How to Screenshot on Android in 5 Easy Steps

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How to Screenshot on Android in 5 Easy Steps

Screenshots are immensely useful on Android devices. Using the screenshot function, you can take an image of your Android phone screen to save or share with others. Once you know how to take a screenshot on your device, you’ll have an easy time working collaboratively. Below we’ll explain how to screenshot on Android in five easy steps and how to retrieve and share the screen grabs. 

Why Take Screenshots on Android?

After all, a picture is worth a thousand words! Your Android smartphone lets you keep up with work-related tasks and collaborate besides making calls. By taking screenshots, you can capture content on your screen and keep them for reference or share them with others. Other benefits of taking screenshots include:

  • Helps the recipient understand better what you are communicating.
  • Ensure that the information shared with the recipient is accurate.
  • Maintain a contemporaneous image record or evidence with metadata.
  • Detail information about a topic or project.
  • Create cropped or zoomed images to use in a document.

How to screenshot on Android

Taking a screenshot on an Android phone is incredibly easy. In fact, you usually come across this Android feature by accident. Before you take a screenshot…

Follow these steps to take screenshots on your device.

Step 1. Enable screenshot on your Android device

Start by switching on the screenshot function on your Android phone. You can do this by swiping down the top of your phone screen to access your quick settings. Locate the Screenshots icon, which has a square with an open pair of scissors beneath it.

Make sure the screenshot function is switched on and ready to use

Press the screenshot icon to activate the screenshot function. 

Step 2. Navigate to the screen or app you want to screenshot

For most people, this can be emails or documents you are reading on your phone. You can take an image of anything displayed on your Android phone’s screen, including apps and messages. Just ensure what you want to screen shot is fully visible.

You can take a screengrab of messages, apps, or videos.

Step 3. Hold down your Android phone’s power and volume buttons together

Long press the power and volume buttons.

Pressing down on your power and volume buttons simultaneously will immediately take a snap of your screen. In some devices, you have to long press the power button and tap on a screenshot prompt that appears to capture the screen. If your phone volume is on, you’ll hear a camera sound as the image is taken. 

Step 4. Crop, edit, or share the screenshot via the image preview

If you have successfully captured a screenshot, a preview image will appear on your screen.

You can modify your image.

Beneath the image are options you can tap on immediately:

  • Crop the image to your desired size.
  • Edit the image with annotations, highlighters, or erasers, with the option to save your work. 
  • Share the screenshot via email, Bluetooth, or NFC, or upload it to Google Drive,

Step 5. Alternatively, click the screenshot thumbnail on your phone’s screen 

Tap on the thumbnail to get to the screenshot image quickly. 

Android phones typically have thumbnail images of screenshots.

In the following video, ZDNET shows you how to take a screenshot on any Android smartphone.

How to find a screenshot on Android

Now you know how to take a screenshot, it’s time to find your screenshots to use or share it. When you take a screenshot, it is immediately deposited in the Files app on your phone, specifically the Screenshots section of your Images folder. Here’s how to find your Android screenshots:

Step 1: Open the Files app

Files app is accessible from your device’s screen.

The files app contains all the files on your Android phone, including the images folder with screenshots. 

Step 2: Tap on the Images folder

screenshots are under your images folder.

This folder contains all the images on your phone. Swipe left to see the Screenshots you have snapped listed by date. 

Step 3. Locate your screenshot

Scroll until you find your screenshot.

Every screenshot you have taken is in the Screenshots category. Just scroll through and press on the screenshot you want to open for cropping, editing, or sending. 

How to send a screenshot on Android

After cropping and editing your screenshot, you can share it with other contacts. Here is how to send a screenshot by email:

Step 1. Open the screenshot you want to send

Following the quick steps above, open the screenshot you want to send by email. 

Locate the screenshot you wish to send.

Step 2. Tap on the Send files icon on your screen 

When you open a screenshot, there are options for deleting, getting image data, or sharing the screenshot on the screen’s bottom. Tap on the share icon to select a sharing option for the image. 

Click on the share icon to reveal sharing options.

Step 3. Tap on the Gmail app option

When you tap on the Send files icon. You’ll have options for sending the image by email, NFC, Bluetooth, Messages, or uploading it to Drive. Tap on the Gmail app option to attach the screenshot to a draft email. 

Choose Gmail as your sharing option.

Step 4. Write and send your email

Gmail automatically opens a draft email with your screenshot attached as a JPEG image file. All you need to do is write your email and hit the Send icon when you’re done!

Compose a new email and add the screenshot as an attachment.

In conclusion

Using screenshots is a simple but extremely effective way to enhance your communications. Use these simple steps to boost your productivity and recordkeeping in the projects you’re working on. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you record your phone screen?

Yes. If you have an Android 11 device or above, you can record your phone screen using the Screen record option. Just line up what you want to record, tap on the Screen record icon, and tap Start when you’re ready. There is a countdown before recording begins and you can press the Screen record icon again to stop recording. 

Can you delete Screenshots?

Yes. Open the screenshot and tap on the trash can icon at the bottom-right of the screen. This will delete the screenshot and prompt you to confirm the deletion.

Is there a way to delete the Screenshots folder quickly?

Yes. Rather than deleting individual images, you can delete screenshots by the day, by pressing on the date heading above each day’s screenshot and tapping the button that appears. This highlights multiple screenshots that can be deleted at once via the menu with three vertical dots at the top of your screen. 

Can a screenshot recipient tell when a screenshot was taken on your phone?

Yes. If you have the time visible in the screenshot then that can be seen. If you crop out the time, then there is no record of when a screenshot was taken. The recipient only receives an image. You can find the date and time details for your screenshot by tapping the ‘i’ button at the bottom of your screenshot. 

Do non-Android smartphones have a screenshot function?

Yes. All smartphones have screenshot capability. Pressing the volume down and the power button is the usual method, though some phones use a different method to take a shot. 

Can screenshots be used in court?

Yes. In most court cases, screenshots of messages and other communications are admissible as evidence. Screenshots are often used to provide evidence of harassment or malicious communications. However, to verify the authenticity of the messages, the image metadata (date and time stamp) or even a download of the device may be taken and analyzed.

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