How to Pair a Fire Stick Remote


How to Pair a Fire Stick Remote

How do you pair a Fire Stick remote? There might come a time when you’ve lost or misplaced your original remote, so a new one is needed. However, when looking through the documentation provided by Amazon, it isn’t readily apparent. Thankfully, the entire process isn’t too complicated.

There are a few things you’ll need, but you’ve likely already got all the materials on hand. With any luck, you should have your new remote paired to your Fire Stick in little to no time. Today’s guide will get you up and running with your new Fire Stick remote as fast as possible.

How to Pair a Fire Stick Remote: Step by Step

Amazon has made the entire process of navigating the Fire Stick relatively easy. Things are designed to be user-friendly, meaning you’ll have few issues getting a remote seen by your Fire Stick. Pairing a Fire Stick remote can be done with the mobile app, but this guide doesn’t require it. If both the Fire Stick and remote are compatible, you shouldn’t need the app to get it seen by the parent device.

In terms of what you’ll need, you just simply should have your Fire Stick and the remote on hand. This is all that is needed to pair a Fire Stick remote. A fresh set of batteries for the remote itself is recommended. Low batteries can result in spotty performance, which can impact the strength of the pairing.

Step 1: Press the Home Button

pair a fire stick remote
To start the pairing process, you’ll just need to hold down the Home button.

If you need to pair a Fire Stick remote that you already have synced originally, the process is quite simple. First and foremost, make sure you have fresh batteries in the device itself. From there the fastest way to get up and running is to get less than 10 feet from your Fire Stick.

Then, to pair a Fire Stick remote, all you need to do is hold down the home button. The light at the top of the remote should begin to blink rapidly, which is a good sign. Once the remote is successfully paired with your Fire Stick, you should see a blue light on the remote. There will also be an on-screen message indicating that the remote is paired.

Now, this method only works if you’re pairing a remote that has previously been paired with the Fire Stick. Replacement remotes are going to have to go through the manual process which is detailed in the next few steps.

Step 2: Unplug Your Fire Stick

Connect Fire Stick
Unplug your Fire Stick from your TV’s HDMI port.

If you need to pair a Fire Stick remote that replaces a previous unit, then the process is a bit more complicated. The first thing you’ll want to do is to unplug the Fire Stick itself. You will want to remove it both from the HDMI port, as well as the power supply from the wall. After doing this, you’ll want to wait around a minute or so. Don’t do the rough IT count of 60 seconds, use an actual timer.

While this is happening, you can go ahead and move to the next step. What unplugging your Fire Stick accomplishes is it acts as a hard reset. This should enable the device to more readily see a new device. Now, if you’ve got an incompatible remote, the following steps won’t work. However, if you’ve got the right remote for the job, it should be a piece of cake going forward.

Step 3: Reset Your Remote

pair a fire stick remote
To reset your Fire Stick remote you’ll have to remove the batteries after a button combination.

Resetting your Fire Stick remote isn’t too difficult, thankfully. You’ll want to hold a button combination of Left, Menu, and Back if you have a newer remote. Hold this for roughly 10-15 seconds. After pressing this button combination, wait five seconds. Finally, to complete resetting your remote, you’ll want to remove both of the batteries.

Resetting your remote effectively makes it into a blank state. This is important to pair a Fire Stick remote, as you’ll want a blank slate for your current device to see. If you already have a functional remote and you’re simply looking to add a new one, you can skip to the next step. Replacements for a lost remote are a little more finicky if you’re looking to accomplish this without using the Fire TV app.

Either way, it is still a relatively simple process once you know what you’re doing. After resetting your remote and Fire Stick, you can go through the pairing process detailed in Step 1. This should get your remote seen without having a currently paired device on hand.

Step 4: Add a Remote

The final step you’ll need to go over is simply adding a remote to your Fire Stick. Now, if you’re simply adding a new remote while having a functional one, this is the only step you need to follow. If you need to pair a replacement remote, you can return to the first step of actually pairing it manually.

To pair a Fire Stick remote you’ll need to navigate to the Home menu. From there, head to Settings, and then Controllers and Bluetooth devices. You’ll have a few different options, but the only one you’ll need is an Amazon Fire TV remote. After selecting this option, the Fire Stick will guide you through the pairing process of getting the remote connected.

After this is finished, you can now use either more to control your Fire Stick. If you’ve got a replacement remote, this is entirely unnecessary. It would instead be recommended to power cycle the Fire Stick as described in Step 2 and pair it like normal from Step 1.

Closing Thoughts

With any luck, you should be up and running with your Fire Stick remote. The Fire Stick is a fairly easy device to navigate. Amazon has made it a simple process to pair a Fire Stick remote when necessary. If all else fails, you can also use your Fire TV app on your smartphone to add the remote if manually pairing or adding the device isn’t working for you.

Make sure that you’ve got the right sort of Fire Stick remote, however. There are definite differences between each model and no backward compatibility.

How to Pair a Fire Stick Remote Summary

1. Hold down the home button on the remote to initiate the pairing process.
2. Unplug your Fire Stick to initiate the reset process for the TV device.
3. Reset your remote so it is readily seen by the Fire Stick by removing the batteries and initializing it.
4. Add a replacement Fire Stick remote through the settings menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a different remote with my Fire Stick?

No, you’ll have to use the model of remote intended for that specific Fire Stick.

Can I pair a remote with the app?

Yes, you can pair a remote with the Fire TV app.

Do I need a remote to access the Fire Stick?

No, you can use your smartphone as a remote in a pinch.

Is the Fire Stick a good streaming device?

Yes, it is fully featured and comes with various streaming apps that you’ll find across most Amazon devices.

Do I need to reset a remote to pair it?

It isn’t necessary if you have a functional remote already, but if you’re working without one you’ll want to go through the reset process.

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