DirecTV Remote Not Working? How to Quickly Reset and Fix

reset and fix DirecTV remote

DirecTV Remote Not Working? How to Quickly Reset and Fix

Key Points

  • DirecTV subscribers typically use Universal, Genie, or Gemini remote controls.
  • Weak or dead batteries are the top reason DirecTV remotes won’t work.
  • Resetting the remote or receiver can often fix issues with DirecTV remotes not working.

It can be a hassle if you’re trying to watch the big game or show on DirecTV and the remote stops working. Thankfully, most problems with DirecTV remotes not working can be solved with simple fixes. We’re going to cover those in our guide and help you diagnose issues with your remote, whether it’s a Genie, Gemini, or Universal.

Types of DirecTV Remote Controls

DirecTV subscribers typically use the company’s Universal, Genie, or Gemini remote controls. When a problem arises, the quickest way to solve it is by understanding which remote you have. DirecTV makes that relatively simple thanks to the design of their remote controls.

The Gemini remote is a voice-activated remote control for use with the DirecTV Gemini receiver. It has a distinct look and a button in the middle for Google Assistant. The Genie remote is larger with a two-tone color scheme compared to the black Gemini remote.

The Genie is the company’s standard remote alongside the DirecTV universal remote control. The universal remote is easy to recognize with its oversized design and a multitude of buttons.

DirecTV remote not working
The DirecTV Genie remote can control an HDTV, a DIRECTV Ready TV, and audio devices.

DirecTV Remote Fixes

When a DirecTV remote is not working, there are a few steps you can take regardless of the type of remote you have. The first should be obvious, but it is something many people can forget. When the remote doesn’t work, check the batteries in the remote control.

Weak or dead batteries are the top reason DirecTV remotes won’t work, followed by interference. If you have a Genie or Universal DirecTV remote, you can check battery strength from the remote. To do this, press and hold any button on the remote for a few seconds and pay attention to the blinking light.

  • Fast Blinking– When you see a fast-blinking light, the batteries are beginning to run low on power.
  • Slow Blinking – A slow blinking light, or no light at all, tells you it’s time to put new batteries into the remote.
  • Solid Green – If there’s no flash and only a solid green light, the batteries in your remote are strong.

Anything blocking or interfering with the signal can also cause problems with these remotes. Simply moving gadgets around can solve this issue in many cases. If you know your remote has good batteries and interference isn’t a problem, it may be time to reset the remote or receiver.

How to Reset DirecTV Remotes and Receivers

One quick way to quickly fix problems with a DirecTV remote not working is to do a quick reset. You can reset the receiver and remotes with DirecTV. To reset a receiver, you’ll need to open an access door. There should be a red reset button inside this area, which will restart the receiver. If you don’t see a button, you can unplug the receiver from a power outlet, wait 15 seconds, and plug it back in. You can also reset the remote controls for DirecTV receivers, although the process varies depending on the remote.

Reset Genie Remotes

1. Find and press the Menu button on the remote control.

2. From this menu, use the arrow buttons and scroll until you see Settings, and then select this section.

3. Find and select the section that says Remote Control and choose Pair/Program from the new menu to reset your remote.

You can also reset a Genie remote by holding the Mute and Select buttons until you see a light flash three times. After this step, press 9, 8, 1 on the remote and Select. If you see four flashes, your remote has been reset.

Reset Gemini Remote Controls

To reset a Gemini remote control, you’ll need to unpair it from the receiver first. To do this, press and hold the Dash button along with the Apps or Diamond button on your remote. The remote has been reset once you see the LED lights on the remote blink blue two times.

Reset your Gemini receiver, and then press and hold the Fast Forward and Rewind buttons for 2-3 seconds. When your remote pairs with the receiver, you should see a message on the screen confirming your success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get a free replacement DirecTV remote?

You can contact customer service and inquire about a free replacement but may have to pay for one depending on your plan and the situation.

Does DirecTV need remote controls back?

If you cancel your service with DirecTV, you must return the remote and any other equipment that’s part of your plan.

Do universal remotes work with DirecTV?

Yes, although you’ll want to check on compatibility beforehand.

Do you need a remote for DirecTV?

You will need a remote to access some features, but you can still use DirecTV through the remote function in the DirecTV app.

Can you buy new DirecTV remotes?

You can order a new remote for your DirecTV receiver from the company or a variety of online retailers.

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