How to Quickly Pair an Xfinity Remote with Pictures


How to Quickly Pair an Xfinity Remote with Pictures

Key Points

  • Xfinity’s cable boxes and remotes have changed over the years, but pairing a new or old remote is easy.
  • To pair an Xfinity XR16 remote, press the Voice button and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • To pair an Xfinity XR15 remote, press and hold the Xfinity button and Info buttons simultaneously.
  • To pair other Xfinity XR remotes, press and hold the Setup button until the LED turns green, then enter the pairing code shown on your TV screen.
  • Xfinity also offers a large button remote called XRA, which can be paired using the smart setup feature or by holding the Home and Info buttons simultaneously.

Xfinity’s cable boxes have changed considerably over the years, along with the remotes that control them. If you have a new remote or an old one you want to pair, it couldn’t be easier. In this guide, we’ll show you how to quickly pair an Xfinity remote to a receiver, whether it’s the old-school Xfinity XR2v3 or the XR15 voice remote.

How to Pair an Xfinity Remote

Before pairing an Xfinity remote, you need to know which remote and receiver you have. There are a number of ways to access this information, including your cable bill. If you have a statement on hand and are renting your gear, you should be able to get an idea of your equipment.

The Xfinity app is another option, but you can also access it through your account settings from their official site. Your receiver will also have a model number, which can help you find the right remote with Google’s help. Alternatively, Xfinity lists all their current remotes with images that make identification a breeze.

Television Remote in Living Room, Georgia
Xfinity has more than a half-dozen remote controls that are compatible with their receivers.

Pair Xfinity XR16 Remotes

The XR16 is a unique remote from Xfinity with number buttons, although it largely has the same functions as the XR15. The pairing process is different, however. To pair this remote, press the Voice button and follow the onscreen instructions. This will pair your remote to your Flex TV box. If you want to connect it to a TV or other components, press voice and say “program remote,” and follow the prompts.

If you have trouble pairing this remote and want to reset it, the process is just as easy. Hold the “I” and Home buttons at the same time, and then press Power, Last, and Volume Down to reset the remote control.

Pair Xfinity XR15 Remotes

Another newer voice remote from Xfinity is the XR15. It’s also easy to pair, but the process is slightly different from the XR16.

To pair this remote, press and hold the Xfinity button and “I” or Info buttons simultaneously. After 5-10 seconds, the LED on the remote will change from red to green. Use the onscreen guide to enter the pairing code for your remote.

Other Xfinity XR Remote Controls

Begin by pressing and holding the Setup button on the bottom left-hand side of your remote.

If you have subscribed to Xfinity in the past decade, you’re probably familiar with one of these remotes. I’ve personally used all three types and currently have several versions of the Xfinity XR11 in my home. These steps can pair all three of these remotes with X1 TV boxes.

Press and hold the Setup button on your remote control until the LED turns from red to green. If the text has worn off, you can locate the Setup on the lower left-hand side of the XR11, XR5, and XR2 remotes.

When the light turns green, press the Xfinity button, and the light will begin to flash. Complete the pairing by entering the code shown on your TV screen. If you have an older remote from Xfinity with a setup button, the same steps should work. Just make sure the box is powered on and you have a fresh set of batteries in the remote.

With the company’s Digital Adapter remote, you can also use the setup button to pair the remote. If you want to use the DTA remote to control other components, you’ll need to have the code list on hand. Otherwise, you’ll want to follow this process to sync up a TV or other equipment using that remote.

Another popular remote from Xfinity is the XRA. It’s a large button remote designed with accessibility in mind. It’s easy to hold, has voice control and vibration feedback. You can pair this remote by using the smart setup feature and the microphone button. Once you press the voice button, the onscreen setup process will finalize things.

Alternatively, you can pair this remote manually by simultaneously holding the Home and Info buttons. When the LED switches from red to green, follow the instructions on your TV to pair the remote control.

The Wrap-Up

When a remote control becomes disconnected from a receiver, it can send you into a frenzy trying to pair the remote. The steps outlined in our guide can help you get back in action in less than 10 seconds and work on most of the company’s remote controls. If you’re using a universal remote to control your cable box, you’ll need to refer to its manual to set things back up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do universal remotes work with Xfinity cable boxes?

You can use universal remotes and smart remote controls with Xfinity receivers, but should check compatibility beforehand.

Do you have to buy a replacement remote from Xfinity?

No, you can purchase replacements from a variety of shops online or locally.

Are rechargeable batteries okay to use in remote controls?

Rechargeable batteries are a great choice for remote controls, although there’s been plenty of debate over their effectiveness compared to traditional batteries.

Does Xfinity give free replacement remotes?

While you can get free replacement remotes from the company’s local stores, you could be charged for shipping  if you need to order one online.

Where can you get the XRA remote control from Xfinity?

You can order a remote through the company’s Accessibly Support Center using this link.

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