How to Send Confetti in iMessage (With Photos)

send confetti in imessage

How to Send Confetti in iMessage (With Photos)

With each new Apple iOS update, the tech giant adds a whole slew of new features and tools to iMessage. From the ability to edit or unsend texts to the feature that lets you pin certain conversations to the top of the iMessage app, texting on an iPhone keeps getting more fun while remaining functional.

But did you know you can send iMessages with special animations and effects? Here, we’ll walk you through how to send Confetti in iMessage — complete with helpful photos to guide you through the process.

Why Send Confetti in iMessage?

Sending a message with Confetti is a fun way to send a celebratory or congratulatory text with a little additional flare. Say, your colleague got a promotion. Or, perhaps, a friend has announced their pregnancy.

It could even be something as casual as an acquaintance’s birthday. No matter the scenario, knowing how to send Confetti in iMessage ensures your texts will put a smile on the recipient’s face. However, you should know that these animations and effects can only be sent from one iPhone user to another with the latest versions of iOS installed.

Someone with an older iPhone might not be able to see the Confetti, and you might not even be able to send it in the first place if your iPhone is out of date. Additionally, no Android or rival Apple providers support these iMessage-exclusive features.

How to Send Confetti in iMessage

To send Confetti in iMessage, simply follow these steps as outlined below. In just a matter of minutes, you’ll be sending text after text with more pep and pizazz than ever before.

Remember: this neat feature will only work from up-to-date iPhone to up-to-date iPhone. No older Apple products, and no Android operating systems. If it doesn’t work, the recipient will simply get a text stating “Message sent with Confetti.”

Step 1: Type Your Message

How to send Confetti in iMessage
Type the message you want to use to send Confetti in iMessage.


Firstly, you’ll want to type out the message you want to send with Confetti in iMessage. Go to the appropriate conversation thread and type out your text in the box. Don’t hit send yet, though! We first need to get to the appropriate page.

Step 2: Hold Down the Send Button

How to send Confetti in iMessage
Hold down the Send button to send Confetti in iMessage.


Instead of simply hitting send like you normally would, you need to hold your finger down on the Send button in order to send Confetti in iMessage. This action will take you to the special animations and effects pages.

Step 3: Tap the Screen Tab

How to send Confetti in iMessage
To send Confetti in iMessage, navigate to the Screen tab.


The default on the special animations and effects pages is the Bubble page. We don’t want this. (Though, there are some fun effects here. Play around with them later, if you haven’t already).

Instead, tap the tab at the top that says Screen. This will take us to the page that ultimately lets us send Confetti in iMessage.

Step 4: Scroll to Confetti

How to send Confetti in iMessage
Scroll to “Send with Confetti” to send your message with a fun screen animation.


Congratulations! With these steps, you now know how to send confetti in iMessage, but if you prefer a step-by-step video tutorial, we found the perfect video on YouTube.

The default Screen animation is Echo. For this reason, you’ll probably see your message echoed a bunch of times as you navigate the Screen tab. Scroll through the effects until you end up on the Confetti page. Once there, simply tap the Send button.

You’ve done it! You now know how to send Confetti in iMessage. Use it as often as you’d like — just don’t abuse it. Otherwise, you might get an all-caps “STOP!” sent with the Slam Bubble effect.

How to Send Confetti in iMessage (With Photos) FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What does it mean to send with effect in iMessage?

On iPhone, you can send messages with effects to add a little flair to your conversation. The latest Apple iOS gives you the ability to use bubble effects — which animate your iMessage bubbles — or full-screen effects, which animate the entire screen. Newer updates also let users add stickers to the conversation using their Memoji.

Can an iPhone send effects to an Android?

Apple iPhones and Android phones cannot send text or screen effects to one another. This feature is limited to an iPhone-to-iPhone conversation.

Does it waste battery to send messages with effects in iMessage?

While it certainly uses a little more battery to send a message with an effect in iMessage, it’s not going to drain your battery significantly. The effect will typically only play once, as well, which will help your battery further.

Can you unsend a message with an effect?

There’s currently no way to detach an effect from an iMessage already sent. Newer versions of Apple’s iOS allow you to unsend entire messages, but this will only work if both sender and recipient have the latest iOS installed.

When will Apple make new screen and bubble effects?

While there have been no murmurings about new screen or bubble effects in future iOS updates, it wouldn’t be totally unexpected to see Apple update the options, as they do with emojis.

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