How to Play Sea Battle on iMessage on an iPhone

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How to Play Sea Battle on iMessage on an iPhone

Millions of people send messages through iMessage each day, but it’s also a fun way to play mini-games with friends. If you enjoy naval combat, you’ll have a blast with Sea Battle on iMessage. The game is available through GamePigeon, and our guide will walk you through the process of playing Sea Battle on iMessage using any iPhone.

GamePigeon Explained

Mini-games have been popular for decades, and GamePigeon is an app that allows you to play them through iMessage. Launched in 2016 by developer Vitalii Zlotskii, this all-in-one iPhone app contains more than a dozen games with a little something for everyone.

The app acts as an extension of the SMS messaging service and is free for any iPhone user to download. Their game catalog is subject to change but currently contains titles like Chess, Shuffleboard, Filler, Tanks, and Sea Battle.

Sea Battle is essentially a miniature version of Battleship. That game is perfect for two players, and so is Sea Battle. While you can’t play this title or other GamePiegon games with people on Android, we’ll show you how to get started with the game on any device with iMessage.

How to Play Sea Battle on iMessage on an iPhone

Before you pick up GamePigeon and try to play Sea Battle, you’ll want to make sure the person on the other end of the message is ready to roll. Both players have to download GamePigeon. If the recipient doesn’t have the app, they’ll receive a prompt asking them to grab the GamePigeon from the App Store.

1. Download GamePigeon

Go to the App Store on your iPhone and download GamePigeon from this link.

Download GamePigeon from the App Store.


2. Open iMessage

Open iMessage and start a new conversation or select one. At the bottom of the screen, tap on the + symbol to open a new menu.

Start or choose a message, and tap on the + symbol.


3. Access GamePigeon

From this menu, tap on More and then choose GamePigeon from the list of applications that appear.

Choose GamePigeon from the list.


4. Select Sea Battle

Now, you’ll see a menu with a list of games. Scroll through this list until you find Sea Battle, and select it to start a game with the recipient of the message.

Locate and select Sea Battle to begin a new game.


How to Remove GamePigeon

While SMS gaming is a blast, it’s not for everyone. If you don’t like GamePigeon or just want to remove it, you’ll be in for a surprise. You can’t remove it like traditional apps, and there is no home screen icon. Instead, you’ll need to head to a different section of the Settings app.

To remove GamePigeon, go to the Settings menu on your iPhone. Swipe and scroll through the list of options until you see Messages and the familiar icon. Choose it to open up the settings for the Messaging app. From here, choose the section labeled iMessage Apps.

You should see GamePigeon listed on this menu, as shown in the screenshot below. Tap on the red minus symbol, and an option to Delete will appear on the right. Select Delete to remove GamePigeon from your iPhone.

You can remove GamePigeon through the Settings menu on your phone.


The Wrap-Up

Playing Sea Battle, or any GamePigeon title, only takes a few taps once you set things up. It’s one of the fastest ways to play a minigame with friends on an iPhone and an interesting use of the iMessage application as well. Just remember that to play Sea Battle through iMessage on an iPhone, GamePigeon must be installed on your friend’s iPhone, too. Then, they can join or start a game through iMessage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GamePigeon available for Android or other platforms?

The application is designed for iMessage and only works on Apple’s platform.

Can anyone play Sea Battle on an iPhone?

Yes, as long as they have GamePigeon installed on their iPhones, they can join or start a game through iMessage.

What’s the best messaging app for iPhones?

That comes down to personal preference, as there are dozens of great messaging apps for the platform. Many people enjoy iMessage when sending texts, photos, and videos to friends and family with Apple devices.

Does GamePigeon charge money to play their games?

No, the apps and gameplay are free at this time, although there are some in-app purchases.

Can more than one person play a game with GamePigeon on iMessage?

While most games are two-player, there are a few titles that allow for 3-4 players or more.

What’s the stock messaging app for the iPhone?

The app included on every iPhone is called the Messages app. You can use the app to send SMS messages to those outside of the Apple ecosystem, or use iMessage to message others with Apple devices.

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