How to Print on a Mac, With Photos

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How to Print on a Mac, With Photos

Printing any page on a Mac is super easy, and you can even do it with a keyboard shortcut. Pressing Command + P on any page will bring up the print menu, and you can modify how it comes out. You can also do this by going into the top menu bar and selecting the print option.

Some applications also have print settings, so you can click a button to bring up a print menu. This is great for programs like Numbers (or Excel), so you can adjust what cells print and if you want to print the grid. But before all that, you will need to connect a printer to your Mac.

Step 1: Go to a Page

How to Print on a Mac
You can print a web page, app or a website on your Mac.


First, start by opening an app, document, or website to print. This method will work on nearly every page you visit.

Step 2: Select File

How to Print on a Mac
Print option is accessible from the File tab in the top menu.


Once you get to the exact page you want to print, look for and click on the File button on the top left side of the screen.

Step 3: Choose Print

How to Print on a Mac
Under file, you will see the Print button, which is the last item on the menu,


A drop-down menu should now be open. At the bottom of the menu should be a Print button you need to click on.

Step 4: Adjust Settings

How to Print on a Mac
You can select to only print certain pages or flip the page to landscape mode.


Now is the time to make changes to how the page prints. A convenient preview on the side shows exactly how the page will appear. The printer it will go to is noted on the top, but you can also change printers or add from here.

The paper’s default size is set to Letter, but you can adjust it. Also, be sure to set whether or not you want to print double-sided if your printer supports it.

Step 5: Click Print

How to Print on a Mac
You can indicate the number of copies to print



Once everything is set and you are ready, go ahead and click the print button to send it to your printer.

Print on Mac With Command P

Keyboard shortcuts are awesome and can save time from navigating various menus. Command P on a Mac is a well-known way to print any page quickly. This effectively does the same thing as Ctrl P on a PC.

Be sure you are on the correct page before hitting Command P because you may have another page selected and not realize it. All you have to do is click on a page to ensure it is selected.

Once you hit Command P, the Print window will open, where you can make any necessary changes and set your printer. Then, hit the print button whenever you are ready.

If you’re looking to master printing on a Mac, this informative video is a must-watch! Unlock the secrets of seamless printing as the tutorial takes you step by step through the process. Say goodbye to printing woes and hello to hassle-free document printing on your Mac.

Print Something Specific on a Mac

If you need to print only part of a file or document, you can also do that too. To print a section of text on a page, highlight the text and then Command P.

Not all applications will support this functionality. For example, you cannot print a selected part of a page in Safari. However, other programs like Google Chrome allow you to print selected text.

Another option to print something is to use the functionality built into a program. Microsoft Word on a Mac is just one application that has print options. This generally gives you more control over the document and how it prints.

How to Add a Printer to a Mac

Now that you know how to print a page, you may still need to connect the printer to your Mac. If you use a cord printer, go ahead and plug it into a USB port. To print via WiFi, ensure the computer and printer are connected to the same network.

Then, go to System Settings on your Mac and select “Printers & Scanners” in the menu. Next, click the “Add Printer, Scanner…” button. A new window will open, and all you have to do is wait for your printer to appear before selecting it on the list and finally selecting “Add.”

Your printer should now be added and ready to use. To print, make sure you select the printer in the print menu. You can add a printer from any print menu by selecting “Add Printer” from the selection drop-down menu.


Now that you know how to print any page on a Mac, you should never have a problem. If, for some reason, you can’t print a page, take a screenshot of it by pressing Command, Shift, and 3. From there, you can print the screenshot like any other picture. Remember to hit Command P to print a page even if you can’t find the print button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there no print button?

Not all programs and apps have a print button. For instance, there is no option to print in Finder. However, you can always take a screenshot and then print the picture.

Does Control P work on a Mac?

Control P is a Windows shortcut, and Macs do not have a Control button. Instead, you need to press Command P to print.

Can you print wirelessly on a Mac?

Yes, you can print wirelessly from your Mac as long as the printer supports the function.

Does Apple have a printer?

No, Apple currently does not sell a printer. However, you can use almost any printer with a Mac.

Can you scan to a Mac?

Yes, you can scan to a Mac just like you would with a PC.

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