How to Pair Samsung Buds in 4 Easy Steps (with Photos)

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How to Pair Samsung Buds in 4 Easy Steps (with Photos)

Acquiring a new set of buds could be fun. Yet, the anxiety of trying to figure out how to connect them with your other devices can quickly ruin the fun. You can use your earbuds to make calls or stream music from Bluetooth-enabled devices. 

For the best experience, you need to install the Galaxy wearable app to have total control over your music. However, If the earphones have yet to be linked to the phone at least once, some features won’t appear in the app.

Read on to find out how to pair Samsung buds with your iPhone, Android, or Mac.

How to Put the Buds in Pairing Mode

For Samsung devices, the Galaxy Buds setup procedure is straightforward. A pop-up prompt enables you to pair your earbuds with only one tap. But when you want to use them with other devices, you must put them in pairing mode to get a connection.

Put the earbuds in your ears, then hold the touch sensors for about 10 seconds. When you hear successive beeps, your Samsung buds are now in pairing mode. You can also use the charging case to turn the Samsung buds to pairing mode.

Follow the tips below:

  1. First, return your buds to the charging case if you have removed them.
  2. Close the charging case and wait for 5–10 seconds.
  3. Open the case cover, and your buds will enter pairing mode. 

Pairing Samsung Buds with Samsung Devices

Samsung has ventured into the wearable market to beat the stiff competition. The wearable app helps you connect to Samsung buds more conveniently. The app also lets you control your earbuds on some android devices. 

Follow the steps below to download and use the Galaxy wearable.

Step 1: Download Galaxy Wearable

Go to Google Play Store and download the Galaxy Wearable app.

Download the Galaxy Wearable app.
Download the Galaxy Wearable app.

Step 2: Turn on Bluetooth

Turn on Bluetooth on your Samsung phone.

Turn on Bluetooth.
Turn on Bluetooth.

Step 3: Open the Earbud’s Charging Case

Opening the charging case will enable the buds to enter pairing mode. A pop-up will appear on your phone, asking you to accept the connection. 

If the pop-up doesn’t appear, go to the Galaxy Wearable app and select the buds.

Open the charging case.
Open the charging case.

Step 4: Start Pairing

Tap Pair to accept the pairing request.

It’s worth noting that the process mentioned above only works if you’ve never connected another device to the wearable app. Otherwise, if you have, go to the app menu and select Add new device.

Press "start pairing."
Click on Pair.
Select the device to connect.
Select the device.

Here is a step-by-step video that explains how to pair your Samsung buds to a Samsung Galaxy phone for further reference:

Connecting Samsung Buds to Android Devices

You can directly link your buds to your Android device like any other Bluetooth device. This is especially helpful if you want to preserve space on your phone or don’t want to use the Wearable app. 

Follow these steps to connect your Android device to your Samsung buds.

Step 1: Put your Buds in Pairing Mode

Open the case of the buds.

Open the charging case.
Open the case.

Step 2: Turn On Bluetooth

Go to your device settings and turn on Bluetooth

Turn on Bluetooth settings.
Turn on Bluetooth.

Step 3: Start Pairing

Watch for the Samsung Buds to be detected by your phone. When your bud’s name appears, tap them to start pairing.

How to Pair Samsung Buds in 4 Easy Steps (with Photos)
When your device’s name appears, click it.

Connecting Samsung Buds to a Windows PC or Laptop

You can also connect Samsung buds to your computer or laptop. The procedure is the same as pairing with any other Bluetooth device. 

Step 1: Put the Buds in Pairing Mode

Put the Samsung in pairing mode by opening the lid.

Open the charging case to put the buds in pairing mode.
Open the case to put it in pairing mode.

Step 2: Go to Settings

Press the Windows key + I or go to the Settings menu on your PC or laptop.

Go to settings.
Open Settings.

Step 3: Click on Devices

Click Devices to open the Bluetooth and other devices window.

Click on devices.
Click Devices.

Step 4: Click on Add Bluetooth

Click on Add Bluetooth or other devices, then click Bluetooth. Wait for your PC to find the buds.

Click on "add Bluetooth."
Click Add Bluetooth or other devices, then Bluetooth.

Step 5: Complete the Pairing

After they become visible, click them to pair and proceed. 

Complete the pairing.
Once they appear, click on the earbuds.

Here is a step-by-step video for further reference:

Features That Don’t Work on Non-Samsung Devices

Samsung buds are made to be highly compatible. Part of this is because they work well with Samsung smartphones, which make up over 25% of the smartphone market. 

Also, in addition to SBC (Low Complexity Subband Coding) and their own Scalable Codec, they support the Bluetooth codec used by iPhones, known as AAC. This implies that even while utilizing iOS devices, you can anticipate their advertised sound quality.

However, some features don’t work on non-Samsung devices. These include:

  • 360 Audio: The immersive audio profile is only available on devices equipped with One UI (Samsung’s customized version of Android).
  • Seamless swapping: Automated audio input switching is a feature that allows seamless swapping between Samsung devices.
  • Buds together: It’s a feature that combines two pairs of Samsung Buds to play the same music simultaneously. That is comparable to an Apple feature that lets you pair two AirPods with a single phone.
  • Game mode: Bluetooth audio has a small latency, which causes a sound to be delayed. The lower audio latency in gaming mode comes at the cost of increased battery usage. 
  • Automatic Pairing: When you open the case, buds instantly start pairing with a Samsung phone. For non-Samsung devices, you have to pair them manually.
  • Bixby voice assistance: The Samsung buds are among the best with microphones, but you can’t utilize Samsung’s voice assistant Bixby with the default Bluetooth connection. 

Final Thoughts

Samsung buds have caused a buzz since they entered the market in 2019. These light, fashionable, wireless earbuds have a wide range of compatibility. You now know how to connect your buds to the gadget of your choice.

If you’re among the millions of people who own a Samsung phone, you’re probably also eager to learn more about the increased feature set.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you switch your Samsung buds with other paired devices?

The Samsung Wearable app makes switching between two phones or tablets that connect your Galaxy Buds easy. To connect it, launch the Galaxy wearable app on the device that’s not connected. The earbuds should automatically connect.

To switch back to the first device, open Bluetooth settings on the other device, then tap the earphones. The second device will lose connection with the earbuds.

How do you disconnect the earbuds?

There are three ways of disconnecting your Samsung buds;

  1. Launch the Galaxy Wearable app, select the menu, and tap Disconnect.
  2. Put the buds in the charging case and close it. The buds will unpair from the linked device.
  3. Go to settings on your phone and select Connections. On the Device list, select Bluetooth Settings, then tap the Settings icon next to the buds. Tap Unpair.

Can you pair Samsung buds with portable games?

Yes, as long as the game has Bluetooth Audio, you can pair it with your buds.

How do you resolve Samsung buds that have connection issues?

You can resolve earbuds issues by restarting the buds, updating the Wearable app, and resetting Bluetooth connectivity.

How do you check the battery status of Samsung earbuds?

The battery indicator of the earbuds is housed in the charging case. A red light indicates that the battery is charging. Green means it’s fully charged. A flashing red light means there’s an abnormality causing a charging error.

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