Worldle: How to Play a Geography Version of Wordle

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Worldle: How to Play a Geography Version of Wordle

What is Worldle? You’ve no doubt heard of the viral app Wordle, a word-guessing game that captivated scores of people during the pandemic. As you might imagine, the concept has proven to be wildly popular with a variety of different offshoots and takes on the genre. Worldle, emphasis on “world,” isn’t a game built around guessing a word or phrase. Rather, it is focused on the geography of the world.

Thankfully, getting started with playing Worldle isn’t too demanding. If you’re a geography whiz, you might honestly love the game. If you need some help getting started, you’re in the right place. This guide will cover everything you need to know about playing this game.

How to Play Worldle

Playing Worldle doesn’t require a lot on your end. However, I’m not very geographically minded, so my example images are going to be more of an embarrassment than anything. Getting into Worldle doesn’t require much investment or time.

What You’ll Need

To play Worldle you’ll need a few things. It isn’t quite like Wordle in having a readily accessible mobile app. However, you can play it on just about any platform available today. To play Worldle, you’ll need the following:

  • A computer, smartphone, or tablet with a web browser
  • Some free time
  • A good working knowledge of world geography

That’s it — you don’t need anything else to play Worldle. There are mobile apps and alternative takes on the concept available, but the one we are looking at today is the first, and in my opinion, the best around. This holds true even though I am terrible at the game.

Go to the Site

To get started playing Worldle, you’ll need to navigate to the site. Before you go off Googling and looking for the right site, this one here is the one we’ll be using for the entirety of this guide. I don’t have any Android devices to test on in my home, but it works well on my Windows desktop and Apple laptop. It also runs just fine on my iPhone and iPad, despite not having a native mobile app to use.

As far as I can tell, this is the first and best take on the game. I have a fair bit of experience playing Wordle, as my wife and I used to compete at the game during the height of the pandemic. However, I haven’t been able to convince her to join me in playing Worldle just yet. All the same, I have yet to get one of these challenges correct so far.

Guess the Country or Territory

You’re given up to six guesses to get the clue correct when playing Worldle.

The concept behind Worldle is the same as Wordle. You’re given a puzzle of sorts, and you’ll have to enter your guess. You get six chances in total to complete the challenge. Now, if you flunk out, like I usually do, don’t worry. You get access to a new game daily, which can help bolster your knowledge of world geography.

The hints themselves are usually just an image of the country or territory. These can range from countries around the world to states, provinces, and other territories you might find within a country. At the time of this writing, today’s territory or country is Eritrea. I got close but certainly didn’t get anywhere near where it should be with the guessing.

Understanding the Rules of Worldle

As we noted, the rules of Worldle are fairly simple for the daily game. You’ll be given a picture of a country or territory as shown in the image above. From there, it is up to you to make up to six guesses in total to get the question correct. During the game, each guess will give you a percentage to let you know how accurate your guess is. As you can probably surmise, getting a higher percentage lets you hone in on the answer.

Given that today’s answer is Eritrea, I did get fairly close by guessing around the Mediterranean and Balkans. Sadly, I should’ve thought to look at Northern Africa before deciding that I needed to keep guessing about Europe. The rules are unchanging, so you can readily take a stab at guessing after reading through this guide.

Accessing the Bonus Round

There are up to six bonus rounds playable daily at Worldle.

After completing the day’s guess, you’ll be given access to a bonus round. The objectives here can differ. I was asked to identify three countries that border Eritrea, which wasn’t too hard now that I knew I was looking in North Africa. From there I was able to do the best I’ve ever done on one of these bonus rounds for the sake of creating this guide.

There are other bonus rounds as well, like guessing the capital of a country. These can test your mettle and knowledge of the world, with questions like the most populated cities, official currency, and identifying the flags. After guessing the question of the day, you’ve got access to six bonus rounds in total. Getting these correct can serve as a welcome ego boost, or at least it does for me.

Using Worldle on Mobile Devices

Accessing Worldle on your mobile device is as simple as just navigating to the main site.

Playing Worldle on your mobile device is as easy as can be. You just need to navigate to the main site and you can play from there. You don’t have to mess around with your phone’s keyboard if you don’t want to. I do find the ability to type in the name of a country or a territory to be a must for using this. The screenshot for this step was taken on my fifth-generation iPad Air, and you can see I have feature parity.

Other screenshots for this guide were directly taken from my MacBook Air, running the latest version of Firefox. Suffice it to say, if you want to get your daily fix of geography, Worldle has you covered no matter the platform. You could potentially play it on a game console or smart TV web browser, but that might not prove to be an ideal way to enjoy the game.

New Game Arrivals

So, when can you expect to play a new round of Worldle? You get a brand-new clue daily, at midnight your time. This isn’t reliant on some world clock, but rather it is entirely dependent on your local clock. As such, like me, you can immediately go play a new round after the clock strikes midnight.

This isn’t a time-sink sort of game, like my New York Times crossword subscription. However, just having this available as an option is wonderful for daily play. I love brain teasers, so having a brand-new one that calls on a seldom-used skill set of mine is fantastic. That said, you might be more attuned to the world than I am, which might make things a breeze for you.

Closing Thoughts

So, should you play Worldle? I think it is a fantastic way to spend a bit of time daily. I usually sit down and go through several word puzzles and other brain teasers. Adding Worldle to my current rotation has been a welcome change from the deluge of crossword puzzles I generally do.

You certainly don’t have to speculate, you can go play today for free. There isn’t a dedicated mobile app sadly, but the main game is a lot of fun and well worth spending a few minutes a day to guess.

How to Play Wordle Summary

1. Navigate to the Worldle site.
2. Guess today’s country or territory.
3. Try to get your guess as close as possible to the hint, or guess it outright.
4. Play the bonus rounds if you’d like an extra challenge.
5. Mobile users can access the site natively through their smartphone or tablet’s browser.
6. Wait for the daily reset to play tomorrow’s clue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need an account to play Worldle?

Not at all, although having a free account does allow you to track your daily progress.

Is Worldle free to play?

Yes, you don’t need to pay subscriptions or anything of that nature. The site is supported by harmless ads.

How often do Worldle clues update?

You’ll get new clues and bonus rounds every day at midnight your local time.

Do you need to be a world geography expert to play Worldle?

No, but that certainly does help. For me, it has bolstered my knowledge of the world, at least in terms of how countries appear on the map.

Are the bonus rounds tough?

They can be, especially if it is an unfamiliar country.

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