How to Sign Out of Gmail on Phone With Photos

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How to Sign Out of Gmail on Phone With Photos

As a Gmail user, you can easily access emails via a web browser or mobile app. It’s also possible to remove access to your Gmail account from your phone. In this guide, we show how to sign out of Gmail on your phone, with photos to help you along!

Sign out of Gmail to keep your emails secure

Accessing your email on your smartphone is extremely convenient, especially if you want to stay in touch when away from your desk. However, leaving your email on your phone is not always safe or appropriate. 

With Gmail open on your phone, personal or work email notifications and content are never far away from prying eyes or hackers. Anyone handling your phone may send emails inadvertently. Signing out of Gmail promptly keeps your electronic communications secure and under your control. 

How to sign out of Gmail on a phone

If you’re reading this, you wondering whether you can completely sign out of Gmail on your smartphone. Yes, you can. You can log out from your web browser or the Gmail app. We’ll also show you how to sign yourself out of your Gmail account remotely, which will log you out of all devices. Just follow the step-by-step instructions and photos.

Sign out of Gmail on your phone browser

If you log into a Gmail account on your smartphone’s web browser, logging out is simple and similar to signing out on your desktop computer. This method works for Android and iPhones. Follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the Gmail tab in your browser

Go to the email you want to sign out off.

Android phones often keep you signed in to Gmail on your browser, especially if you use Chrome. Just tap on your browser and navigate to Gmail to open your messages.

2. Tap on the three bars at the top left of the screen

The 3-dash line is at the top left of the screen.

This opens the menu for your Gmail account, with options you would normally see on the left-hand side menu on the desktop version of Gmail. If you have categorized or promotional emails, you’ll find them here.

3. Tap on the box with your email address on it at the top center of your screen

select the email account.

This button will take you to the page where you can switch Gmail accounts or log out of your email account. 

4. Tap on Sign out to sign out of Gmail

Sign out is at the bottom of the screen.

Tapping the Sign out button signs you out of one or all your open Gmail accounts in the browser. You can no longer switch accounts. If you want to access your email again, you will have to open each account. 

How to sign out of the Gmail app on your smartphone

Signing out of Gmail on your Android phone is a little more complicated as the emails are hardwired to your phone account. To sign out of Gmail, you must sign out of your Google account on the phone. Here’s how to do it:

1. Click on the Settings button among your Android phone apps

Settings is accessible from your phone’s screen.

You can control the Google accounts on your phone via its settings. The easiest way to get to the settings menu is via the Settings app button. Tap it to view your options.

2. In settings, scroll down to the Users & accounts tab

Go to the users section.

This enables you to access the Google accounts set on your phone to sign out of one or all of them. Tap on this tap to see the Google accounts on your smartphone. 

3. Tap on the account you want to sign out off

Select the account to remove from your phone.

When you tap on the Google Account, you will get options for logging out. This screen also has some additional settings for data syncing between the devices where you are logged in. 

4. On the account page tap on the REMOVE ACCOUNT tab

Scroll down to the grey REMOVE ACCOUNT button.

Tapping on the REMOVE ACCOUNT tab will immediately remove the credentials for that Google account from your phone. You will no longer receive or be able to access emails automatically via the Gmail app. 

Sign out of Gmail on your phone remotely via your Google Account

You can use your Google Account settings to sign out of Gmail on your smartphone remotely. This is handy if you are away from your phone and world on any device signed into Google. Here are the steps to do this on a desktop computer.

1. Open the Gmail account you want to close on your desktop

Choose the Gmail account you want to close.

Open the Gmail account you want to sign out of on your smartphone on your desktop computer. You can sign out of this account on your mobile without affecting your laptop or other devices. 

2. Click on your account icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen

The account icon is on the top right of your screen.

Click on your account’s photo or the image icon to open up the sub-menu you need to access your Google account settings. 

3. Click on the tab that says Manage your Google Account 

Under Manage your Google Account, you can access products and configure privacy and security settings.

This opens your Google account with all its options and settings across all the Google products, apps, and services you use. You can also manage essential security and privacy settings and see which devices you are signed in to. 

4. In your Google Account, go to the Security tab

The security tab is on the left, just below data and privacy.

This tab is one to remember as it shows you the devices and locations where you are logged in to your Gmail account. If your account is hacked, you’ll see where the culprits are logged in on this page. 

5. Click on your Android phone session

Android phone session shows when you last used your device.

If you are signed into Google on an Android phone, you will see it listed in the security section under the Your devices tab. Google records the device type and its last known location so you can confirm where you are logged in. Tap on the smartphone session to sign out of that device.

6. Click on Sign out

Tap on the sign out button to log out of your Gmail account.

Click on the Sign-out button to end your Android phone session. Confirm your choice in the lightbox pop-up that appears to sign out of your Google account on your phone completely.

For a helpful walkthrough of these steps you can also refer to this video:

Rounding up 

Signing out of Gmail on your phone is straightforward, but if you want to sign out of the Gmail app, you’ll have to follow the steps to sign out of the Gmail account. Knowing how to sign out of your Google account on devices remotely is extremely useful to ensure your email and data stay secure.

How to Sign Out of Gmail on Phone With Photos FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Do iPhones have the Gmail app?

Yes. The Gmail app and other Google Workspace apps are available for iPhones and iPads via the iTunes store.

Can I sign out of Gmail on the iPhone version of the Gmail app?

You can sign out of the Gmail app by signing out of the Google account on your iPhone. Remove the account from the device by clicking on Manage accounts on this device and then tap Remove from this device.

Can I just sign out of a single Gmail account in my phone browser?

If you are using Gmail in a web browser, you will have to sign out of all the Gmail accounts you are using simultaneously. You cannot sign out of individual Gmail accounts anymore.

Does signing out of Gmail sign you out of all devices?

No. You’ll only be signed out of the device you are using or remotely sign out of.

How many Gmail accounts can you have verified with the same phone number?

You can link up to 4 Gmail accounts with a single phone number.

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