How To Set Alarm On Android In 10 Easy Steps

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How To Set Alarm On Android In 10 Easy Steps

Smartphones are often indispensable for the little practicalities of everyday life. One example is getting your schedule under control with a timely alarm. For most people, a smartphone functions as a pretty decent watch. So, it’s not a great leap to set your Android phone up with your morning alarm. After all, it is on your bedside table! Below, we show you how to set an alarm on Android in 10 easy steps.

Set Alarm On Android Smartphone

Setting an important alarm on your Android phone is quick, easy, and reliable. If you’ve not set one before, it’s simply a matter of knowing where to go. Follow these clear and easy-to-follow steps to set your Android smartphone alarm:

Step 1: Open the Clock app

Android smartphones typically have a Clock app, which automatically updates itself with the time when the clocks go forward or back for Daylight Saving Time (DST). This app is useful for setting an alarm, timing tasks, or even setting a bedtime for your phone!

Go to clock on your Android device.
Find and open your smartphone’s clock app.

To open the Clock app, tap on time on your Android phone’s home screen. Alternatively, you can head to your apps and tap the Clock app.

Step 2: Tap the Alarm option

You can open the alarm option in the Android Clock app by tapping on the little alarm clock image in the bottom left-hand corner. This will open up the settings you need to create a new alarm.

Tap the Alarm option.
Navigate to the alarm tab.

Step 3: Tap the blue + sign to create a new alarm 

To set a new alarm, just tap on the big blue circle with a plus sign in the middle to open the alarm settings. If you have previously set alarms on the phone, they may be listed here. 

Tap the blue + sign to create.
Tap the Add sign to create a new alarm.

Step 4: Swipe your alarm time and click OK

You can either type in the time you want or swipe the digital clock face on the screen to select the alarm time. If you use the clock face, move the swipe-able long arm out or in to set hours and minutes. When you have the correct time, click OK. 

Swipe your alarm time and click OK.
Set the exact time your alarm will go off.

Step 5: Add a label to your alarm

In the next window tab on the words, Add label near the top of your screen to set an alarm for your phone. You can write a memorable name for the alarm and click OK

Add a label to your alarm.
Save your alarm with any name.

Step 6: Switch on the Today button 

Beneath the alarm time is a button you can swipe to set your alarm to go off today. If you do not want the alarm to be set for today, swipe the button left to switch it off. 

Switch on today's alarm.
Toggle the switch button to the right of Today.

Step 7: Select the days you want the alarm to sound

Next, choose the specific days the alarm will go off by tapping the circled initials of the days. You can always return to these settings and switch days whenever necessary. 

Select the days you want your alarm to go off.
Choose the specific days your alarm should go off.

Step 8: Click Schedule alarm

Want the alarm to go off on a specific date? Click on Schedule alarm or the calendar icon to open the calendar to set a specific date for your alarm. Unfortunately, you cannot sync the alarm on the Clock app with your Google calendar. However, you can set notifications for Google Calendar separately. 

Click schedule alarm.
Just below the days of the week, you will see the option to set the alarm.

Step 9: Tap on the bell icon to set an alarm sound 

Set a sound that will grab your attention by tapping the bell icon. You’ll be presented with the alarm sound options for your phone. According to Fortune, the best alarm sounds are progressive sounds that gradually get louder and more energizing!

Tap on the bell icon to set an alarm sound.
Select a sound for your alarm.

Step 10: Check the Vibrate setting

If you want your phone to vibrate when the alarm goes off, you can do that. Tap the check box towards the bottom of the screen and switch the vibrate setting on or off. 

Check vibrate settings.
You can enable vibrate when your alarm clock goes off.

Here is a step-by-step video for further reference:

Delete any alarm you have set 

When you’re ready to delete an alarm, simply open the alarm settings and tap the bin icon. This will delete the alarm immediately. Your phone will confirm with the Alarm deleted appearing on your screen.

Rounding up

As you can see, it is incredibly easy to set, change or delete an alarm on an Android phone. The most important thing is to be willing to get up when your alarm goes off and avoid hitting the snooze button multiple times!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you set an alarm on the Google Calendar app?

No, Google Calendar does not have an alarm. However, you can create a notification for a specific event using the Android notifications settings in the Settings section of your phone. Using the notification settings you can enable sound and vibration that will get your attention!

What else can the Clock app do?

You can use the Clock app on your Android phone to:

  • Set your phone’s clock
  • View a world clock times
  • Run a stopwatch or timer
  • Check the weather in major cities


Are Android clock apps worth it?

Not really, Android clock apps from the Play Store do not have much functionality beyond the default clock app on your phone. Some have special features like in-depth weather reports or alarms that have been designed to work on heavy sleepers. Here are some alternative Clock apps you can try:

What is the Android 'Bedtime' setting?

In the Clock app, you can create a bedtime schedule that could help get consistent sleep.

Open the app to tap on the ‘Bedtime’ option at the bottom of the screen. You can then set up the app with a bedtime and wake-up time of your choice and the app will track how many hours you sleep.

What is 'Night mode' on Android?

Night mode is a setting on your Android phone that has altered lighting to protect you from eye strain and interrupted sleep if you use your phone in the dark. However, in some people, it has the opposite effect!

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