How to Send Balloons on iMessage, With Photos

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How to Send Balloons on iMessage, With Photos

Special occasions call for special messages, right? With one of Apple iOS‘s most fun features to date, you can use special animations and effects to add a little something special to your iMessages. The only problem? Not everyone knows to do so in the first place. Thankfully, it’s not hard at all. Below, we’ll walk you through how to send Balloons on iMessage, complete with some photos to illustrate each step. In no time, you’ll be sending Balloons all over the place.

Why Send Balloons on iMessage?

People send Balloons on iMessage for different reasons. Maybe you want to celebrate a special occasion in a loved one’s life — a birthday, an anniversary, an accomplishment, or otherwise. Or you want to send someone the good news of your own — a promotion, an award win, or achieving a personal goal.

No matter the occasion or the circumstance of your text, you can only send Balloons from one iPhone to another iPhone. This effect will not work if the recipient has an Android phone or another Apple rival. It also might not work on older iPhones or other Apple products such as an Apple Watch, a MacBook, or an iPad. So, it’s always best to send and receive a message with Balloons via iPhone.

How to Send Balloons on iMessage

Sending Balloons is pretty simple. But it’s just as easy to do or send the wrong thing. For this reason, it helps to follow the steps below. Without further ado, let’s see how to send Balloons on iMessage.

Step One: Type Your Message

Before sending Balloons, you must first type your message.

Type up the message you want to send with Balloons first. Go to the appropriate conversation thread and type out your text in the box. (A good rule of thumb: if the Send arrow is blue, you communicate with an iPhone user. If it’s green, the person will not be able to see you send Balloons on iMessage.)

Step Two: Hold Down Send Button

Hold your finger down on the Send button.

Don’t hit send right away! Hold your finger down on it instead. This will pull up the collection of iMessage and full-screen effects for you to choose from. Once the menu pops up, you can remove your finger from the button.

Step Three: Tap the Screen Tab

To send with Balloons, tap the Screen tab.

The default option is Bubble effects. We’re not looking for this right now, but there are plenty of fun ones to play around with later. Instead, you will want to tab at the top labeled Screen. This will take you to the full-screen effects where the Balloons effect is housed.

Step Four: Scroll to Balloons, Then Hit Send

Scroll to Send with Balloons, then hit the blue arrow.

Lastly, you’ll swipe through the carousel of options until you land on the one labeled “Send with Balloons.” Once you find it, hit the blue Send arrow. You’ve now successfully sent Balloons on iMessage! Sit back and wait for a response. Hopefully, they send it with a fun effect, too.

And if you’d like a walkthrough of the steps covered in this article, check out this helpful video:

How to Send Balloons on iMessage, With Photos FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How do you send text and screen effects on iMessage?

To send special screen and text effects on iMessage, just hold your finger down on the send button and scroll through the different tabs and options. There are more than a dozen different options to choose from across Bubble and Screen effects.

Can you send effects to someone without an iPhone?

While you can certainly try sending a message with effects to someone without an iPhone, they will not be able to see them on their end. They will just receive a text stating that the message you sent was send with an effect — nothing more.

When will Apple add new text and screen effects?

Apple has not announced (or even so much as teased) new text or screen effects in an upcoming iOS update. However, that’s not to say that some won’t be coming down the line. There’s a possibility Apple could add in new effects with any new iOS. Be sure to keep your iOS up to date and installed to find out.

Can you send multiple screen and text effects at once?

At this point in time, you cannot send multiple screen or text effects in one single iMessage. Perhaps you will be able to do so in the future, but not at this date.

Can you send photos with effects in iMessage?

Yes, you can send photos with effects in iMessage. Anything in the Bubble or Screen tab will work just as well with a photo from your Camera Roll as it would with a plain text message.

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