How to Screen Mirror on Roku in 3 Steps, With Photos

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How to Screen Mirror on Roku in 3 Steps, With Photos

Roku TVs and streaming sticks are amazing for having access to not only your favorite subscription channels but a bunch of free services as well. With so many options available to us, having everything in one convenient place that you can search for using one remote is a blessing. But sometimes, you want to continue watching something from a different device on the big screen or show some funny videos or cute photos that you’ve got on your phone. To do this, you need to learn how to screen mirror on Roku. We’re going to show you how to do this in 3 simple steps.

How to Screen Mirror on Roku From a PC

While many use Apple devices, PCs are still more ubiquitous than Macs. Therefore, it helps to know how to screen mirror from your PC. Check out the steps below.

Step 1: Connect to Wi-Fi and Enable Screen Mirroring

Firstly, make sure your PC and Roku are connected to the same network, and that you’ve enabled screen mirroring in your Roku’s settings (under the “systems” tab.)

Step 2: Open Action Center

Next, go to the taskbar and open the Action Center.

Step 3: Connect

After that, choose the “Connect” option, and then select your Roku device from the list. Alternatively, you can open the Settings menu from the Start menu, then go to your Display Settings within the Systems tab. Here, select “Connect to a wireless display,” and choose your Roku device.

How to Screen Mirror on Roku From a Mac

Luckily, as with most things Mac, screen mirroring to Roku is fairly simple.

Step 1: Open Control Center

This icon should be located in the top-right corner of your Mac menu bar and looks like two toggle switches parallel to each other. Click this.

Step 2: Select “Screen Mirroring” and Your Device

All you have to do now is click the icon that says “Screen Mirroring”, and choose your Roku device from the list. Your screen should be mirrored pretty much instantly. You may have to use your Roku remote to select the “Allow” option when prompted. You can choose “Always Allow” instead so that you don’t have to grant permission each time you connect this device. As before, make sure the Wi-Fi network is the same and screen mirroring is allowed.

screen mirroring from mac.
Open the Control Center and click “Screen Mirroring” to mirror to your Roku.

How to Screen Mirror Android on Roku

The good thing is that most Android phones are compatible with Roku in terms of screen mirroring. However, the exact method does differ depending on your phone’s brand. Instead of screen mirroring, you may see the terms “Smart View”, “Quick Connect”, “Display mirroring”, “SmartShare”, or something similar. The process is largely the same, whichever phone you have:

  • Swipe up on the home screen,
  • Tap “Smart View”, “SmartShare”, etc,
  • Choose your Roku TV or device from the list to begin mirroring.

Usually, you’ll find this option in your settings, or the drop-down menu when you swipe up on the home screen. For example, on Samsung Galaxy S22 phones, you’ll see the “Smart View” icon in the Quick Panel (when you swipe up.) Simply tap this, and then choose your Roku device or Roku TV to mirror your screen. The video below shows how this works in practice.

However, on older phones, you may not have this option available. Instead, you can download the SmartThings app from the app store. Using this app, you can add your Roku device and mirror your screen. You can add devices by scanning a QR code on your TV, or just by scanning for nearby devices.

Screen mirroring using SmartThings.
SmartThings is a free app you can download from the app store.
You can add your Roku device using a QR code or the “Scan nearby” button within SmartThings.

How to Screen Mirror iPhone on Roku

The process for mirroring an iPhone is very similar. But instead of looking for the Smart View option, you need to:

  • Swipe up in the top-right corner to open the Control Center,
  • Tap the screen mirroring icon (this looks like two screens overlapping each other),
  • Choose your Roku device from the list.

As with the other methods, double-check that your iPhone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network. You might also need to enable AirPlay in your Roku’s settings menu. This will be listed under “Apple AirPlay and HomeKit.” Check out the video for visual instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I screen mirror to Roku?

For PCs and Macs, choose the mirror option in the Action Center or Control Center. For Androids, swipe up on the home screen and choose Smart View, SmartShare, Screen mirroring, or a similarly named icon. Then, select your TV to mirror your screen to it.

Can I screen mirror iPhone to Roku?

Yes, although you’ll be looking for the screen mirroring icon in the Control Center instead of Smart View, and you need to enable AirPlay on your Roku device rather than screen mirroring.

What is the Quick Panel or Control Center?

These are the names for the menus that appear when you swipe up on your phone for Samsung phones and iPhones respectively, but can be used to refer to this menu in general.

What's the difference between casting and screen mirroring?

Casting only shows the supported app on your TV, and you need to have the app downloaded on both devices. On the other hand, screen mirroring “mirrors” the full screen from your device, similar to using a HDMI or VGA cable. Everything you see and do on your laptop or mobile device will show on the big screen, and you aren’t restricted to one app.

Why isn't screen mirroring working?

Make sure your devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network or your device won’t be detected by your Roku. You may also need to enable screen mirroring or AirPlay for Roku in the settings menu.

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