How to Reset an LG Smart TV


How to Reset an LG Smart TV

Key Points

  • Resetting an LG Smart TV can help clear out stored apps and personal information, improving performance and ensuring data privacy.
  • To reset an LG Smart TV, open the settings menu, go to General or Support, and select Reset to Initial Settings.
  • Confirm the reset to restore the TV to factory settings, removing apps and reverting settings to defaults.
  • To reset picture settings on an LG Smart TV, open the settings menu, go to Picture, and select Advanced Settings to access the reset feature.

An LG Smart TV has much more in common with your computer or smartphone than a TV from a decade ago. Modern smart TVs run on complex operating systems that allow them to stream content from your favorite streaming services. However, it is a good idea to reset an LG Smart TV if it is sluggish or before getting rid of it.

Because LG Smart TVs have so many capabilities, you may not realize that all the stored apps are slowing it down. Resetting the TV can help clear out the memory and force it to update. Additionally, personal information may be stored on the TV, including usernames and passwords for various streaming services. It is vital to perform a factory reset to erase this info before getting rid of the TV.

Step 1: Open the Settings Menu

Update an LG Smart TV settings menu selected
Open the LG Smart TV’s settings menu.

Start by opening the settings menu. Do this by tapping on the gear icon on the remote. Alternatively, click the gear icon on the home screen of an LG Smart TV. All TVs running LG’s WebOS operating system use a similar method to reset to factory settings. However, the pictures and menu layout may vary.

Step 2: Go to General

Open LG Smart TV general settings menu
Navigate to All Settings, then go to the General Settings menu.

With the settings menu open, scroll down and select All Settings, then General. Next, choose System from the sub-menu. LG TVs running WebOS 4.5 or older will have the option to reset to factory settings under Support rather than General.

Step 3: Reset to Initial Settings

Reset LG Smart TV to initial settings
Choose to Reset the TV to its initial factory settings.

Regardless of your TV’s age and operating system, you should now see Reset to Initial Settings. Click on this option to start the factory reset process.

Step 4: Confirm LG Smart TV Reset

Erase all settings and account on LG Smart TV
Confirm the factory reset by selecting Reset All.

Finally, confirm that you want to restore the TV to its factory settings. This will remove all your apps and revert any settings changes you’ve made to factory defaults. Once the reset is complete, you must sign back into the TV and reconfigure the settings. This includes running a channel search if you have cable TV, or use an antenna.

How to Reset LG Smart TV Picture Settings

If your LG Smart TV’s picture looks bad, you can reset the picture settings to factory defaults. This is the best option if the screen looks bad, and you don’t know how to fix it. Resetting the picture settings will not affect your TV’s apps or other settings.

Step 1: Open the Settings Menu

Open settings menu on LG Smart TV
Open the LG Smart TV’s settings menu.

Start by opening the settings menu on your LG TV. Click the gear icon on your LG TV’s remote or the gear icon on the LG TV’s home screen.

Step 2: Go to Advanced Picture Settings

Entering advanced picture setting on LG Smart TV
Go to the LG Smart TV’s Advanced Settings menu.

From the settings menu, click All Settings>Picture. Select Advanced Settings from the sub-menu to access the reset feature.

Step 3: Reset the Picture Settings

Reset picture settings in LG Smart TV menu
Choose Reset to erase all picture settings for the selected picture preset.

In the Advanced Settings menu, click Reset to restore the image to the default. Click OK when the warning message pops up to confirm you want to erase the settings for the given mode. You can repeat this step for each picture mode preset.

Wrapping Up

Your LG Smart TV should now be reset to its factory defaults. Don’t sign back into the TV if you plan on selling or giving it away. Otherwise, you can sign back in and add streaming apps. It is also a good idea to periodically check for updates, or turn on automatic updates. This will ensure your LG Smart TV supports new app updates and runs as fast as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need to reset an LG Smart TV?

The only time you must reset an LG Smart TV is before getting rid of it. This will wipe out all of your content and settings. However, some people also reset their LG Smart TVs to get the settings back to factory defaults.

Should you reset an LG Smart TV that isn't responding?

It is best to reset an LG Smart TV by disconnecting the power for several seconds. This will not reset any of your settings, but it will reboot the operating system. If you continue having problems with the TV, then it is a good idea to perform a factory reset.

Do you need to update an LG Smart TV?

Yes, if you are experiencing sluggishness or unresponsive apps, then you should perform a system update. Doing so will automatically download and install the latest firmware for the TV, which should help it run faster.

Does resetting an LG Smart TV erase all of your settings?

Performing a factory reset of your LG Smart TV will reset all the TV’s picture settings and delete all its apps. If you just want to get the display back to its defaults, then consider resetting just the picture settings.

Does turning an LG TV off and back on force it to reset?

Turning an LG Smart TV off and back on doesn’t actually reset it. Power cycling doesn’t fully reset the TV because it is still in stand-by mode. To perform a soft reset on your LG Smart TV, you must disconnect its power cord for approximately 30 seconds.

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