How To Print Text Messages From Android In 4 Easy Steps

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How To Print Text Messages From Android In 4 Easy Steps

Text messaging has been around for over 30 years, and it’s something millions of people use every day. Your phone can hold plenty of texts, but what if you want to keep one forever? One way to do that is with printing, and you can print text messages on Android in a variety of ways.

We’re going to cover three of the most popular options to get your texts to the printer, and you might be surprised by how easy it is to accomplish.

How to Print Text Messages on Android through Email

This is the easiest way to capture a text and print it for safekeeping. It’s something you can do from any smartphone or tablet with a messaging app. With this method, you’ll only need a few minutes of your time, a printer, and an email address.

1. Locate the Text Message

Before you can print a text message on Android, you’ll need to pull up the text on your device. Go to your SMS messaging app, and locate the text message you want to print off. Make sure to have it on the main screen of your phone for this next step.

Find the text message you’d like to print on your device.

2. Take a Screenshot

When you have the text message front and center, it’s time to take a screenshot. This process can vary slightly depending on your device but typically involves the power and volume buttons. While we used the Volume Down and Power Key, you can use this guide to see how to take a screenshot on Android.

Take the screenshot of the SMS text.

3. Share the Screenshot

Once you have the screenshot, you can use the share function to send it to various devices. Screenshots are saved in the gallery folder on Android smartphones when taken with the stock app. Locate your screenshot, select it, and scroll through the sharing options until you see your email provider.

Find and share the screenshot via email or other ways.

4. Email and Print

On your email app, enter an email address where you can retrieve the image you’re sending to yourself. Click send, and then print the text off on a printer in your home.

Compose and print an email with your text.

This should work with any smartphone. Some devices have a built-in sharing feature. Samsung Galaxy phones have “Quick Share,” which lets you send content to other devices directly. While not helpful for printing a text, you can use the copy link feature. This allows you to view texts from a webpage link, which you can print from a PC.

Create a shareable link on your device.

How to Print Text Messages on Android with Wireless Printers

This method uses the stock messaging app on Android. Apps that come pre-installed on your phone and most text messaging apps don’t have a print screen function, so you’ll need to use this workaround. This allows you to print a text or screen full of texts directly to a wireless printer.

1. Turn on Bluetooth

Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone and make sure your wireless printer is turned on and connected to your home network.

Go to the control panel and turn on Bluetooth.

2. Screenshot your Text

Open the SMS app on your phone or tablet, find the message you want to print, and take a screenshot of the text.

3. Locate and Edit the Screenshot

Go to the gallery app on your device and find the screenshot you’ve taken. Make any edits to the screenshot, and then choose Share.

Find and modify the screenshot with your SMS text.

4. Send to Printer

When you tap on the share icon, you’ll see a list of ways you can share the screenshot. If you don’t see “printer” on the list, scroll over and select More to bring up new options. Look for an option that says Printer and select it.

Select the option to print your message.

5. Print the Text

Depending on your smartphone, you may have the option to make additional changes to your captured text here or convert the photo to other formats like a PDF.

Select any options related to your printer and how you’d like the text printed. When you’re ready, ensure your phone is within Bluetooth range and choose print and wait for your text message to pop out of the printer.

Connect to a printer and then print out the text.

How to Print Text Messages on Android with SMS Backup Apps

While Google and Android provide ways to back up text messages, they don’t make printing or sharing them offline simple. Printing screenshots works, but some apps have similar features and functions.

One popular option is ideal for people with Windows-based PCs. Microsoft Phone Link or Link to Windows lets users sync their smartphones to their PCs in seconds. This program opens the doors to several unique features including the ability to send and receive texts from a desktop PC or laptop. From there, you can print, edit and manage text messages.

If you want to take things a step further and are willing to switch SMS apps, consider Messages by Google. This texting app allows you to send and manage messages across synced devices. It’s a fantastic app for heavy texters and has nifty features including end-to-end encryption and spam blocking.  

Select the option to print from backups.

Another option is SMS Backup & Restore from SyncTech. This highly-rated app lets you back up your SMS messages. It is incredibly easy to use. Witg a few taps, you can restore messages.The real draw is hidden behind the menu, however, with a Print from backups feature. While other apps can perform the same function, few can do it quite as well as this one.

The Wrap-Up

People save and print text messages for various reasons not just safekeeping. From submitting evidence to court to preserving memories from a loved one, printing text messages is more common than most people think. The only drawback to the methods in our guide is ink, so you’ll want to turn dark mode off and optimize texts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you retrieve deleted text messages and print them?

It depends on how they were deleted and how long they’ve been in the trash bin. Check your device’s SMS settings and the recycle bin for that program.

What’s the best way to download all text messages?

Through an SMS app with a backup/export feature or programs like SMS Backup & Restore.

Should you convert a text message conversation to PDF?

While that’s an option with some SMS apps, we feel it’s a personal preference depending on the user’s needs.

Are there programs that edit screenshots to conserve ink?

A few programs have features that help optimize prints, but in most cases, you’ll need to make adjustments manually to cut back on ink.

Can you print an entire text message from a smartphone?

Yes, but currently the easiest way to do so is through a series of screenshots.

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