How To Setup Outlook On A Mac, With Photos

Outlook on a computer screen

How To Setup Outlook On A Mac, With Photos

Outlook is a powerful productivity tool for scheduling and messaging. Despite many technological improvements, many people still rely on the program for daily operations. If you’re planning to use the program, you may want to know how to setup Outlook on a Mac computer.

Made by Microsoft, Outlook is available on Mac along with the rest of the Microsoft Office suite of programs. However, it is free for personal use, unlike other applications like Word or Excel. In addition to installing Outlook, you need an active email address and password. Everything on Outlook syncs through your email. However, you can also add more than one email account.

Step 1: Setup Outlook

A downloadable version of Outlook is available at the App Store.


The first thing to do is install Microsoft Outlook on your Mac if you haven’t already done so. You can get the program from Microsoft, and it does require a subscription to Office 365.

Step 2: Open Outlook

You can launch Outlook from your Mac screen by clicking the app’s icon.


Once Outlook is installed, go ahead and open the software. If you can’t find the application, locate it with Launchpad.

Step 3: Sign In

Signing typically requires an email account.


The first time you open Outlook, a popup will appear asking you to sign in to an account. Simply follow the onscreen prompts to add an email account to Outlook.

Step 4: Add an Account

If you already have an Outlook account, you can add it by signing in from your Mac.


You will need the email account’s username and password to sign in. Additionally, you may need to complete other security authentication, like entering a text message code to verify you are trying to log in.

Step 5: Finish setting up

You can

access contacts

and your inbox from Outlook for Mac once the set up is complete.


Once everything is entered correctly, Outlook will begin importing your emails. This could take a little while, depending on how many emails you have. From there, you can use the program like normal, and your other information, like calendars and contacts, should also be visible.

Add More Accounts

Many people use Outlook to manage multiple accounts, which it is great at doing. To add more accounts, go to the top menu bar and select “Tools.” From the dropdown menu, choose “Accounts…” and a window will appear where you can manage your accounts.

You can add and delete any email associated with Outlook from that window. All you have to do is click on the “Add Email Account” button, and Outlook will walk you through the sign-in process. Once completed, the newly added email will begin importing messages into the program.

Delete an Account

At some point, you will probably need to delete an email account from Outlook. The process of removing an account is very similar to adding one. To start, open Outlook and go to “Tools” on the top menu bar. Select “Accounts…” from the dropdown menu to open the account manager.

In the newly opened window, you should see all of the accounts currently associated with Outlook. Click on an active account to highlight it and then the “-” symbol toward the bottom of the window. Confirm that you want to remove the account to delete it from Outlook permanently.

Using Outlook

Now that you have Outlook installed and signed in, you can start using it. The menu on the bottom left lets you quickly switch between features like emails and calendars. You can also schedule meetings and set out email reminders. People typically use Outlook to manage emails. You can view, respond, and compose messages all in the program.

Another major difference between Microsoft Outlook and other services, such as Gmail, is that it uses a desktop application. You can work in Outlook even offline, and the data will transmit when you go online. This isn’t a major deal today, but it was huge in the early days of the internet.


Outlook is an incredibly powerful tool used by many people and businesses. It puts all your important information in one place, including calendars, emails, and contacts. People have been using it for many years it is to integrate emails.

More specifically, you setup Outlook to easily connect internal email accounts that would otherwise require a fancy interface. Today, there are many other options for managing company emails, but Outlook continues to get packed into many of Microsoft’s Office suites.

Check out the video below for a quick walk through of the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Outlook?

Outlook is an email and schedule managing software that offers some good functionality for sending and receiving emails. It can either be installed on your computer or accessed online.

Is Outlook Free?

Outlook is free for personal use, and it is also available as part of certain Microsoft Office suites.

Who makes Outlook?

Outlook is made by Microsoft and it is part of their suite of Office products along with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Should you use Outlook?

This is subjective, but Outlook is a good choice for businesses. However, if you need an option for personal use, then you may want to consider other online options that allow you to manage emails.

Can you use Outlook online?

Outlook is available online through outlook.com, and it works similarly to other Office 365 online applications.

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