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From waking us in the morning to helping us keep track of our daily schedules, alarms are integral elements of our lives. Smartphones eliminate the need for separate alarm clocks, but different devices may not have the same alarm function or settings. If you have a Galaxy handset, here’s how to set an alarm on a Samsung phone.

Set an Alarm On Samsung Phone from the App Screen

If you don’t like a home screen full of widgets, the easiest way to set the alarm on your Samsung phone is from the Apps screen.

Step 1: Open the Clock App

Unlock your Galaxy device and swipe up on the home screen to open the Apps screen. If you haven’t changed the default order of the apps, the Clock app is typically found on the first page near the top. Otherwise, swipe to find it. If you moved the app into a folder and don’t know where to find it, type Clock in the top search bar to open it.

Locate and open the clock app on your device.


Step 2: Select the Alarm Tab

Samsung’s Clock app can be used to set the alarm but also to set a stopwatch, timer, or different world clocks. If you haven’t used any of these functions, the app opens the alarm tab by default. However, if you recently used another function, the app might open to that tab. Check the selected tab at the bottom of the screen and select the alarm tab if needed.

Navigate to the alarm tab in your clock.


Step 3: Set a Time for Your Alarm

In the alarm tab, click on the plus sign to set a new alarm. Swipe the hours and minutes up or down to select the desired time. You can name your alarm by typing a name in the textbox.

When setting an alarm, you can customize the sound, vibration, and snooze settings.


For instance, you can choose to deactivate the sound, snooze, or vibration for your alarm. Sound customizations allow you to choose between your handset’s ringtone, the default ringtone of the Bixby alarm (on Bixby-enabled devices), or your preferred song via Spotify (you have to subscribe to Spotify first).

You can also choose whether you want to set a one-off or recurring alarm. For a recurring alarm, select the days of the week from the weekday bar. The alarm will go off at the selected time on all selected days.

Image 4

Aside from the time, you can set the alarm days on your clock.


Step 4: Save and Manage the Alarm

When you’re done, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen. You can visualize the alarm and turn it on and off from the main screen in the Clock app. One-off alarms remain visible in this list until you cancel them. Each of these alarms can be reactivated by swiping the slider next to it. If you set a recurring alarm and want to turn it off for one time only, you can slide the bar next to it to deactivate it. The alarm will reactivate itself automatically for the next day.

Toggle these switch to set the alarm.


Step 5: Schedule an Alarm

On your Samsung phone, you can also schedule an alarm for a specific future date. To do so, open the alarm tab, set the time, and tap on the calendar icon right above the weekdays.

Image 6

Tap done to confirm the date and time.


Select the date when you want your alarm to go off and tap on the Done button to confirm your selection. If you change your mind while setting, click on Cancel to exit the screen.

To save and schedule the alarm, tap on Save. On the main screen in the Alarm app, you’ll be able to visualize the scheduled alarm. The day is displayed next to the slider button that you can use to deactivate the alarm.

How to Set Alarm On Samsung Phone from Alarm Widget?

If you want quicker access to the alarms, you can add the Alarm widget to your home screen.

Step 1: Open the Widgets

Unlock your phone and press on an empty spot on the home screen. In the bottom bar, tap on Widgets.

Locate and tap the Widgets icon on your screen.


Depending on the phone model that you’re using, you’ll be able to select from a predefined list of widgets or turn any app into a home screen widget. Scroll to find Clock.

You can turn the clock into a home widget.


Step 2: Set and Add the Alarm Widget to the Home Screen

Tap on the Clock option. This will open up a screen with the various Clock-related widgets you can use. Select the Alarm widget and tap on Add. This will open up the alarm screen in the Clock app.

You can drag and drop the alarm widget to any section of your screen.


If you have set and saved an alarm already, tap on it to add the widget to the screen. Otherwise, set the alarm following the steps above. If you don’t set the alarm, Samsung won’t add the widget to the home screen. Once the alarm is saved, the widget is automatically added to your home screen.

Step 3: Manage the Alarm

The widget allows you to turn the alarm on and off quickly, right from the home screen. An active alarm has the alarm clock on the top right corner active (colored in the default color of your system). If you want to deactivate it, tap on the alarm clock icon. The entire widget will become a dull gray, which is an indicator the alarm is deactivated. Tap the clock icon again to reactivate it.

You can modify the alarm widget.


To access and change all other settings, you can tap on the widget to open the Clock app. Saving the changes will update the widget automatically.

Key Takeaways

Setting the alarm on your Samsung phone is a straightforward process. You can use the pre-installed Clock app for the purpose or add the Alarm widget to your home screen. Clock alarms can be customized and scheduled in advance, or you can set recurrent alarms. Alternatively, you can download and use any alarm app from Samsung Store or the Play Store.

How To Set Alarm On Samsung Phone In 5 Easy Steps, With Photos FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Where is the alarm setting on a Samsung phone?

The alarm setting on Samsung phones is found in the Clock app. This app is pre-installed on all Samsung handsets, and you can find it on the Apps screen. For easier access, you can add a shortcut or widget to your home screen.

How do I get the Samsung Clock app?

If you accidentally deleted the Clock app from your Samsung phone, you can download and reinstall it from the Samsung Store or the Play Store. The app is free. When downloading it from the Play Store, ensure its the original Samsung Clock app.

Does alarm go off when Samsung is on silent?

No. The silent mode on your phone doesn’t affect the status or volume of your alarm. However, you can silence the alarm by deactivating the sound button next to it. If the alarm didn’t work, check the slider next to the alarm and the slider next to the volume to make sure you haven’t turned it off accidentally.

How do I set the snooze time on my Samsung phone?

You can set the snooze time when setting a new alarm or adjust it on an already saved alarm. Open the alarm and scroll down to the volume, vibration, and snooze settings. Tap on snooze to select the snooze interval and repeat times. These are pre-defined, or you can choose the custom option for a personalized interval.

How do I turn off my Samsung alarm without unlocking it?

You don’t have to unlock your Samsung phone to turn off the alarm. Simply tap the X button to dismiss it or select Snooze (if activated) to delay it.

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