How to Screen Record on Windows 11 Using Xbox Game Bar

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How to Screen Record on Windows 11 Using Xbox Game Bar

If you are wondering how to screen record on Windows 11, there are several easy ways to get the job done.

Windows 11 has a built-in tool that lets you record audio and video on your computer. It’s a handy feature that lets you easily capture gameplay videos, create tutorials, and take screenshots.

If you want to record your screen but don’t know how, then read on for step-by-step instructions for Windows 11.

Let’s get into it!

What is a Screen Record?

A screen recording is a video recording of what you see on your computer screen. This feature allows you to create video tutorials, record gameplay, or capture specific moments. It’s a great way to share with others what you’re seeing on your screen without explaining it in words.

Record the Windows Screen with Xbox Game Bar

The Xbox Game Bar is a built-in Windows app that lets you quickly capture screen records. With the Xbox Game Bar, you can take screenshots, record video clips, and even stream your games live to Twitch and YouTube.

It’s easy to get started with the Xbox Game Bar — press Win+G on your keyboard. This will open a toolbar at the top of your screen, where you can choose from various options.

The Xbox Game Bar comes preinstalled in Windows 10 and 11, but if you don’t see it when you press Win + G, there are several steps you can follow to enable the feature.

Steps to Enable Xbox Game Bar

Step 1: To enable the Xbox Game Bar, press the Windows logo key + I to open Windows settings.

split screen windows 11
Press the Windows key + I to open Windows settings.

Step 2: In the search box, type in “Xbox” and select the Enable Game Box button.

split screen windows 11
Type in Xbox and select Enable Xbox Game Bar.

Step 3: Toggle the switch to enable the Xbox Game Bar.

Once you toggle the switch, the Game Bar will be ready for use. Now, you can access the toolbar by pressing Windows + G at any time.

split screen windows 11
Toggle the switch on.

With the use of the helpful tool, Xbox Game Bar, you should now be able to record your screen on your Windows 11 device. We’ve also found this helpful video on YouTube that may be helpful in getting this feature set up on your own device.

Recording Your Screen Using the Xbox Game Bar

With the Xbox Game Bar, you can record and share your screen recordings, capture screenshots, and more.

Steps to Record Your Screen Using Xbox Game Bar

Step 1: To open the Xbox Game Bar, press Win + G. 

Step 2: To record your screen with the Game Bar, click on the large circle in the top left-hand corner of your screen. The recording will begin immediately after you click on it.

split screen windows 11
Press Win + G to open the Xbox Game Bar. Click the large circle on the top righthand corner of the screen to start recording.

Step 3: Click the Stop button in the bottom-right corner when you’re done recording.

You can find the recorded video on your computer under Videos in a folder called Captures as an MP4 file.

Capture Your Screen Using a Third-Party Application

The built-in Game Bar tool on Windows 11 works great but has limitations. For instance, it only works within a single application at a time and will not capture your Windows desktop. If you need more customization features, such as video editing or annotating text, you’ll have to use a third-party application that.

There are several screen recording applications available for Windows and Mac and most of them are free.

To make it easy for you, below are two of the best screen capture tools for Windows.

HyperCam 2

HyperCam 2 is an advanced, easy-to-use screencasting software that allows users to capture all or part of the screen, record audio, and add annotations to those videos. 

The software also has a built-in video editor, which allows you to add effects and edit your recordings before saving them as AVI, WMV, or MPEG files. 

HyperCam 2 supports exporting files directly to platforms like Twitch and YouTube, so it’s perfect for sharing your favorite gameplay moments with friends and followers.


CamStudio is an open-source video recording software that allows you to record any activity on your desktop and create high-quality recordings. It also features customizable settings so you can adjust your videos’ resolution, frame rate, and audio quality before saving them as an MP4 file.

Final Thoughts

The Xbox Game Bar is valuable for taking screenshots and recording videos. It’s simple to use and is just a matter of pressing the Windows key + G to bring up the bar, then heading to the recording section.

If you’d like to record a video, click on the large circle icon in the top lefthand corner of the overlay. This will open up a pop-up where you can choose how long you want to record and what audio sources you want to capture during that time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Windows 11 have a screen recorder?

To record your screen in Windows 11, you must use the Xbox Game Bar. This feature is available in Windows 10 and 11 and allows you to take screenshots and record videos of your gameplay. However, it’s also useful for recording other things you do on your computer.

How do I start screen recording on Windows 11?

There are a few ways to start screen recording on Windows 11.

The Game Bar is a feature that allows you to record your gameplay and take screenshots on Windows 10 and 11. It’s not just for games, though. You can also use it to record any content on your screen.

To start recording your screen with the Game Bar:

  • Open any app or program on your PC that you want to record.
  • Press Windows Key + G to open the Game Bar.
  • Click Start Recording.
  • Click Stop Recording when you’re done capturing the video.

How do I record my laptop screen with sound Windows 11?

The Xbox Game bar app will automatically record video with sound.

Where are the recorded videos stored?

You can find the recorded video on your computer under Videos in a folder called Captures as an MP4 file.

Why can't I record my screen on Windows 11?

To record your screen, you will need to use one of the following methods:

1. Windows built-in Game bar
2. Any third-party screen recorder software

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