How to Redeem V-Bucks on Xbox in 7 Steps (with Photos)

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How to Redeem V-Bucks on Xbox in 7 Steps (with Photos)

Are you a pro-Fortnite player looking to amp up your character with interesting emotes and skins? If so, you must know what V-Bucks are, how to get it, and, most importantly, how to redeem it on your console.

A V-Bucks card is an in-game currency that allows players to purchase advanced features for an immersive gaming experience. If you have an Xbox, you will have to first redeem V-Bucks on Xbox to enjoy its perks.

But what if you have a PlayStation or Nintendo Switch? You can still use your V-Bucks card on them as it’s compatible with most popular consoles. In fact, you can even use Fortnite V-Bucks as gift cards. To get a V-Bucks card, visit the Epic Games’ official store and use your real money or redeeming codes to purchase it. After that, scratch the card’s code, enter it into your Xbox account, and you’re done. 

However, sometimes, things can be complicated, especially when the V-Bucks card has a general Epic Games code instead of an Xbox-specific one.

Don’t start sweating yet; we have got you covered! Let’s learn how to redeem V-Bucks on Xbox in 7 steps.

What is a V-Bucks Card in Fortnite?

V-Bucks is an online currency used in one of the top games on the charts, Fortnite. It is in the form of a card that the player has to buy from Epic Games’ official website, scratch its code, and use it in their consoles.

Once they successfully redeem the V-Bucks card, they can purchase many features to make their characters look up-to-date. These include emotes, pickaxes, wraps, outfits, skins, and Battle Passes. 

A V-Bucks card is also known as Vindertech Bucks. You can’t transfer your V-Bucks card between different accounts or devices after redeeming it. Also, you won’t get refunds on the card. If you don’t need it, you have no option but to give it to your gamer friends. You can also buy the V-Bucks as a gift card to surprise your friends.

The V-Bucks card is compatible with almost all gaming platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile. So, you can level up your Fortnite gaming on any of your consoles!

How to Redeem V-Bucks Card on Xbox: Step-by-Step

You can easily find a V-Bucks card at many major retailers in the UK, USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, New Zealand, Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, and Australia.

Ensure to save the store’s purchase receipt after buying a V-Bucks card to avoid future issues when redeeming it. The Epic Games Customer Service would need this document slip to address your problem.

Follow the below steps to redeem V-Bucks on Xbox.

Step 1: Log in to Your Xbox or Epic Games Account

Visit Fortnite’s official website here and log in to your Epic Games account. Ensure you use the same account or name as your in-game one.

Since you’re redeeming the card on Xbox, you can also log in to your Xbox account.

How to Redeem V-Bucks on Xbox in 7 Steps (with Photos)
Log in with Epic Games or Xbox.


Step 2: Select V-Bucks Card

After accessing your account, take the cursor over your name present in the top right corner of the screen. A drop-down menu will open. Select V-Bucks Card to proceed.

How to Redeem V-Bucks on Xbox in 7 Steps (with Photos)
Click V-Bucks Card.


Step 3: Click Get Started

The website will then direct to the V-Bucks page. Look for the yellow Get Started button and click on it to start your redemption process.

How to Redeem V-Bucks on Xbox in 7 Steps (with Photos)
Tap Get Started.


Step 4: Scratch the Card

Now, Epic Games will ask you to scratch the back of your card to retrieve the code. Once done, enter it in the white box on the screen, excluding any dashes, and click Next.

How to Redeem V-Bucks on Xbox in 7 Steps (with Photos)
Enter your V-Buck card’s details and hit Next.


Step 5: Choose Your Xbox

The next screen will display all the platforms you can use the V-Bucks Card on. Choose your Xbox device and click Next.

If you can’t select your console, you should verify if you have logged in with the correct Epic Games account. This step only shows devices linked to your account.

Next, review your provided details, including the device, Epic account, and new balance, and ensure they’re all correct. Once done, click Confirm.

How to Redeem V-Bucks on Xbox in 7 Steps (with Photos)
Select your Xbox and hit Next.


Step 6: Enter the Second Code in Your Microsoft Account

When you redeem V-Bucks on Xbox or PlayStation, Epic Games generates a second code that you’ll have to enter into your Microsoft or Sony account. The code can range between 12 to 15 characters, which is also emailed to you. Type it in your Microsoft account to reach the final step of redemption.

How to Redeem V-Bucks on Xbox in 7 Steps (with Photos)
Enter the code.


Step 7: Sign in to Your Xbox Account

After entering the code, you will be asked to sign in to your Xbox account linked to your Epic Games account. Enter the code, and the V-Bucks card will automatically add to your account. That’s all you need to do to redeem V-Bucks on Xbox. Enjoy new skins, emotes, and Battle Passes in Fortnite!

If you face difficulties entering the code in your Xbox account, refer to this article by Xbox Support to do it correctly. However, if it doesn’t work, you can contact Epic Games Customer Service here for further assistance. 

How to Redeem V-Bucks on Xbox in 7 Steps (with Photos)
Sign into your Xbox.


If redeeming a Fortnite V-Bucks card still seems a little tricky, watching the following video from Imack Studios will help.

Why Should You Buy and Redeem V-Bucks on Xbox?

If you’ve been playing Fortnite for quite some time now, you must have seen other players’ obsession with buying and redeeming the V-Bucks card. Ever wondered what the fuss is about? What’s so special about these cards? 

The shortest answer is, “Yes, these cards are amazing, and you should get them!” But it won’t be enough to convince you, right? So, here are some benefits of a V-Bucks card to help you make up your mind:

  • Unlocks In-Game Features: Fortnite is amazing, but it can become boring if you play with the same character, emotes, and skins daily. Thus, a V-Bucks card lets you modify your character with Fortnite’s special emotes, cosmetic items, skins, and pickaxes collection. It will make the game exciting and help you stand out with your new style and dance moves.
  • Levels Up Your Gameplay: You can use the V-Bucks card to upgrade many in-game accessories and tools, such as backpacks, harvesting tools, and more, to take your gameplay up a notch. 
  • Participation in Events and Challenges: Another way to spice up your Fortnite gaming is by participating in in-game challenges and events. And you can’t do so without a V-Bucks card. So, buy and redeem V-Bucks on Xbox to enjoy new adventures and rewards from one-time and seasonal events. Make it more fun!
  • Offers the Battle Pass: The V-Bucks card also allows you to experience enhanced Fortnite gaming with the Battle Pass. 
  • Makes an Excellent Gift for a Gamer Friend: If you’re not a gamer, you can buy a V-Bucks card and gift it to your Fortnite-obsessed friend. They must be wanting it for so long, and your surprise will blow them away!

V-Bucks Code Email Not Received: What to Do?

When redeeming a V-Bucks card on Xbox or PlayStation, Epic Games typically sends the second code email within a few seconds after entering the first code. However, you may not receive this email sometimes due to technical issues. 

So, how can you access the code in such situations? Follow the below steps to retrieve your V-Bucks code:

  1. Open the Epic Games website on your browser and log in to your account.
  2. After logging in, hover over your account name from the top and click Account.
  3. Select Transactions from the left menu on the next screen to open your purchase history.
  4. Now, click on the drop-down arrow on the Purchase History button and choose V-Bucks Card Redemption History.
  5. Finally, look under the V-Bucks Card Code to find the code for your Xbox. Use it on the redemption screen to complete the process!

How to Resolve Issues When Using a V-Bucks in Fortnite?

The V-Bucks redemption process is relatively easy, but sometimes, you can’t avoid the potential issues. If you can’t buy or redeem V-Bucks on Xbox in Fortnite, try the below troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue. 

Relaunch the Game

If you see the “Something went wrong” error when making the payment, it’s probably due to any game lag or server problem. However, you can resolve this error by exiting the game and relaunching it after some time. Try rebuying the card and see if it works. You can also initiate the purchase from Fortnite mobile. 

Monitor Your Usage

Epic Games can block a payment or an account if used for repetitive in-app purchases via one credit card. If that’s the case, you should wait for some days before making another purchase in Fortnite. You can also try a different payment method to resolve this issue. Besides your credit card, you can also pay for the V-Bucks card through PayPal or prepaid cards.

Try a Different Matchmaking Region to Redeem V-Bucks on Xbox

You can change the Matchmaking region you usually use for multiplayer gaming in Fortnite. It won’t only resolve the errors but may also offer you a low lag rate.

Here is how you can change your matchmaking region:

  1. Launch Fortnite and navigate through the Menu.
  2. Open Settings.
  3. Select the Game tab and scroll to Matchmaking Region.
  4. Change the region with the arrow buttons to the one with the lowest ping.
  5. Save the settings and initiate the purchase again.

Reinstall Fortnite

If Fortnite still gives you a payment error, your last resort would be to uninstall and reinstall the game. It will do two things. First, it will fix any issues in the installation files, and second, it will install the updated game version. But ensure to download the game from the official website to avoid any corrupted files.

Wrap Up

Fortnite is all about adventure, exploration, and interaction with players worldwide. With so many people participating in this game, every player should have something to stand out. A V-Bucks card is all about it!

With this in-game currency, you can buy advanced skins, emotes, outfits, pickaxes, Battle Passes, and many more items to make yourself unique. You can buy a V-Bucks card from your nearest retailer. Then, scratch its code and enter it on Epic Games’ official V-Bucks redemption website. But for that, you must log in to your Xbox or Epic Games account. Just follow the on-screen instructions to redeem V-bucks on Xbox quickly!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem my Fortnite card code?

You can redeem your Fortnite card code by logging in to your Epic Games account. Then, take your cursor over your name in the top-right corner and select Redeem Code. On the next screen, enter the code correctly, and press Redeem.

How do you redeem the V-Bucks code on Xbox?

To redeem V-Bucks on Xbox, log in to the console with your account. Then, hover over your account name on the upper-right side of the screen and choose V-Bucks Card from the drop-down menu. Click Get Started on the next screen, scratch the card’s back, and enter the code in the box. Then, log in to your Microsoft account and enter the second code on your Xbox to complete the process.

How do I unlock V-Bucks for free?

You can unlock V-Bucks for free by completing quests and missions.

Do V-Bucks expire?

V-Bucks never expire, but they are also non-transferrable to another account or device.

Why can't I redeem my V-Bucks?

You may be unable to redeem your V-Bucks card because you may have entered the wrong code or Fortnite’s server is down. Try rechecking your entered information, using a different payment method, or reinstalling the game. If nothing works, contact Epic Games Customer Service for further guidance.

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