How to Remove Someone From Slack, With Photos

remove someone from slack

How to Remove Someone From Slack, With Photos

Slack defines itself as a messaging app for businesses and teams to help connect employees, contractors, students, and more easily. Simply put, it works as a hub where everyone can communicate with each other in one defined space, no matter what they’re using the app for. But, what happens when you need to remove someone from Slack? Here’s a guide to show you how to do it via a computer or the company’s app!

Before You Get Started

There are a few important items to note about Slack before you try to remove someone. First, Slack notes that you’ll need to have specific permission as an admin or creator of the Slack channel in order to remove someone.

Not sure if you have that capability? Check your settings in the Slack dashboard. If you do have the ability to remove someone from Slack, you’ll see it under the Settings & administration drop-down option.

how to remove someone from slack
Locating Settings & administration.

Also, Slack has stated that it is impossible to remove a person from the #general channel that is created when you open the workspace organization unless you delete them altogether. So, if you’re just removing someone from channels, keep that in mind.

Step 1: Log into Slack

how to remove someone from slack
Accessing the Slack dashboard by logging in.

First, we’ll talk about how to remove someone from Slack on your desktop or the Slack website. You’ll log in to the Slack dashboard that you’ll want to remove members from. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see your dashboard.

Step 2: Open the Admin Settings

how to remove someone from slack
Choosing the Manage members option.

Next, you’ll want to open the admin settings of the group. You can do this by hovering your mouse on the left-hand side, right where you see a downward arrow next to your organization’s name. When you hover over that arrow, a drop-down menu will appear, and you’ll choose > Settings & administration > Manage members.

Step 3: Deactivate the Member of Your Choosing

Once you’ve accessed the admin settings, you’ll be able to see every person in your organization. From here, you can remove someone from Slack, and remove multiple people if needed.

How to remove someone from Slack
Checking the list of members.

In order to remove someone, you’ll want to click the three dots next to their name.

How to remove someone from Slack
Clicking on the three dots.

Once you’ve done this, a drop-down menu will appear and ask you if you want to change the account type of that person or deactivate their account. Since you want to remove them from Slack, you’ll choose the Deactivate account option.

How to remove someone from Slack
Selecting the Deactivate account option.

Step 4: Confirm Deactivation

How to remove someone from Slack
Choosing to confirm the deactivation.

Now that you’ve tried to deactivate someone’s account, Slack will ask you if you’re sure you want to do so. They will also mention what happens when you deactivate a member. If you’re sure that you want to remove this person from your Slack workspace, just click the red/pink Deactivate button.

Step 5: Confirm that the Person Was Removed

Once you’ve clicked the Deactivate button, the person is automatically removed from your Slack organization. However, to confirm this, you can refresh your admin settings and see that they’ve been deactivated.

How to remove someone from Slack
Checking to see that the member has been deactivated.

And, if you go back to your Slack dashboard, you should see that the person is no longer on the left-hand side as a member.

How to remove someone from Slack
Ensuring that the person has been removed from the workspace.

How To Remove Someone From Slack via Phone Apps

Before we talk about removing someone from Slack via their iOS or Android app, it’s essential to know that you can’t delete someone completely from your Slack workspace on your phone. In order to do that, you’ll want to follow the above steps using a desktop or a laptop.

But, you can remove someone from Slack on your phone if you’re removing them from a specific channel. You may want to know how to do this in case someone moves teams, doesn’t use that channel, or needs to be removed for any reason.

Step 1: Open the Slack App

How to remove someone from Slack
Going to the app dashboard.

It’s very easy to remove someone from a Slack channel on the app. All you need to do is log in to the app on your phone.

Step 2: Find the Channel

How to remove someone from Slack
Selecting the channel.

Go to the channel that you want to remove someone from.

Step 3: Remove the Member

How to remove someone from Slack
Typing the name of the member to be removed.

Type out the following message in the message field: /remove @member

Step 4: Click on the Highlighted Name

How to remove someone from Slack
Select the member you want to remove from the channel.

When you’ve done that, the person’s name will be highlighted, and you can click on it. From there, you’ll press the green paper plane button, and that will send the message to Slack and they will remove that specific member from the channel.

Step 5: See All Members

How to remove someone from Slack
Returning to the Members section.

From there, you can navigate back to the channel, double-click the channel name on the top, and click the “see all” members button. If the person was removed, you will not see them on the member’s list.

How to remove someone from Slack
Locating All Members


And that’s it! If you want to completely delete them, you’ll need to use the website, but this is an easy way to remove people from channels right from the app.

While there are many ways to remove people from channels in Slack, we hope this guide makes it easier to understand how to delete someone from your Slack workspace completely!

In the following video, The Stuff I Use Channel demonstrates how easy it is to remove members from Slack using a smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I remove people from Slack channel?

If you don’t see the option to remove people from Slack, you may not be an admin. You’ll need to get admin permission in order to remove members.

How do you remove someone from your channel?

All you have to do is follow the steps we listed above to remove someone from your Slack organization!

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