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Key Points:

  • An Apple Watch alone cannot read your blood pressure because it doesn’t have a cuff; the Apple Watch can, however, be synced with a blood pressure cuff and app for easy management.
  • The Qardioarm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is a smart monitor that can sync up to 8 devices, making it easy to share your blood pressure stats with doctors and family members.
  • The Omron Evolv is doctor recommended due to its accuracy and sleekness, with the cuff measuring a circumference of only 9-17 inches.

The Apple Watch is the perfect health partner that helps its wearers stay on top of their health. The watch has health tools that measure blood pressure, monitor the heart rate and blood oxygen levels, and also estimate the calories burned.

You can schedule regular testing using the watch whether you are hypertensive or worried about your blood pressure. The Apple Watch makes it easy to keep up the routine due to its ease of use and convenience. So, how exactly does the Apple Watch measure blood pressure? Let’s find out.

measure blood pressure
The Apple Watch doesn’t provide a blood pressure monitor, but it does include a heart rate sensor and an electrocardiogram.

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Does the Apple Watch Measure Blood Pressure?

There has to be a cuff that blocks blood flow, and then slowly releases it, providing accurate blood pressure readings. Since the Apple Watch has no cuff to stop blood flow, it can’t measure blood pressure independently.

Instead, the watch works after being linked to other tools and devices that can measure blood pressure. These monitors are sensors with an arm cuff and an app that you install on your iPhone or Apple Watch. The devices measure the blood pressure and the reading progress and results are displayed through the app.

Some of the reliable blood pressure monitors to use are:

#1: Qardioarm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

This smart blood pressure monitor is clinically tested and proven to give accurate readings. It works wirelessly and connects through Bluetooth to the Qardio app. You can download the app on your Apple Watch and get real-time blood pressure readings. 

The Qardio monitor can pair up to eight devices, thus making it easy to share your blood pressure record with your doctor or other concerned people. Besides, your readings are stored in the HIPAA cloud, where you can access them to view averages, charts, and trends. You also get insights on ways to better your health. 

Qardioarm also has a function called “Places” that tracks your readings across different locations. This monitor is used on the upper arm and is ideal for people with arms size 8.7 inches to 14.6 inches (22cm-37cm).

#2: iHealth Monitor to Measure Blood Pressure

The iHealth blood pressure monitor is a clinically validated and FDA-cleared blood pressure monitor that connects through Bluetooth. The device fits the upper arm with a diameter of 8.7inches to 16.5inches (22cm-42cm).

It displays the readings using the colors green, yellow and red, as recommended by WHO (World Health Organization) to ease evaluation. The monitor has an iHealth MyVitals app that gives instant results and informs you about each measurement. 

#3: Omron Evolv Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Doctors recommend this Bluetooth-connected blood pressure monitor due to its accuracy. It is sleek and compact, making it easy to move around. It fits on the upper arm, and its cuff has a circumference of 9 inches to17 inches (22cm-43cm). 

Omron Evolv has an app you can install on the Apple Watch and connect through Bluetooth. On this app, you get blood pressure readings and check your history and blood pressure pattern.  

#4: Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Withings’ blood pressure monitor was developed by cardiologists and is clinically validated, making it an accurate blood pressure monitor. You can get blood pressure readings in about 90 seconds. 

It has a free My Health app that connects to devices like the Apple Watch through Wi-Fi. You get real-time readings for your blood pressure on this app. The app also sets a reminder for regular measurements. Additionally, it has a convenient travel case that provides good protection when traveling with the monitor. The app also sets a reminder for regular measurements. 

#5: A&D Medical Ultra Connect Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

This small, lightweight blood pressure monitor will easily sync with your Apple Watch. It has fit and movement sensors that enable good positioning to get accurate readings. 

Moreover, it comes with an A&D connect app where you can get graphs, trends, and readings for your blood pressure. The monitor connects to your Apple Watch through Bluetooth and gives accurate results. It has a device memory where you can store up to 100 readings. Its cuff size ranges from 5.3 and 8.5 inches (13-21cm).

How Does the Apple Watch Measure Blood Pressure?

After getting any of the blood monitors mentioned above, follow the steps to measure blood pressure through your watch. 

Step 1: Apply monitor cuff

Put the blood pressure monitor cuff on your arm so that it is ready to measure the blood pressure. 

measure blood pressure
Applying the blood pressure cuff.

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Step 2: Pair up both devices

Pair the blood pressure monitor with the app you are using on your Apple Watch and tap the start button. 

measure blood pressure
Pairing up the two devices.


Step 3: Check the results

Observe the measurement on your Apple Watch


Apple Watch offers a convenient way to track your blood pressure, but you need to use it alongside a blood pressure monitor. Regular testing will enable early diagnosis, detect false readings, and know whether your blood pressure meds are working.

Although the Apple Watch helps you keep track of your blood pressure readings, it is not a substitute for professional blood pressure healthcare. 

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How to Measure Blood Pressure with the Apple Watch FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Does an Apple Watch measure blood pressure?

Yes, it does. However, an Apple watch does not measure blood pressure on its own. You will need a blood pressure monitor to get the pressure readings on the watch.

Which are the best Apple Watch blood pressure monitors to use?

The best blood pressure monitors compatible with the Apple Watch are: iHealth, Omron Evolv, QardioArm, Withings, and A&D medical ultra connect.

Are the blood pressure readings on an Apple Watch accurate?

The blood pressure readings on your Apple Watch are accurate if you use a reliable blood pressure monitor.

Why should you check your blood pressure at home?

At-home blood pressure measuring enables you to detect blood pressure problems in their early stages. You can also tell whether your hypertension medication is working.

What other health conditions can you track on your Apple Watch?

Other conditions that you can track on your Apple Watch include high and low heart rate, irregular rhythm, ECG, mobility and cardio fitness, as well as fall detections.

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