How to Save Twitch Streams, in 3 Steps

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How to Save Twitch Streams, in 3 Steps

Key Points

  • Saving Twitch streams can help grow your audience by allowing you to share highlights on other platforms like YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, and TikTok.
  • Saving your streams shows your audience that you value them and helps build a deeper bond over time.
  • To save Twitch streams, enable VODs in your Twitch settings and access your past recordings in the Creator Dashboard.
  • If you’re not a Partner, Prime, or Turbo user, you can save your streams forever by turning them into Highlights.
  • You can save Twitch streams to your computer by downloading them from the Video Producer section of your Creator Dashboard.

After you’ve finished a great Twitch stream, you don’t want it to disappear forever. Instead, you can learn how to save Twitch streams, so your viewers can watch them once your stream has ended. This can be a great way to connect with viewers who may not have been able to watch your stream live. In this post, you’ll learn how to save Twitch streams the easy way.

Why Save Twitch Streams?

One of the main reasons to save your Twitch streams is to help grow your audience. For example, once you save a Twitch stream, you can create highlights and share your streams on other platforms like YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, and TikTok. By sharing popular clips on these platforms, you can get your streams in front of new audiences, who will then hopefully watch your streams in real-time. 

Also, saving your streams gives your hardcore fans a way to keep up with all of your broadcasts, even if they weren’t able to make it live. This shows your audience that you value them. In addition, it’s a great way to build a deeper bond over the long term. 

How to Save Twitch Streams

Now that you know why saving your Twitch streams is important for channel growth, let’s show you how you can save your Twitch streams in three simple steps.

Step 1. Enable Twitch VODs

The first thing you need to do is turn on VODs. VOD is short for Video On Demand and refers to archives of your past streams. To turn on this feature, you need to navigate to the Twitch website and log in to your account.

Twitch website home
The Log In button is at the top right.


After that, go to the “Creator Dashboard” by clicking on your profile icon and selecting “Creator Dashboard” from the drop-down.

Twitch website Home
Find the Creator Dashboard option on the drop-down menu to the right.


Then, click on the “Settings” menu and select “Stream” from the drop-down. Then, you’ll see a section labeled “VOD Settings”. Here you need to click the toggle, ensuring that “Store past broadcasts” is turned on. You can also click the “Always Publish VODs” option if you want your streams to be live for the public to watch once you’re done streaming.

Twitch Creator dashboard VOD settings
Switch the toggle next to “Store past broadcasts” to the “on” position.


Now, you can access all of your past recordings by clicking on “Content” in your Creator Dashboard. Here, you can manage and even delete past streams. 

Step 2. Turn Twitch VODs Into Highlights

If you’re a Partner, Prime, or Turbo user, then the streams will stay saved for 60 days. However, if you’re not in one of these groups, then it’ll only stay saved for 14 days. However, you can save your streams forever if you turn them into Highlights. 

To do this, you’ll need to click on “Content” inside your Creator Dashboard, then click “Video Producer”, and then click “Highlight” on the stream you want to save.

Twitch creator dashboard Video producer tab
There is a “Highlight” link to the far right of every saved stream. Click on the link of the video you want to save permanently.


This opens up an editing menu where you can edit your stream to the exact portions you want to save. Simply adjust the timeline for the duration of time you want. Then, once you’re done, click the “Publish Highlights” button. 

Twitch Highlights creation
Once you are satisfied with your edits, click on “Publish Highlights” at the bottom left.


Step 3. Save Twitch Streams to Your Computer

The steps you can take to save your Twitch streams depend on the program you’re using to broadcast. For example, if you’re using Twitch Studio to record streams, then you’ll have the option to save your stream to your computer the moment the stream has ended.

But, if you don’t have this feature available, then here’s how you can download it.

First, make sure you’re logged into Twitch, and then open up your Creator Dashboard. After that click on “Content” and then click on “Video Producer” from the sidebar.

Then, locate the highlight or VOD that you want to download and click on the three dots on the right-side of the video. Next, click “Download” from the drop-down list. The video will immediately start to download. Depending on the size of your video, this could take a while. 

Twitch Creator dashboard Video producer page
Choose “Download” from the drop-down menu on the right.


Closing Thoughts: How to Save Twitch Streams

As you can see, saving your Twitch streams is a fairly straightforward process. All you need to do is enable the feature that’s already built into Twitch. Check out the video below for a quick refresher:

  1. Navigate to your Creator Dashboard and enable the “Store past broadcasts” toggle
  2. Convert your streams into Highlights, so they’ll be saved forever
  3. Download your streams to your computer

Overall, saving your streams can be a great way to grow your audience across platforms. Plus, it gives your audience a way to catch up on streams they missed live. Certainly, saving your streams is a great habit to get into as you’re working on growing your channel.

Summary Table

1Enable Twitch VODs
2Turn Twitch VODs Into Highlights
3Save Twitch Streams to Your Computer

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you save Twitch streams to your phone?

Twitch doesn’t allow you to save streams to your phone directly, but you can download streams on your computer and then transfer them to your phone.

Why won’t my Twitch streams save?

Your Twitch streams might not be saving because you haven’t enabled the “Store Past Broadcasts” setting in your channel settings. If this setting is on and you’re still experiencing issues, it could be due to a technical glitch or restriction from Twitch.

Do streamers save their streams?

Yes, many streamers save their streams for future use, such as creating highlight reels or uploading to other platforms like YouTube and Reddit.

Why do some streamers delete their streams?

Streamers might delete their streams to manage their storage on Twitch, avoid potential copyright issues, or remove content that they don’t want to be viewable in the future.

What do streamers do when they aren’t streaming?

When not streaming, Twitch broadcasters often do things like planning future streams, engaging with their community on social media, or editing video content. There’s a lot that goes into running a successful channel.

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