How to Set a Favorite Song as Your iPhone Alarm

Set favorite song as iPhone alarm

How to Set a Favorite Song as Your iPhone Alarm

Are you curious about how to set a favorite song as your iPhone alarm? While Apple’s iPhone is closed off in many ways when compared to an Android handset, there is still a degree of user customization. While making a favorite song your phone ringtone can be on the more difficult side, setting one as an alarm is easy as can be.

Today’s guide will help you discover how to customize your phone’s alarm with your tune of choice. You won’t need any extra apps, computers, or connections to make it work either. You might run into issues if you’re using a song from a service like Spotify, so do keep that in mind. However, this guide only requires stock apps that come on your Apple iPhone, regardless of what sort you’re running.

How to Make a Favorite Song As Your iPhone Alarm

Thankfully, Apple has made the entire process rather simple to get your favorite song as an alarm. It will require some degree of familiarity with operating your iPhone. However, if you’re a regular user of Apple’s iPhone, you won’t run into any issues of note. This process won’t apply to songs you’ve downloaded from the likes of Amazon Music, Spotify, or Tidal, sadly. They will need to be in your Apple Music library.

What You’ll Need

Before getting started on making a favorite song as your alarm on your iPhone, there are a few things you’ll need. Truthfully, all of these elements should be installed on your iPhone. For the sake of demonstration, I am using the latest iOS version, but the Clock app hasn’t changed that much since iOS 16. To follow this guide you will need the following:

  • An iPhone, any will do, but I would suggest an 11 or higher since you’re still getting updates
  • A song from Apple Music
  • The Clock app

That’s all you need to follow along at home. You don’t necessarily need to purchase a song directly from the Apple Music app. If you sync files from your Mac or PC, you should find them on the Apple Music app. As such, make sure you have your intended song already on your phone before proceeding. There are numerous ways of transferring your favorite songs to your phone.

Step 1: Open Your Clock

favorite song as your iphone alarm
You can use the Search to find the Clock app if it isn’t on your home screen.

To do anything with an alarm, you’ll need to open the Clock app on your iPhone. This is a default app and should come with all iOS versions still supported by Apple. I have a few older devices in my home running iOS 14 and they were able to accomplish these same steps. At any rate, you’ll need access to the Clock to set up your alarms.

You can also follow the same steps when looking at something like the Apple iPad line of tablets. The operating system is different on paper, but you’ll still find the same sort of default apps. If you’re having trouble finding the Clock app on your device, you’ll want to swipe down and enter Clock into your iPhone’s Searchlight bar.

Step 2: Select Alarm

favorite song as your iphone alarm
Make sure you navigate to the right tab while in the Clock app.

With your clock open, it is time to get to the real meat of the guide. You’ll have a selection of different options at the bottom of the app, like World Clock, Stopwatch, and Timers. The alarm is the only option to worry about here. Sure, you could check the time in Tokyo or London, but that isn’t really what you’re here for.

The Alarm screen should bring up any alarms you might have active, which is good. You can’t modify these alarms, but you don’t need to for this guide. The same time can be kept for an alarm, you’ll just need to create a whole new one instead.

Step 3: Hit the Plus Button

favorite song as your iphone alarm
Hitting + will bring up the Add Alarm dialogue

To add a new alarm, you’ll want to hit the + found at the top right of your screen. This will bring up all relevant controls and options for your alarms. You’ve got plenty of options regarding how you’ll configure the alarm itself. You can set whether the alarm itself repeats and if it’ll snooze or not.

However, the main option is sandwiched between Label and Snooze. To set a favorite song as your iPhone alarm, you’ll want to navigate to the Sound option. By default, you’ll have it set to Radar, which any iPhone user is likely familiar with. Hit sound and you’ll bring up the corresponding menu.

Step 4: Locate Your Favorite Song

favorite song as your iphone alarm
You have plenty of options for sounds, but make sure to navigate to Pick a Song.

With the Sound menu open, you’ll want to locate your favorite song. You’ll have options for tones and ringtones, but the Songs option will be right between those. Selecting Pick a Song will launch your Apple Music library. Depending on the size of your library, you might have a bit of browsing to do to locate your favorite song.

I listen to most of my music on Spotify, so we’ll be using that U2 album that just about every iPhone user has stumbled across by accident. With your favorite song selected, you can hit back on the menu and return to the main alarm dialogue.

Step 5: Change the Label As Needed

Alarm options on iPhone
Make sure you name your alarm something memorable, so it isn’t a mystery when it goes off.

I don’t know about you, but I have to label things. Having some nebulous alarm that wakes me at whatever hour of the day is going to result in me being half-awake and seriously questioning my life choices. Changing the label of your alarm is going to alter how the dialogue displays on the phone screen itself.

When it goes off, you should see something pertinent. After all, you’re the one using your favorite song as your alarm on your iPhone. I’ve set mine to some generic text, but name yours in a way that makes sense for your use. With any luck, you won’t be pondering how your life has ended up at this point when it sounds off at 7:00 in the morning for you to head to the office.

Step 6: Enjoy

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve got your favorite song as your iPhone alarm. Now, you can set different alarms with unique songs if you’d like. Overall, I don’t find this a necessary step, as it might mess with your wake cycle. I told you it was easy though, didn’t I? The process of creating an alarm with a unique song is the same as we’ve already gone over.

Now, changing your phone’s ringtone is an entirely different matter, which can require a bit of work. Incidentally, you can use the whole song as an alarm on your iPhone, but that might be a bit of a problem if you choose something like the entirety of Steve Reich’s Structures from Silence.

How to Make a Favorite Song as Your Alarm on iPhone Summary

1. Open the clock app on your iPhone.
2. Select the alarm option from the bottom of the main clock screen.
3. Hit the plus button to add or modify an alarm.
4. Locate your favorite song downloaded to your Apple Music library.
5. Change the label of your alarm and make any adjustments.
6. Enjoy your new alarm ringtone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you set any song as an alarm on your iPhone?

Yes, it just needs to be stored locally in your Apple Music library.

Do songs need to be formatted a special way to be used as an alarm?

There are strict requirements for length and file format for ringtones. You don’t need to worry about what when using music imported into your Apple Music library.

Can I do this method on my iPad?

You can, the exact process should be the same.

Do I need the latest version of iOS to do this?

Not at all, you could repeat these steps on an older version if needed.

Why should I change the default alarm tone?

I’ve slept through my alarm enough times that setting a custom one is the only way I wake up, and you might be the same way.

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