How To Reset An Apple TV Remote In 3 Steps, With Photos


How To Reset An Apple TV Remote In 3 Steps, With Photos

Key Points

  • Resetting an Apple TV remote can resolve functionality issues, connectivity problems, and help pair it with a new device.
  • To reset the remote, hold down the Menu and Volume Down buttons simultaneously until the LED light on the Apple TV device starts blinking.
  • Once the remote is reset, it enters pairing mode and can be reconnected to the Apple TV device.

Experiencing some connectivity problems with your Apple TV remote? Or can’t get your Apple TV remote to function properly? Try resetting it. It’s the first thing we do whenever we run into trouble with our phones, computers, and televisions. No matter who you ask, resetting is always the go-to solution. Here’s the problem: How do you reset an Apple TV remote? The process is not as simple as for our smartphones or laptops. Allow us to walk you through the steps to reset an Apple TV remote.

Why Reset An Apple TV Remote?

Before we begin, let’s look at a few reasons why you might need to reset an Apple TV remote. Even if you think this information is irrelevant, you might be surprised to learn the various use cases where resetting your remote is helpful. From functionality issues to connectivity issues and beyond, here are three good reasons to reset an Apple TV remote. After that, we’ll hop right back into the walkthrough — complete with photos to help illustrate.

Functionality Issues

If you’re experiencing functionality issues with your Apple TV remote (such as unresponsive buttons, erratic behavior, or unintentional actions), resetting it can be hugely beneficial. Over time, you may have customized certain buttons on the remote or enabled specific settings that are causing functionality issues. Resetting the remote erases these customizations and restores the default functionality. This action helps eliminate any conflicting configurations that may be causing the issues.

Connectivity Issues

Another common problem is a loss of connection between the Apple TV remote and the Apple TV itself. This can manifest as unresponsiveness, delayed responses, or intermittent connectivity. Resetting the remote can clear the remote’s Bluetooth pairing with the Apple TV. This eliminates any potential conflicts or corrupted settings that may interrupt the connection between the remote and the Apple TV. After resetting the remote, it can re-establish a proper communication channel with the Apple TV.

New Apple TV Device

When setting up a new Apple TV or replacing your existing Apple TV with a new one, you’ll need to pair the remote with the new device. Resetting the remote clears the previous pairing information. This allows the remote to enter pairing mode and get ready to establish a new connection with the new Apple TV device. By resetting the remote, you eliminate any potential conflicts arising from pairing it with multiple devices simultaneously. In short, resetting ensures a clean slate for pairing.

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How To Reset An Apple TV Remote

Two different types of Apple TV remotes exist. One is the older Apple TV remote from the first few generations of devices, and the newer Apple TV Siri Remote with the latest devices. Conveniently, our guide will work the same regardless of your Apple TV remote. Read on to find out what you need to do.

Step One: Hold Down Buttons

Menu and Volume Down buttons highlighted on an Apple TV Siri Remote.
Holding the Menu and Volume Down buttons will reset any Apple TV remote.

First, locate the Menu and Volume Down buttons. Then, hold them down at the same time. Don’t let up on either one as you move on to the next step. 

Step Two: Watch For Blinking

Blinking LED light on Apple TV 4K device.
The Apple TV 4K device will blink when your remote is finished resetting.

As you continue to hold down the Menu and Volume Down buttons, look for the LED light to begin blinking on your Apple TV device. Blinking should happen after only a few seconds of holding the buttons down. If nothing happens, release the buttons and try again until you do. 

Step Three: Release The Buttons

Apple TV Siri Remote placed next to Apple TV 4K device.
Bring your Siri Remote near the Apple TV device to pair again.

Finally, release the Menu and Volume Down buttons as soon as the LED light blinks. The remote has been reset and has entered pairing mode. It no longer connects to any Apple TV device. Bring it close to the Apple TV device to pair it again.

For a comprehensive video walkthrough, or to troubleshoot other problems with your Apple Remote, we recommend the following video:

This video provides a great overview of how to troubleshoot and fix problems with your Apple Remote.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you charge an Apple TV remote?

While older Apple TV remotes rely on coin batteries, newer Apple TV Siri Remotes need to be charged like an iPhone or iPad would. Depending on your generation of Siri Remote, this can be done using either a Lightning cable or a USB-C cable. Simply connect one end of the cable to the charging port on the bottom of the remote, and the other end to a power source like a USB port on your computer or a wall adapter. The remote can still be used, even while charging.

How do you use an Apple TV remote?

The Apple TV remote is designed with a touch-sensitive surface at the top. You can swipe your finger on the surface to move through menus, scroll, or browse content. Additionally, there are buttons such as Menu, Home, Play/Pause, and Volume controls that provide shortcuts for common actions. The Menu button takes you back, the Home button returns you to the main screen, and the Play/Pause button controls media playback. The Volume controls adjust the volume level.

How do you control volume with the Apple TV remote?

You can control your TV’s volume with the Apple TV remote using HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) technology. This allows the remote to communicate with your TV and control its volume without the need for a separate remote. Just point the Apple TV remote at your TV and press the Volume Up or Volume Down buttons to control the volume.

How do you pair an Apple TV remote?

To pair an Apple TV Siri Remote with an Apple TV device, simply bring it close to the Apple TV and wait for the on-screen prompt to appear. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the pairing. On older Apple TV remotes, you’ll need to navigate to the Settings menu on your Apple TV, select “Remotes and Devices,” choose “Bluetooth,” and locate your remote in the list.

Why isn't my Apple TV remote working?

If your Apple TV remote isn’t working, first make sure that the remote has a charged battery. If the battery is fine, you can try resetting the remote by holding down the Menu button and the Volume Down button simultaneously. This will reset the remote, which you can then try pairing with your Apple TV again. If the problem persists, try contacting Apple Support for further assistance.

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