How to Record Discord Audio in 3 Steps

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How to Record Discord Audio in 3 Steps

Since you can have tons of fun with your friends on Discord, it’s a shame that there’s no built-in feature that lets you record some of the fun moments on Discord servers.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for desktop users to record audio when you using Discord, but you’ll need third-party software to do so. That shouldn’t be a problem, though, and anyone who knows how to install an app can do it quickly.

One of the best apps to record audio while you use Discord is Craig. It’s an add-on that can integrate with a server and record audio on the server with a simple command.

Let’s break down how to download and use it!

Step 1: Download Craig

There are two ways you can set up Craig on your Discord server. The great thing about Craig is that it’s a bot designed specifically for Discord audio recording, so the whole process is very convenient.

Visit the official Craig website and click the Invite Craig to your Discord server button.

You can also use the Download button below to download Craig to your computer and then run the installation manually to add it to your Discord server. The choice is yours. We prefer to invite the Craig bot to your server because it is more convenient.

How to Record Discord Audio in 3 Steps
First, go to the Craig website and download Craig.

Step 2: Grant Craig Access

When you click the Invite Craig to your Discord server button, you will be prompted to sign in with your Discord account. When you log in, you can select a server to add Craig to and share access to your Discord account.

Select your server from the dropdown menu and then click the Next button. In the next step of the process, you’ll need to check a few boxes to confirm how much access you want to grant Craig. You can allow the bot to control the nickname, read and send messages, and connect and add links.

When you’re satisfied with your choice of authorized settings, click the Authorize button. Note, however, that you will need your server to add Craig to the Discord bot or ask the server owner to do it for you.

How to Record Discord Audio in 3 Steps
Frant Craig access to your Discord by selecting the permissions you want authorized.

Step 3: Record Discord Audio

Now that you have Craig Bot on your server and it has some authorization, the last step is to learn how to start the recording process.

This is done by a simple chat command that you can type into the server’s chat room. The command is /join because it allows Craig to record Discord audio in a server’s room.

When you want to stop recording, you type the command /stop in the chat. The recording will then stop and you will see Craig leave the channel automatically.

The good thing is that you can record audio in many different formats. Once you’ve set up the Craig bot and given it permission to access your server, you don’t need any other third-party software to record — you just need to remember the two commands to start and stop recording.

Once the recording is complete, you can download it from Craig’s official website for up to 7 days after recording. You can also set Craig to upload the recording to your Google Drive every time you stop recording.

How to Record Discord Audio in 3 Steps
Type in the /join command to authorize Craig to begin recording. Type /stop when you want to stop the recording.

How to Record Discord Audio: Steps Summarized

  1. Download Craig.
  2. Grant Craig access to your Discord.
  3. Record the audio on Discord that you want.

Wrapping It Up

Hanging out with Discord can be a lot of fun, especially if you gather a lot of your friends in one room and decide to tell jokes or just play games together. Discord doesn’t have an audio recording feature built in, but the next best thing is Craig, the Discord bot that can integrate with a server and record and forward audio on command. This is still a much better option than having third-party software on your computer that you have to launch every time. With Craig, you’ll send just one command in the chat, without wasting too many computer resources in the meantime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Craig free to download?

Yes, Craig the Discord bot is free to download and integrate into a Discord server.

What's the easiest way to start recording using Craig?

When you integrate Craig, the easiest way is to use the command /join to start recording audio in a room on a server.

How long does it take to integrate Craig into your Discord server?

It takes only a couple of minutes and, upon authorizing, Craig will become available immediately.

How to list all Craig commands in a Discord chat?

You can list all available Discord commands for the Craig bot by typing in /. This will open a dropdown menu full of available commands.

Where does the bot store your audio files?

Audio files are stored on the official Craig website but you can also set Craig to upload your audio files directly to your Google Drive account.

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