How to Play Mancala on iMessage

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How to Play Mancala on iMessage

Not many people know that there are iMessage add-ons that expand the use of stickers, share content from third-party apps, and even play games like Mancala.

If you’re looking for the best way to pass the time while chatting with friends and family, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to play Mancala in iMessage on your iPhone in just a few minutes, so let’s break it down!

How to Play Mancala on iMessage on an iPhone: Step-by-Step

If you didn’t know you could play Mancala with your friends using iMessage, here are a few simple steps to start your first Mancala match in minutes.

Step 1: Open the App Store in the iMessage App

When you open iMessage on your iPhone, select a conversation (or start one if you don’t already have one).

Just below the chat box is a slider bar with many apps and features you can use. The App Store is the first icon, and when you click on it, you’ll see the App Store home page in a smaller pop-up.

Note: If you don’t see the slider full of apps, click on the gray App Store icon next to the chat to open the slider. When you see the slider, proceed to the next step because that’s exactly where you’ll find GamePigeon, which is needed to play Mancala.

How to Play Mancala on iMessage
Open the App Store in iMessage.


Step 2: Download GamePigeon

Use the search function in the iMessage App Store to find the GamePigeon app.

Press the download button to download and install GamePigeon. This will extend your iMessage functionality and let you play games with your friends on your iPhone.

Once GamePigeon is downloaded and installed, scroll through the slider bar to find the GamePigeon icon. Clicking on the GamePigeon app will bring up a pop-up full of interactive games, including Mancala.

How to Play Mancala on iMessage
Download GamePigeon.


Step 3: Play Mancala

Clicking on the GamePigeon app will open a small menu where you can browse the available games you can play with iMessage. In the fourth row, you’ll find Mancala. If you click on it, you will add it to your iMessage chat box.

Send the Mancala invitation to your friend, and from there you can click on the Mancala you see in the chat to open the game. When your friend installs GamePigeon and opens your Mancala invitation, the game will start and you will play against each other.

How to Play Mancala on iMessage
Send the Mancala invitation to your friend and play!


Do You Need Wi-Fi to Play Mancala on iMessage on Your iPhone?

Yes, iMessage works over Wi-Fi and eliminates paying for text messages while still sending them to other iPhone, iPad, and Mac users for free. So, to play games like Mancala in iMessage, you’ll always need a Wi-Fi connection.

Keep in mind that a Mancala game can last up to 3 hours if both players are familiar with the game, so you should have a strong Wi-Fi connection. Remember that iMessage also works with cellular data, but you may need to enable this feature in your settings.

Wrapping Up

Mancala is a lot of fun because the winner is not only determined by luck but also by practice and skill. Playing against your friends and family is much more fun for these reasons.

Even if you need to download the GamePigeon app, it’s only necessary to do so once, and after that, you can start the game in seconds. Of course, this includes all other available games in GamePigeon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can a Mancala match last?

A proper Mancala match can last up to 2 hours, depending on the skills of both opponents. Since it’s not a game of luck but rather skill and knowledge, prepare for a game to last even longer if both players are experienced.

Is Mancala a game of luck or skill?

Mancala is a game of skill because calculation and strategy are involved which determine the outcome. The more you play the game, the better your results will be.

Is Mancala free to play on GamePigeon?

Yes, Mancala is free to play using GamePigeon in iMessage. There is also a wide range of other free games you can play within the GamePigeon.

How long does it take to set up GamePigeon?

It only takes minutes, depending on your internet speed. When both games download GamePigeon in iMessage, an invitation can be sent out immediately.

How does a Mancala game end?

The game ends when players don’t have any more stones left in their 6 circles. Luckily, the game tracks the rules and in-game mechanism so you’ll be notified when the game is done.

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