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Most video game consoles don’t power off like they once did. The earliest versions typically had power buttons somewhere on top to turn them off completely. Today things are much different. Putting your Xbox in rest mode instead of powering it off completely after gaming allows for more functionality but also uses more power.

Keeping your console in rest mode allows it to wake back up so you can start playing quickly. But even more importantly, it allows for remote features to function. This is because the console draws a small amount of power to perform basic functions. In this guide, we will explain how to set your Xbox to enter rest mode by default rather than shutdown.

Step 1: Power the Xbox on

Start by powering on the Xbox. This will ensure your console always uses sleep mode instead of completely shutting down.

Long press the power button on the console.


Step 2: Press the Xbox Button

With the console powered on, press the Xbox button on your controller. This will bring up a menu where you can quickly navigate through some of the console’s key features. However, you need to scroll all the way to the right to get to “Profile & System.”

Xbox button is at the top of your controller.


Step 3: Go to Power Options

Once at the Profile & System section, locate and select “Settings”. The Settings menu will then open, and you can choose “Power Options.” You can modify and get more information on the console’s power usage.

Power options is accessible from the General section.


Step 4: Select “Sleep”

When in Sleep mode, your Xbox starts up faster than when it’s powered off completely.


Finally, you need to change the default setting from “Shutdown” to “Sleep.” As the console notes, this will use more energy. However, it may be worth it if you game frequently and want faster load times. Also, keep in mind that older Xbox consoles like the Xbox One and Xbox 360 have a rest or sleep mode. However, they work a little differently.

Turning Off Your Xbox Console

One surprising thing with the Xbox series S/X is that Microsoft did get many of the same features by shutting down as the console would in sleep mode. Previous generations required the console to be in sleep mode to update automatically. But today, updates can continue even when the Xbox is shut down.

Many users still find it quite annoying to have to wait for their console to boot up. However, it’s crucial to know that keeping the console in rest mode draws more power. Additionally, it is critical to shut down the console manually before unplugging it. Disconnecting the power in rest mode could damage the console.

Play on Your Phone

Streaming games from your Xbox console is one of the main reasons to turn on rest mode rather than shutting the console down. When streaming games from your phone, you need to be able to turn the Xbox on remotely. This “Instant On” feature is only available when the console is in sleep mode. With game streaming, you can game while using your phone as a handheld console.

Protecting Your Xbox

As an avid gamer, it is crucial to protect your Xbox console. Keeping it powered off is not enough to save it from a power surge. One misconception people have is that as long as a device is turned off, it’s not susceptible to damage. Unfortunately, this is not true and a great example of why you should either unplug the console during a lightning storm or use a high-quality surge protector.

How To Put Xbox In Rest Mode In 4 Steps, With Photos FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Does a Shutdown Xbox still draw power?

Yes, an Xbox that is shutdown will still draw a small amount of power. This is similar to all other electronic devices that use a little bit of power when they are plugged in.

How much more power does an Xbox in rest mode use?

An Xbox in rest mode uses about 10-15 watts at all times when not in use. In comparison, an Xbox that is shutdown only uses about 0.5 watts.

Should you disconnect an Xbox from its outlet?

Not necessarily; if you want to conserve power, it is best to set the console to shutdown when not in use. Additionally, you should use a high-quality surge protector to prevent the need for unplugging the console.

Can the Xbox still perform updates when shutdown?

Yes, the Xbox Series consoles can actually perform automatic updates even when it is powered off. This is a departure from other consoles which require the device to be in sleep mode for automatic updates to download and install.

Does the Xbox need to be shutdown before unplugging?

Yes, you should always shutdown your Xbox before unplugging it. Failing to do so could corrupt the console’s memory and cause problems when you try to power it back on.

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