How to Play 20 Questions on iMessage

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How to Play 20 Questions on iMessage

20 Questions is a fun game where a friend or family member has to guess your secret word in 20 questions or less. It’s not a new game, but it has a whole new approach as iPhone users can play it via iMessage. All you have to do is download the game app, which lets you play the game directly in your private iMessage chat.

The great thing is that you only need an internet connection and you can play the game remotely with your friends at any time of the day.

Below we’ll show you exactly how to play 20 Questions on iMessage on iPhone, so let’s break it down!

How to Play 20 Questions on iMessage on an iPhone: Step-by-Step

All you need is an iPhone and an internet connection. Everything else you need for your first round of 20 Questions is down below!

Step 1: Open the App Store in the iMessage App

The first and most important step is to download GamePigeon, an app that lets you play games directly in iMessage.

Open iMessage and open a private chat. At the bottom of the screen to the left of the chat box, there is an App Store icon. Click on the App Store icon and the standard App Store page will open.

Note: If you don’t see an App Store icon in the sliding menu, click on the gray App Store icon to open the slider. In the slider, you’ll see the same icon (but its color is blue), which is what you need to click on.

How to Play 20 Questions on iMessage
Open the App Store in Message.


Step 2: Install GamePigeon

The next step is to search for the GamePigeon app in the App Store using the search bar.

When you download the app, it will install and allow you to play games directly in iMessage private conversations. It won’t take longer than a minute or two for it to install. Once it’s ready, you’ll find it in the slider below the chat in iMessage.

How to Play 20 Questions on iMessage
Install GamePigeon.


Step 3: Play 20 Questions

When you install the GamePigen app, use the slider bar in the iMessage app to find the GamePigeon icon. Once you find it, click on the icon and a new menu will open with games.

When you click on the 20 Questions game icon, you add the game to your chat box. From there, you just need to send the message so that the game invitation will be visible to your contact in the chat.

When the game invitation appears in the chat and both you and your contact enter the game, you’ll start a 20 Questions match.

How to Play 20 Questions on iMessage
Open 20 Questions and send your friend the invitation. Once they accept, you’ll start playing!


How Does the 20 Questions Game Work on an iPhone?

When you and your contact enter the game via iMessage, one of you two sets a secret word while the other person must try to guess the word. The game follows the same rules. While one player asks 20 Questions, the other player has to answer the questions.

Depending on how many rounds you play, the person who wins the most rounds with the fewest questions to solve the secret words wins.

Wrapping Up

20 Questions can be a super fun but sometimes frustrating game, and that’s why it’s best to play it with someone you know to make it even more interesting.

While other apps can match you up with strangers and are harder to set up, iPhone users just need to add GamePigeon to their iMessage app. From there, you can play 20 Questions or choose from dozens of other games that work the same way through the iMessage app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install GamePigeon?

GamePigeon is a fairly lightweight app and it only takes a minute or two to install. However, the download time will also depend on the speed of your internet connection.

Is GamePigeon free to use?

Yes, GamePigeon is a free add-on for iMessage that helps you play a variety of games against your contacts, 20 Questions being one of the available games.

Do you need Wi-Fi to play 20 Questions?

Yes, since you will play against your contact, you need an internet connection. Whether it’s a Wi-Fi connection or a cellular network, it’s up to you.

How to restart the 20 Questions match?

To restart the 20 Questions match, open GamePigeon again and select 20 Questions. Send it in a chat to your contact via iMessage and when both players open the invitation, the game will begin. A good thing is that the game keeps track of the score so it’ll automatically restart when a match ends.

How long does a 20 Questions match last?

A 20 Questions match can last for up to 15 minutes, depending on the number of questions asked and at what point the secret word gets guessed. However, it can also depend on both player’s pace.

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