How To Print A PDF On Mac, With Photos

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How To Print A PDF On Mac, With Photos

Are you trying to send an image or document, and it is required to be a PDF? PDF files are universally accepted across all platforms, which makes them super simple to send anywhere. Whether it is a JPG, PNG, TIFF, or DOC file, you can “Print” these files into a PDF. When we say print, you don’t need a printer to complete this process. So the name is a bit of a misnomer.

In this case, printing a file into a PDF creates a document or image file in a new format while still retaining the original layout of the file. Of course, cause we all know the struggle of copying and pasting a full document into another program, the layout is screwed up. However, printing, or saving it as a PDF, has become such a standard across the board that this feature is included by default on most products.

In this article, you will learn how to print a PDF on Mac. After you are done, you can share and send files to your heart’s content, and no more formatting issues will stop you. On Mac products, you can print to PDF in any program that supports traditional printing.

Advantages Of Using PDFs

Digital documentation has become more important than ever over the last couple of years. You may be asking yourself why have PDFs been solidified as the king of file formats. We can come up with 5 main reasons why PDFs are the favorite file type for sharing and businesses.

Great for Sharing and Collaborating

PDFs are the perfect file type because they are relatively small. And if you need to compress them, you can find our article here to learn how to make PDFs smaller. Not only are PDFs smaller, but regardless of what device you are using, whether it be a desktop, laptop, or smartphone, it will look the same.

Collaboration is easy with PDFs, whether you edit internally or edit with another file type and then convert it into a PDF for sharing. Suppose you are doing a lot of collaboration with PDFs. We recommend looking at Adobe Acrobat to make the process more streamlined.

Universally Compatible

PDF files are compatible with all operating systems, even mobile ones. Even though Adobe created the PDF format, you do not need specific software from Adobe to open and create PDFs. Besides digital file sharing, PDFs are also perfect for physical printing.

Regardless of the way you created a PDF file, wherever you share this file with anyone you want. Whether you are using a method like the one, we are describing in this article or creating it directly through a program like Adobe Acrobat.


PDF files can be easily password protected so that people can read these files but cannot make edits to them without your permission. This makes sending contracts as PDFs an excellent idea so that the signees cannot tamper with the contract.

You can also set higher levels of security on PDFs, so if you want to protect a PDF file from even being read without a password, using an app like Adobe Acrobat allows you to do that easily.


When compared to a traditional word document and most other file types, PDFS are very customizable. They allow you to change the way your document looks without compromising the overall quality of the file.

For example, you can change the margins, font size, and page orientation of a PDF document without affecting the quality of the document.

Easy To Create

PDFs are easy to create and edit. Making them perfect for keeping track of things like surveys, tax documents, and even recipes. Additionally, since PDFs are easily opened on most devices, you’ll never have to worry about losing access to your important data.

How To Print a PDF on Mac

Before getting started, open up the file or even the web page that you want to save as a PDF. For our example screenshots, we will be using a web page from Safari.

1. Click File

No matter what app you are using, to start the printing process, typically click on File in the top toolbar menu. Unfortunately, we cannot think of any specific apps that use a different starting step than File, but we did not want to exclude the possibility.

How to Print a PDF on Mac
Click File

2. Print

Next, click on Print from the bottom of the drop down menu.

How to Print a PDF on Mac

3. Make Any Adjustments As Needed

Now with the print window up, you can make any adjustments like you would normally do when printing physically. For example, you can change the page range and color style if you want to save it in black and white.

Any change that you make here will be reflected in the PDF you save.

How to Print a PDF on Mac
Make Any Adjustments As Needed

4. Click The PDF Button

In the lower left-hand corner, click on the small drop down menu with a blue downwards-facing arrow to the right of it.

How to Print a PDF on Mac
Click The PDF Button

5. Select Save As PDF

From this menu, click on Save As PDF.

How to Print a PDF on Mac
Select Save As PDF

6. Choose Save Location and Save The File

In this window, you can choose the save location of your new PDF file. If this file is already saved as a file on your computer with a different file type, we recommend changing the name so you can easily identify the PDF version.

After you have the file name and location set, click Save in the bottom right corner of the window.

How to Print a PDF on Mac
Choose Save Location and Save The File

Check out the video below for more information about printing a PDF on a Mac.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell if a PDF has been manipulated?

Yes, changes can be made to PDFs. If you’re wondering whether a PDF sent for signature or review has been altered, Adobe Acrobat Pro’s Compare Files tool can inform you with a list of exactly what changes, if any, were made and when.

How do I find hidden information on a PDF?

You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Pro to do this, but if you do, you can see hidden information in a PDF if there is. To do so, select the Preview button to view the hidden text. Select the Show Preview button at the bottom. Of the dialogue box, Select Show Hidden Text from the preview of the document. You can scroll through your PDF pages using the double arrow buttons on the gray Acrobat navigation bar.

Do PDFs expire?

PDF files do not expire by default, but you can set an expiration date as a security measure if you want to. Once a PDF file has expired, it can no longer be opened. Users cannot unlock or open expired PDF files. When a PDF file has expired, an expiry message will be displayed.

Can PDFs be hacked?

Just like any other file type, they, unfortunately, can be used by hackers to send malicious files to your computer. To avoid becoming a victim of one of these hacks or viruses, do not open PDF files from senders that you do not recognize. Even if you recognize the person sending the file, check to see if the email looks suspicious before downloading and opening the file.

How secure is a PDF file?

Theoretically, PDF files are a very secure file type. But with the Encrypt option, you can secure the entire document with either a certificate or a password. That means no one without the proper credentials will be able to open the PDF. If you are concerned about your PDF’s security, we highly recommend encrypting or password-protecting your files before sharing them with anyone. You can set multiple levels of security, so people can view the PDF file but not edit them in any way.

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