reset Your Password

One of the most common reasons to sign out of the App Store? When you’re planning to reset your Apple ID password. In preparation for a password reset, you can get ahead of the curve and sign yourself out of the App Store first. The iOS device will prompt you to sign back in after a reset anyway, of course. But, by signing out before you reset, you get the opportunity to sign back in on your own terms. That way, you can get around those pesky push notifications that start flowing in after a password reset.

You’re Getting A New Phone

Many cell service providers and mobile retailers offer enticing iPhone trade-in deals whenever the latest model drops. Through their services, you can bring your old phone in and trade it in for a great deal on a new one. While they claim to handle the data wiping and factory resetting themselves, it does help to do so yourself. In this instance, you can sign yourself out of the App Store before initiating a factory reset. That way, you can be absolutely certain none of your personal data or login info remains on the phone when you go to trade it in.

You Need Some Extra Space

To be clear, signing out of the App Store doesn’t delete any of the apps you’ve downloaded. However, signing out of the App Store can still clear up some space on your iOS device. This is because plenty of your data and information is stored in the iCloud and linked to your Apple ID. So, by signing out of the App Store, you effectively remove that data and information from your iPhone or iPad until you sign in again. This can be a good way to free up some extra space on your device when you need room for storage. (Which, as many of us can attest to, happens quite often.)

How To Sign Out Of The App Store

With some of the main reasons now understood, let’s break down the steps required to do it for real. No matter if you’re working with an iPhone or an iPad, these steps instructing you on how to sign out of the App Store will remain the same. For the sake of this guide, we’re using an iPhone. Now, let’s get into it. Here’s exactly how to sign out of the App Store, step by step with photos.

Step One: Open The App Store

First thing first: Open up the App Store on your device. You know the one: That blue app, usually located next to the purple iTunes Store app? Tap it, then wait for it to load. It usually takes a second, as it wants to update you with the latest and greatest App Store offerings on the front page. Be patient and let it load.

sign out of the app store
Find the App store icon to sign in.


Step Two: Tap The Profile Icon

Once the App Store has loaded, you’re going to tap the profile icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. It looks like a profile icon on a social media site: A circle and the silhouette of a person. Tap that, and you’ll be taken to your App Store profile.

sign out of the app store
The profile icon is found in the top right-hand corner.


Step Three: Scroll To The Bottom

Once on your App Store profile, scroll straight to the bottom. Depending on how many apps you’ve downloaded, you might be scrolling for a while. This is the place where Apple complies with your entire App Store download and purchase history. The sign-out button is at the very bottom. Once you find it, stop right there.

sign out of the app store
The Sign Out button is found at the very bottom of the page.


Step Four: Tap Sign Out

Lastly, you’re simply going to tap the sign-out button. With this easy move, you are officially signed out of the App Store. You’ll now find a space to sign back in at the top of the page. What you do next is ultimately up to you. You can sign back in, sign in with a new Apple ID, or do a factory reset of the phone… the choice is yours. Regardless, you are now signed out of the App Store.

sign out of the app store
Once you are signed out, you have a number of options of what to do next.


How To Sign Out Of The App Store In 4 Steps, With Photos FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How many apps are on the Apple App Store?

Currently, there are nearly two million apps on Apple’s App Store. There used to be plenty more, but Apple has undergone an extensive overhaul of the App Store and its rules and regulations over the past few years. This effectively purged hundreds of thousands of apps from the App Store, leaving just under two million today.

How many free apps are there on the App Store?

Today, there are around one and a half million free apps on Apple’s App Store. This comes out to be around 94.5% of all the apps in the App Store in total. Likewise, there are around 500,000 paid apps available to purchase and download on the App Store. That number makes up around 5.5% of all available apps.

Does signing out of the App Store delete all your apps?

No, signing out of the App Store will not delete all your apps. It will, however, get rid of all the app data you have stored on the device and send it to the iCloud. This will free up some space on your device, to be sure, but it will also keep you from being able to do as much with those apps without your user information and app data. Signing back in will restore everything.

Can you delete the App Store app on an iOS device?

While the App Store app used to be an integral part of an iOS device, recent iOS updates have made it so that users can remove the App Store app if they so please. However, removing is not the same as deleting. All removing does is take it off your home screen and place it in your App Library. This way, the app is still technically on the phone, but no longer visible without searching for it.

Is there a limit to how many apps you can have on your iPhone?

Technically speaking, there is no true limit to how many apps you can download on your iPhone. You could download as many as 50,000 and still see your iPhone displaying room for more. Likewise, performance will not be impacted by downloading all these apps. The real issue is storage space. You’ll run out of that long before Apple ever limits your downloads.

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