How to Promote Listings on eBay in 3 Steps (With Photos)

Promote eBay listings

How to Promote Listings on eBay in 3 Steps (With Photos)

It only takes a few minutes to list an item for sale on eBay, but getting listings noticed is not that easy. If you’re wondering how to get your eBay listing seen on a platform with more than 100 million buyers, we have the answer. We’ll show you how to promote listings on eBay whether you’re a new seller or a seasoned pro.

What Are eBay Promoted Listings?

If you’ve listed an item on eBay over the past few years, there’s a good chance you’ve been asked if you want to “promote” your listing. It’s an option the platform gives you before taking a listing live, and something that can have a significant impact on sales.

Promoted listings work to give your auctions or “Buy It Now” listings some extra pep. It can ensure the right buyers see your item across eBay’s networks, which typically results in faster sales. It’s easy to set up and use in several ways, although it tends to be underutilized by the masses.

eBay promoted listings can be overlooked by sellers as they come at an additional cost. If your eBay listing is free, you’ll incur a fee with the promotion. The amount of the fee varies but is set by the user based on the total sale amount including shipping, taxes, fees, and the item price itself.

While it may seem complicated, the company makes things simple. You can see exactly how much you’ll pay to promote a listing beforehand. This allows you to adjust accordingly, and decide how much you’re willing to pay for the extra outreach.

How to Set Up Promoted Listings on New Items

If you’re listing a new item on eBay or relisting one that’s ended, promoting them only takes a few steps. While there are easier methods to promote in bulk, this is the best way to hone in on the competition with competitive pricing.

1. Start a Listing

Open eBay on a web browser and click on “Sell” at that top of the page to start a new listing. Fill out all the required details, and scroll to the bottom of the page until you see an area marked “Promoted Listings.” If you have saved, scheduled, or canceled listings, you can access the promoted area the same way.

Image showing eBay listing page
Click on “Sell” at the top of the home page above the search bar to start a new listing.

2. Set Promotion Option

From the promotion section, flip the toggle and then choose an ad rate. Auctions are promoted at a flat rate, but you’ll need to set a rate for BIN listings. eBay will have a “suggested rate” for whatever item you’re selling based on the information in your listing. Adjust the rate to suit your needs and then scroll to the bottom of the listing page.

Image showing promotion options on eBay
Toggle the switch at the top right to promote your listing, then select an ad rate.

3. List the Item

From here, you can preview your listing to see what it looks like to potential buyers or save it. If you’re happy with your listing and promotion settings, choose “List It” to make your listing live on the platform.

List the item.
Preview your listing, then click the blue “List it” button.

How to Promote Listings on eBay from the Seller Hub

If you already have listings on eBay, it can be challenging to check and see what you want to promote. Nobody wants to click through a hundred pages for their storefront. eBay’s Seller Hub makes promoting listings simple by allowing you to handle things in bulk.

One way to promote a listing is through the “Sell it Faster” button. To access this feature, go to your Seller Hub by clicking on “Sell” at the top of eBay’s website. You can choose active listings from the panel on the right side of the page to bring up any listings currently active on the platform.

To promote a listing from here, click on the box next to the listing and choose “Sell it Faster.” From the drop-down menu click on “Promote” to bring up a new window. Now you have access to the “Promote your listing” page, which allows you to set a fixed or dynamic ad rate.

Image showing how to promote from the seller hub
Click on an active listing, then select “Sell it Faster” to bring up the “Promote your listing” page.

Dynamic Rate

The dynamic ad rate varies depending on the item, competition, and eBay’s algorithms. The rate can change on a daily basis. That’s great if you want to stay competitive. It can also be a shock if something sells at a higher price than you expected. eBay has the dynamic rate set for 9.0% on our listing. Setting it at a lower rate can save a considerable amount of money on fees. When you have the rate set for your listing, click on promote to complete the edit.

If you want to promote listings in bulk, you can use the same steps to accomplish this. Instead of choosing a single listing, click on the box to select all of your listings on the page. You can’t set individual rates with this method. You can promote a number of items at the same percentage at once, however.

The Wrap-Up

Promoting a listing on eBay will only take a few seconds of your time, and the company makes the process a breeze for power sellers as well. It’s a practice we highly advise if you’re having trouble moving goods, and it can also bring attention to other items you have for sale or your eBay storefront.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are eBay promoted listings worth the money?

That all depends on the item you want to sell, and how quickly you want to sell it. It can bring extra eyes to your listing, but your item’s price tag also has an impact.

Will an eBay promoted listing show up on Google search?

Yes, promoted listings can show up across eBay partner sites and search engines like Google.

What do eBay's advanced promoted listings do?

Advance promoted listings give users more control over promotions and how they advertise on the platform.

Can you use eBay promoted listings through third-party sites?

Yes, InkFrog, Auctiva, Linnworks, and more services will work with eBay’s promoted listing feature.

Will advanced promoted listings look different than standard promotions on site?

No, using the advanced tools doesn’t change how your listing appears to buyers on eBay or other sites.

Can you promote anything through the eBay promoted listing feature?

While you can promote almost anything, real estate, vehicles, and some other categories are excluded.

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