How to Play Tanks on iMessage

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How to Play Tanks on iMessage

Key Points

  • Tanks on iMessage is a popular game available through the GamePigeon app.
  • GamePigeon is a gaming app with a variety of mini-games that can be played through iMessage.
  • To play Tanks on iMessage, both parties need to have the GamePigeon app installed.
  • Tanks on iMessage is a lightweight and fun game that is easy to access and play.

The iPhone is full of cool tricks, including the ability to play games through SMS messaging. We’ll show you how to play Tanks on iMessage, one of the more popular options through a service called GamePigeon. Whether you’re new to iMessage gaming or are considering expanding your collection of iMessage games, our guide has you covered.

How to Play Tanks on iMessage on an iPhone

The App Store is full of great games, so there’s truly something for everyone. That includes people who prefer bite-sized entertainment. iMessage is an overlooked app that gives iPhone users a unique way to play select titles with their contacts. Tanks on iMessage is not one of the those games, however.

To play Tanks on iMessage, you’ll need to download an additional app called GamePigeon. GamePiegon for iPhone is a gaming app that has more than a dozen mini-games available at any time. Tanks is one of them and a great way to have some light-hearted fun with people in your contacts list.

What Is GamePigeon?

GamePigeon is an app from developer Vitalii Zlotskii that launched in 2016. It arrived along with iOS 10, which expanded the way users can interact with iMessage. It’s a lightweight iOS app that’s free to download, although there are some in-app purchases.

1. Download the GamePigeon App

Download GamePigeon on your iPhone from the App Store.


To access Tanks through GamePigeon, you’ll need to download the official app. Open the App Store on your iPhone and tap on the Search icon. Type in GamePigeon, and you should see the app appear towards the top of the list. Tap on Get to start the download and add GamePigeon to your iPhone.

Unlike many iPhone apps, you won’t see an icon on your Home Screen for GamePigeon, although it’s easy to access. Before you invite a friend to a game, it’s a good idea to check out your profile. You can find it by opening the app through the App Store and selecting Settings from the menu. From here, you can make an avatar and make a few adjustments to music and sound.

This is also where you can access the GamePigeon Store. There are in-app purchases for several games and a variety of locked avatars. While you can choose new skins for pool sticks or darts, there are no extras listed for Tanks at this time.

2. Make Sure Both Parties Have Installed GamePigeon

A group of young people having fun and celebrating while watching and playing games on mobile phone together
You and your contact must both have GamePigeon installed to play Tanks on iMessage.

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Keep in mind, in order to play Tanks on iMessage, both parties will need to have GamePigeon installed. We’ll walk you through the process of getting a game going, but you’re on your own when it comes to convincing your friends and family. We’re using iOS 17, so our images and methods will differ somewhat from older versions of the operating system.

3. Locate Tanks in the GamePigeon App

Choose tanks from the list of games in GamePigeon.


Once you have GamePigeon installed, starting a game of Tanks is simple. You can find the game through the App Store using the method we mentioned above. You can also fire up Tanks straight from your contacts list, regardless of whether the recipient has the app installed.

Select a contact and then tap on the “+” symbol next to where you type. When the pop-up menu appears, scroll through the list and select More. Now you’ll have a larger list of options and should see GamePigeon.

Choose GamePigeon to open the interface on your iPhone and then scroll through the games until you see Tanks.

4. Send Your Contact an Invitation to Play Tanks

Tanks on iMessage
Select Tanks from the list of games and send your contact an invitation to play.


Tap on Tanks to send an invitation to play the game to your contact, and wait for their response.

The Wrap-Up

Tanks on iMessage is a great way to kill some time without getting sucked into time-consuming games, and it certainly won’t take up much space on your iPhone. It’s not the deepest game, but it is a lot of fun if you appreciate titles that specialize in quick combat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any GamePigeon alternatives for iPhone?

Yes, you can find other services with similar mini-games on the App Store and for Android devices.

Can you play an iMessage game with anyone?

As long as they accept your request, you can play games through messaging with any iPhone user.

Do you have to use GamePigeon for iMessage games?

No, there are a handful of titles from other developers you can play through the iPhone’s messaging service.

Are iMessage games available for Android?

iMessage games will only work with iPhones and are incompatible with Android smartphones or tablets.

Is it free to play games through iMessage on an iPhone?

You shouldn’t be charged for playing any game unless you choose in-app purchases or don’t have a cellular plan with limited data or texts.

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